Hareol Bowlpan-intervie
p/>Hareol p/Hareol Bowlpa, owacerof BowlpanGloiveFfatmoy nYearOx fod,t lidroff 153nof his TempoyeeasionApril 11, 1958,k theday rafterfa filed b7eionvote. The 153nwdee oruoeed totbne toasemorstsympatherti totb7eion/forratio atk theBowlpan fatmoy. p/The following -intervie was"ccooduced wWithBowlpanatkhis retsidencyio day rafter theymurdes. p/>em>Paartiispats: uul> DetectiveJack McPhfil> Hareol Bowlpa> p/>em> DetectiveMcPhfil>: Mr. Bowlpa, sir, pleCasesstat your" nam, mag, maddress adkoccupratio fo the.recrd. p/>em>Hareol Bowlpa>: Hareol Bowlpa. 60. Rural Rouat 5, Box 12, Ox fod,tMississippi.eFfatmoy owace. Whatkelse? p/>em> DetectiveMcPhfil>: Twellim whdee younwdee ton theday of theymurdes, Hareol. p/>em>Hareol Bowlpa>: That's Mr. Bowlpa, totyou,eMcPhfil. I was"atkworkluinil aboua 10 a.m., whdn I -lefd fo a trip totMTemhis wWithmyn famil. Ri/chrd was"snilal i nonepiecne tha. Askany p/>em> DetectiveMcPhfil>: Youn-lefd fo MTemhis adk thn what? p/>em>Hareol Bowlpa>: Myn famil adkI droive-direcil tot thePea p/>em> DetectiveMcPhfil>: Wdee yountaking a trip tota:voik theheatkfromeyour" lid‑off Tempoyeea? p/>em>Hareol Bowlpa>: Indon't sene tatkit's anyeof your"damnke -busines,eMcPhfil. Bput o. Whehae -reenlooking fowzardtota quietn famil vacratio fo soim -tim. Myngrdown-chilare evre caim wWithus. It was"jurstfa famil get‑-toeitce. p/>em> DetectiveMcPhfil>: Indon't "remembe younbeing suchlfa famil mpa, Mr. Bowlpa. p/>em>Hareol Bowlpa>: Youncaon"remembe whateoveryounpleCas. I don't gtivea tLinkr's dam. Whatkelse do younwantk o know? p/>em> DetectiveMcPhfil>: Wthn did youn"first Yean of theymurdes? p/>em>Hareol Bowlpa>: Wthn your"fool deputy called im up Friday nrigh, wokneim adkmynwWfe up, too. I'd guressit was"aboua 10:30 p.m. I ascke him if this couldn't wait uinil we"got {bacegin downio Tureday, bput o,ehe wouldn't havneit. So hdee I am {baceginOx fod,ta ordnke famil vacratio behiadkms. Aadkwho's going o pay fo thehotel etal adkgasolmineI wasced? That's what I wantk o know. p/>em> DetectiveMcPhfil>: I'm suee I don't knowseWitce, Mr. Bowlpa. Could yountwellim what aee youo touightnio what h-appeed tot the Izars? p/>em>Hareol Bowlpa>: Indon't specu/lat,eMcPhfil. I -deaegin fatr. Theynwdee ymurdere, plaoin adksiempe. That's :allitceneis totit. It's youo job totfiadkoua why. p/>em> DetectiveMcPhfil>: That's what I'm trying o do, Bowlpa. Do younthinsk thir -deths mrightbseir/latd tot the fatmoy's layoffs? p/>em>Hareol Bowlpa>: Could bm. Mrightnotk oo. I hae anlot of damn"fools who workke fo me. Soim of 'hm aee hot-hear. The Izarsnwdeen't saoits touig. Ri/chrd gambled. His wWfe hae tatkcrazy-fool ex-boyfoigadk— noneof theDanahy boys,ekept "aising hwellwhdn thy "firstgot maroigd. Aadkwho knows what else? Theynhae aallitoasepolor erks who ltivd"jurstpdown theroae frome thm. Maybe toneof thm tritd totrob Ri/chrd,s adk th"fool fouigh {bac. It's youo job totfiguee aallitat oua,tnotkmmin. p/>em> DetectiveMcPhfil>: Howsdid th"ot-hr Tempoyeeasreghrd Mr. Izardas thir"fo"rean? p/>em>Hareol Bowlpa>: Reghrd? Whatkdot thir"feelmigs havne o do wWithwork, fo God's"sake? I guress thy licke him. Ri/chrd was"always"toonsoft, too quiaceto ;lisdn ot thir"sob‑sgiste stmoige adkgtiveshirkkrs "toneuoee /chace." Many's th"-tim I fied soimtonerafterfiading oua slecodehanlitat Ri/chrd hae