The Kudzu Kids found General Shegog's journal in Mrs. Shegog's attic

We looked in a trunk in Mrs. Shegog's attic, and it was filled with things that belonged to her great-great grandfather, Nathaniel Wallace Shegog.

His uniform and a tattered Confederate flag were in there, along with some papers and other stuff.

Among his papers, we found a book that looks like the general's journal.

Below are some messages we found scrawled in the notebook amid battle plans and some boring letters to other generals.

Excerpt #1

Fire! Fire! Oh, Fie!

Draw their fire! Suck them tumbling and screaming into the dank, green earth, where the redness and blackness of death awaits them in a fire storm of bloody rebuke! Quench their savagery with a taste of bitter hell!

Lure them underground to steal their riches and spark them with a flare from the cannon's devilish grin. A shortcut to hell. I am no man's slave, but a servant to dastardly passions.

Biding in the bunker below my abode, I plot my takeover daily. One gets comfortable nestled in the dirty womb of the planet. I could curl up and die in a place like this.


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  • I think the war has driven him over the edge, but did he die in that tunnel or not. Was his body ever found? Does Mildred have the uniform he died in or did he have an extra left at his home?

  • Mildred says there is no basement at the house, but the reference to 'my abode' would seem to me to refer to Shegog's house, not the University. Could Mildred, the old archeologist/excavator have filled it in or sealed it off in some way after removing the items from the trunk, perhaps the body and trunk themselves?
    Far more questions than answers!

  • Excerpt #3. It reads to me as though the General killed all the soldiers that were underground with him and also "all that they have attained," which to me means all the valuables he has collected, plus Spirito's Spanish Gold. Also his Gold Cross.

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