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Monday, November 3, 2014

Do you know this person?

Neighbor's security camera captures potential witness in socialite slaying

The Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department has released a video of what could be a witness in the Kelly Moran homicide investigation.

Security video captured on St Andrews Circle

The video, captured by a private security camera on St. Andrews Circle the night Oxford socialite Kelly Moran was found dead, shows a person walking not far from the Moran residence near the time Kelly Moran is believe to have died.

If you have any information about the person in the video, you're asked to contact the sheriff's department at

Neighborhood watch

The vigilant neighbor, who asked not to be identified, said he provided the video to the sheriff's department when he noticed it had been recorded the same night Mrs. Moran had died.

The neighbor lives adjacent to Lamar Park and said he had installed security cameras about 18 months ago after body parts were found in Lamar Park on May 30 and June 3, 2013.

Those body parts were later connected to the murder of Oscar Knight, whose severed thumb had been found at the Rebel Inn prior to the discovery of the body parts in Lamar Park.

Two suspects were arrested in that case in July 2013 and are currently awaiting trial.

High society murder?

Kelly Moran died on October 30. Her husband, assistant district attorney Russell Moran, reportedly found her body when he arrived home from work and called 911.

An autopsy found that Mrs. Moran died from an opiate overdose. The sheriff's department confirmed that Moran had been taking prescribed opiate painkillers for several years prior to her death to treat chronic pain from a car accident.

However, the coroner's report listed the manner of death as undetermined, which implies that the medical examiner is not convinced the death resulted from an accidental or suicidal overdose.

According to a source inside the coroner's office, evidence observed at the scene and at autopsy indicate that Kelly Moran's likely death resulted from outside forces.

Sheriff's department mum

The sheriff's spokesperson, Elizabeth Jones, said the department is pursuing several avenues of investigation in the case but would not comment on whether they have any suspects.

"The detectives have several promising leads, including this security video. If anyone has any information, we ask they they get in touch with us."

Jones said persons coming forward with information may remain anonymous.

By Kemper Jones at 11:11 AM

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  • From the evidence that was given and charged against Karen West, we now firmly believe that Kelly Moran was allegedly forced to have been given narcotic pills to make it seem like it was an overdose. In the article when Kenny Russ had given his second statement he began to say that Kelly was Karen's supplier on narcotics. So when he stated that Kelly had refused to sell Mrs. West the pills we had believed that she became irate. We believe she became irate when Mrs. Moran received a phone call from Karen West at 4:25 pm. So, with the evidence that's given we can conclude that this was a homicide, that had been committed because of the refusal of selling the narcotics to Mrs. West.

  • here you can see A clearly long hair in different frames it start as seemingly blond and then dark/black hair , we can mark an 'x' as a no no to say at least that this is Lorraine Estrada since she have a short untidy blonde hair cut short , it is more likely to be Karen West as she fits long blonde / dark black smooth hair.

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