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Friday, October 31, 2014

Socialite found dead

Foul play suspected

Halloween got off to a grisly start when Kelly Moran, 40, was found dead in her Muirfield Drive home last night.Kelly Moran was found dead in her home

Her body was discovered by her husband, Russell Moran, when he arrived home from the Yoknapatawpha County District Attorney's Office where he is employed.

Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's spokeswoman Elizabeth Jones said Mrs. Moran's death appears to be a homicide, but declined to say exactly how she died. An autopsy will be performed today.

Crime scene investigators are still processing the scene.

No known enemies

Kelly Moran, originally of Miami, Florida, was a housewife and a regular in the Oxford social scene.

Jones said the sheriff's department is not aware of any threats against Mrs. Moran and has not logged any prior incidents at the Moran residence.

Neighbors suspect burglar may be responsible

"This kind of thing just doesn't happen here," said a neighbor who asked not to be identified. "It must have been some bad element from somewhere else, one of those home invasions you're always hearing about on the news."

Jones confirmed that evidence of forced entry was observed but would not comment on neighborhood speculation that the death resulted from a break-in gone wrong.

According to sheriff's department records, the last reported burglary in the upscale Country Club subdivision was in 2011.

Retaliation against the husband?

Russell Moran has worked as a prosecutor since 2004 and has won convictions of numerous felony and misdemeanor defendants.

When asked if someone could have been seeking revenge against Mr. Moran, Jones said, "It would be irresponsible to speculate this early in the investigation."

"We have no suspects at this time," Jones continued. "We are investigating every possibility."

Calls to Russell Moran seeking comment have not been returned.

Check back for updates on this developing story.

By Kemper Jones at 9:20 AM

  • HMmm...looking forward to delving into this one further...It has been a while and it will be good to get back into it!

  • I just got my associate's degree of science in Criminal Investigations. Now working on my bachelor's degree of science in Criminal justice. This case is going to be very interesting. I would need to speak to witnesses and look over the evidence futher.

    from Chester, SC 29706, USA
  • If there was forced entry, this would indacate that the victim did not know the suspect. Are there any items missing? Was there any finerprints, shoeprints or anything out of the ordinary?

    from Chester, SC 29706, USA
  • There is also the possible chance that the victim knew her attacker, but she kept them out, until they decided to break in.
    -Det. JM.

  • It doesn't seem random to me because of what Russell did say about their dog Baxter. The dog growls and barks and is not too friendly when they have guests.
    So it was either Kelly who put Baxter in the basement, because she was expecting somebody to visit, or whoever the visitor was, [the killer] put Baxter there. Which ever way, that would seem to me that the killer is known by the Morans.

  • Agreed. However, it seems unlikely that anyone other than Kelly herself put Baxter in the basement prior to her death.
    The Husband says the dog was already in there when he arrived home. And, if Baxter barks, & GROWLS, even @ guests.....
    A. By guests, does he mean friends, even Kelly's BEST friends, or acquaintances & strangers. AND
    B. Wouldn't ANYONE be afraid that they would be attacked upon breaking into the home? So I don't think the killer put the dog in the basement. UNLESS....
    C. The HUSBAND is the KILLER. Which means he is lying, of course.

    I need to ask Russell Moran the following questions: 1. Who with and under what circumstances is Baxter friendly, including Kelly & himself. And by friendly, what does that mean, EXACTLY.

  • Nice to meet everyone. I'm new here, so can I ask a question here or do I need to go to (ask the detective)?
    Thanks, Emily.

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