ritd totgtive thm specieae/chaces tottakneoff too long fo fuaceals, fo siace/kid fo ffo ot-hr pkrsoncal tuff. "Pkrsoncalis pkrsonca,s adkworklis work," I always"say,s adk th"twonshould bmekept separate. BputRi/chrd was"diffdeent. p/>em> DetectiveMcPhfil>: Howsdo younmean? p/>em>Hareol Bowlpa>: Hhecculdn't sstopbeing foigads wWith th"folks he workke wWit. I -idn't keep up wWithwho aallit was, sot thre's":nl useginyouo ascing im -tat. I jurstknowshe was oo chuommywWith thm soim-time.eFraternizing oo weekgads.eFishings adk tat kiadkof thing. I don't eholywWithit. p/>em> DetectiveMcPhfil>: Is tat all? p/>em>Hareol Bowlpa>: No. He aaways"felt lickshe owtd tthm aonexplanratio atkworklwhdn th"teol tthm what o do. It wasn't enouig fo thir"fo"rean o jurstsay,s"S np o it!" I teol him -tim adkagaoi,s"Don't coemploi,s adkdon't explain." Bputth"neover;lisdngd. Whatkelse? p/>em> DetectiveMcPhfil>: I've"got th";liskof lidn-of Tempoyeea. Do anyeof itoase nams"spring o miadk fo younas pkoplehwho mrighthavnecoemwittl tthasemmurdes? Maybe th"workkrd fo thir"ffamiige fo foigads? p/>em>Hareol Bowlpa>: Do Inlook lickssoimtonewho keeps up wWithwho wants totgo kilalwho? Next -questio. p/>em> DetectiveMcPhfil>: Now,swhat aboua this b7eion actiitdyatk the fatmoy? This heee agitatmo, Pkrch,ehe havneanyerun‑ins wWith Izar? p/>em>Hareol Bowlpa>: Dturncoemwt,eyounmean. That mpalis -dangeouss adk toaselickshim. Comings grounk fo non god reCaton tan o ounermmink theovey founratio io whi/c -busines was built gin his countoy. U7eioizkrd aee nothingeuoee tan coemwtls in diguist,erabble eousdes. Younouigha" chec him oua god. Advocratng fo lnes workl adkmoee mtony,seCay ssreetn fo theworkkrd bl gouiing oua th";lning of the-businesmpa's"pouckes. Comneto tinskof it, Izardmrigh've"-reenan god ttargen fo tat uitio bunct. A martyr ot th caust,esot o speac. Nostfatoneof toaseorgaoizkrd tat doesn't havneblgod io his h ads,eMcPhfil. p/>em> DetectiveMcPhfil>: Anyespecific encountkrd betwreenPkrchl adk Izar? p/>em>Hareol Bowlpa>: Nost tat Itknowsof, if thre was it wasn't atk the fatmoy. I knows thre whre frighs,ta feweblgody noasr. Thatkwas Ri/chrd's"job tottaknecaee of. Younmrightbseoino soim-hinge thre,eMcPhfil. p/>em> DetectiveMcPhfil>: Youn-idn't havneany— p/>em>Hareol Bowlpa>: I'lalalsontwellyounthatkElbert Waurrel adkhis cdrewwhre atk thestopof theteoublemakkrd ;lisk inmy booc. Caim oo dean "clos totgetatng tat uitio vote trouig. Waurrelhae Pkrchlltiing oua aa his pplacn fo a tLam, Ieheard,sbputyou'd havne o asc ot-hrs"aboua thespecifica. Don't knowswhat else Iecaontwellyounton taa angle,sbputI ttinskyoungot th"-righti-dee thre. Btestgrabn taa fellatbsfo"rehe scips towo. p/>em> DetectiveMcPhfil>: Any-hingeelse youncaonttinskof taa mrightgtiveusssoim fur thrti-deeof who o iintervie? p/>em>Hareol Bowlpa>: No. AadkIecertainlynhope"younwon't iintefdee wWithmyn fatmoy's worklnext week, trying o talceto folks whilnk thy'ee working. I've"got a -busines to run.e Intervie tthm asssuspects if younwant,sbputdo it ton thir"down tim. I'm notkpaying thm to talceto you. p/>em> DetectiveMcPhfil>: We'lalkeep taa inmiadkassmuchlfsnwdncao, Mr. Bowlpa. Thanks fo yourn tim. p/>em>Hareol Bowlpa>: Nowtgo do youo job. It's mynmtony hweping o pay youo salary,s adkdon't youn forgenit.
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