On Friday, October 31, 2014, YCSD investigators spoke with residents of Muirfield Drive to find out if any of the Morans' neighbors saw or heard anything unusual the day before.

The interviews summarized are some of the most typical or relevant to the investigation and are representative of all interviews conducted.


Delia Ingraham
803 Muirfield Drive, Oxford, MS

Ingraham, 33, and her family live next door to the Morans, east on Muirfield Drive.

Ingraham described the Morans as "good neighbors and nice people." Ingraham said she got to know Kelly Moran a little bit about nine years ago after Moran's accident. Ingraham said she brought over a casserole and offered to help during Moran's recovery period at home. Ingraham said she was glad to see Moran had such a strong support network with friends dropping by regularly.

Ingraham said the Morans seem to maintain an active social life, both entertaining at home and going out, but Ingraham said she and her husband have young children and spend most of their free time at home with them.

When asked if she had witnessed anything unusual anywhere in the neighborhood, Ingraham said she couldn't think of anything. Ingraham said she spends most of her time with her children and their activities and doesn't often pay attention to what her neighbors are doing.

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  • naot much of use here other than the strange vehicle.

  • This is what has got me puzzled.? Had Kelly put the dog down in the basement because she was expecting somebody.? If the dog had not been down in the basement when the killer came, the dog would have made a lot of noise when the killer broke the glass in the door.
    So why would Kelly put the dog in the basement before the killer came if he wasn't somebody she knew and was expecting.
    And then, why would he choose to let himself in by breaking the glass in the door instead of knocking on the door.

  • It's early day's into this investigation, but I'm inclined to think the murder was done by a hit man.
    Either arranged by her husband or one of her many acquaintances, or a so called friend.
    That's why the killer staked the house out for a few day's before committing the murder.
    It's my opinion that somebody she knew was coming to visit her, or at least supposedly, [that's why Kelly puts the dog in the basement] but this person was only setting it all up for the killers visit.

  • I believe with the Percocet and the amount of visitors at their home regularly, Kelly may have been dealing those prescriptions meds. May be this was a drug deal gone bad.

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