Wednesday, November 5, 2014 - 3:03 p.m.

Lorraine Estrada filled the victim's pain med prescriptions

The detectives asked Lorraine Estrada to come in for an interview in hopes that she, as Kelly Moran's pharmacist and friend, could shed some light on Kelly's prescription drug usage and related issues.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy spoke with her again at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department. The interview was recorded with the witness's knowledge and consent.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Lorraine Estrada

Detective Murphy: Thanks for coming down the station, Mrs. Estrada. Would you please state your name and address for the record?

Lorraine Estrada: Dr. Lorraine Estrada, 128 Leighton Road. And I'm more than happy to save you the trip to the pharmacy again.

Detective Armstrong: I need to get something straight in my head. You said you socialized with Kelly Moran.

Lorraine Estrada: Yes, that's right. We were friends.

Detective Armstrong: You mentioned parties where Karen West, Nicolette Cuthbert, and Trish Lee were also in attendance.

Lorraine Estrada: Yes.

Detective Armstrong: Were you aware that the four other women were meeting together outside those parties?

Lorraine Estrada: No, but then I was probably working at Gordon's at those times.

Detective Murphy: Would it surprise you to learn there might have been controlled substances distributed at those parties?

Lorraine Estrada: You must be misinformed. Kelly Moran's back pain was such that she wouldn't skip her medication to give her pills away.

Detective Murphy: Why do you assume Kelly was the one distributing the controlled substances?

Lorraine Estrada: I thought that's why you wanted to talk to me, Kelly's murder.

Detective Murphy: Yes, but Kelly wasn't necessarily the source.

Detective Armstrong: Did Kelly Moran ever ask you for extra pills or anything like that?

Lorraine Estrada: Of course not. If she had, I would have reported her.

Detective Armstrong: Does the name Brian Grant mean anything to you?

Lorraine Estrada: No.

Detective Armstrong: Kenny Ross?

Lorraine Estrada: No.

Detective Armstrong: Todd Stone?

Lorraine Estrada: I'm not familiar with any of those names. Who are these people?

Detective Murphy: Why did you assume Kelly Moran was distributing controlled substances?

Lorraine Estrada: You're right. If anyone was actually doing that, it was probably one of the others, hoping to reap the benefits Kelly claimed to experience with a painkiller prescribed by her physician and administered by her pharmacist.

Detective Armstrong: Do you recognize the person in this picture?

Lorraine Estrada: What is this?

Detective Armstrong: It's a still picture captured from a surveillance system.

Lorraine Estrada: The quality isn't very good. It could be almost anybody. At first I thought it was me, but then why would you be asking if I recognized the person? It could almost be you, Detective Armstrong.

Detective Armstrong: It's not.

Lorraine Estrada: Is the person wearing a nun's habit? Who would suspect a nun of robbing a pharmacy?

Detective Armstrong: What makes you think this picture is linked to a robbery?

Lorraine Estrada: That's how people gain access to controlled substances. They rob pharmacies. I should know, I get the alerts, which doesn't help when I'm in the store alone catching up on inventory. Is this the nun the distributor who supplied those parties you mentioned, the ones I didn't attend?

Detective Murphy: I'm not seeing a habit.

Lorraine Estrada: Whatever pharmacy this was taken at, they need to upgrade their surveillance system.

Detective Murphy: It's actually a residential system.

Lorraine Estrada: Who you want to talk to are the agents of the local DEA office. They're the ones who track the dealers and people who do this kind of thing. These people migrate from state to state committing their drug-related crimes.

Detective Armstrong: Do you think those addicts or dealers are responsible for Kelly's murder?

Lorraine Estrada: Well of course I don't know, but it's certainly a possibility. Maybe one of these people saw Kelly's house and thought it a good target. They may even have visited to make their deliveries, and so got some sense of the interior layout.

Detective Armstrong: These migrants … you think they'd hang around long enough to case residential homes?

Lorraine Estrada: As unlikely as that may seem to us, we're law-abiding citizens. We have no idea how those people really think or act.

Detective Murphy: Detective Armstrong and I actually have a pretty good idea.

Lorraine Estrada: Yes, of course. If you like, I can put you in touch with people at the DEA.

Detective Armstrong: We have our own access, but thanks.

Detective Murphy: And thank you for coming down. Once we clean up this video, we may ask you to return.

End interview - 3:27 p.m.

People in this conversation

  • Who are Brian Grant and Todd Stone? Did I miss something?
    Lorraine may truly be clueless about the drugs.

  • Its sounding to me, that the detectives are suggesting the person in the video might be Lorraine.
    I remember from the video, the way the person walked, how the outfit stuck out at the back on the right hand side, thats my right hand side looking at the video. It made me wonder what the person was wearing underneath to make it stick out the way that it did.
    It's looking increasingly suspicious for Lorraine, and how the perscription pills were missing. Now, if Lorraine was involved, were the missing pills not prescribed by Kellys doctor.???
    Where did these drug dealers fit into this jigsaw.?? Was there some racket going on.???
    I am having trouble trying to piece together the pieces of this jigsaw.
    Lorraine did the inventory so, was she fudging the numbers to hide the missing pills that couldn't be accounted for.??
    Lorraine would have a lot more to lose than others who might have been involved.
    The person caught on the video, appeared to have been aware of the surveillance camera. Because they put the head down and their arms up to try and hide their face.
    These drug fuelled parties that the girls had, Lorraine must have supplied the drugs.
    Maybe the drug dealers mentioned, Brian Grant, Todd Stone and Kenny Ross might have supplied Lorraine with stolen drugs that they were able to get from their contacts.

  • cfp, I'm a little confused (again! LOL) I don't think there were pills 'missing'. I thought the detectives told that to Karen to see her reaction because pain pills, oxycotyn, were found in two places at Kelly's.
    I was pretty pulled in by Lorraine being out of the loop. I certainly can't assume that she isn't lying, and you make a good point about doing inventory.
    Where did the names of Brian and Todd come up from?

  • I think Loraine David and Kenny are involved.still putting the pieces together.

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