The item alleged to be a human hand and the container it was in were taken into evidence and photographed at the time of John Reagle's arrest.



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  • And it's obviously a right hand

  • The man was seen drinking a LOT that day.
    People usually drink to num there senses. Which means either he was in tension or he was scared.Considering the fact that he had a human hand with him it was
    obviously fear.

    So a scared white man drinking...Oh, that means it was no joke. Unless he was a strong alcohol addict.They didn't say anything about that so I am going to rule out Joke from the list.

    He obviously knew it was a human hand. Since he was drunk he was obviously tired. People find it hard to lie in such circumstances (I don't know how to explain this.Something related to glucose level and it).

    If he can't lie and if it was an accident during work as @Azna said a confused,scared and drunk person would give off of the info instead of making stories.Ruling out work place accident

    The hand doesn't look like it was a clean slice. My assumptions was some acid. But since I can't see any burn on the hand I am going to conclude that the weapon was something sharp and long and the person using it was not very experienced with doing stuff like this ....Is it possible to get forensic reports?

    If someone, possibly a black guy with only one hand, reported an attempt to murder or something then the person is still alive. Else the person is either dead or locked up somewhere(in case he is locked up he might die due to bleeding.) So the person is most probably dead.

    As for the grudge theory, well it is more likely to have happened during a fight. The adrenaline rush can give the person enough will and strength to stand the sight.

  • Here is what I think,
    His gf went missing on june. He found out something about her had a fight with some guy who was obviously guilty for something which resulted in this.

    He kidnapped his girlfriend, someone tried to save her and he killed him.
    He never had a girl friend. It was just a cover up story.
    His Girl friend had an affair with someone else.He found out and killed him...
    Or there is a missing link somewhere....

  • I spoke to soon,reading his interview it turns out he had a convincing enough story.
    Either he cooked up the whole story or he is telling the truth.

    After reading the interview, the hand obviously didn't belong to his girlfriend. If he really did dig it up on july and if his gf left on june it may turn out that his gf had nothing to do with this.

    So a man, possible fat, lost his arm and is assumed to be dead. The hand didn't get enough time to decompose. ie, the incident happened either on Friday or Saturday.
    It is possible that John knows its a human hand but doesn't know who's hand it is or how it got there.Is there any way to find out what he was doing on friday and saturday?

  • According to the interview, John had told the police he dug the hand out of the ground with a post hole digger. If this is the case, the hand must have been buried under the dirt deep enough to warrant a digging tool. How did John know where to find it? He wasn't digging post holes at the time and have a lucky find, he was cultivating his land.

  • I read the interview again. Ok, so John noticed the hand after he finished cultivating which means it wasn't buried. I guess he knew then that it wasn't a root at all, but a human hand, therefor he used something to pick it up with, (a post hole digger). If it was a root he would have just picked it up with bear hands.

  • Why was the hand cut off and moved away from the body?

  • Did Johnny unearth the dead body and knowingly cut the hand with the post hole digger? In his interview he said he knew his land so he would have noticed the soil disturbed even if the grave was dug two weeks before. The grave wasn't very deep and Johnny dug around a bit. Maybe he saw it was Andrew Fine, that's no lose to him, and being the joker that he is used the hand as a prank. He also contradicted himself by saying that he had been drinking all day and that's why he thought the hand was a root. That can't be right because he also said he likes to cultivate his land in the morning before it gets to hot. So how could he have been drinking all day, yet say that he noticed what he thought was a root after he finished cultivating? The detectives didn't question Johnny to see what time he did finish his work but I would assume before midday which is what Johnny suggests. I doubt that with as much as Johnny drinks he wouldn't even be tippsy by lunch time.

  • The survival of the victim in this case is 10% and the victim might not be his girlfriend as even after being cut off the hand shows sign of fights and struggle by the person before the incident and I believe the hand is taken off from the "buried body " . The farmer fought with the victim before the incident and the fight got real , as his anger took off , he might have killed the victim unexpectedly or only wanted to cause pain but not death . Victim might be a local /known to farmer /related to gf , mostly white or wheatish , height ranges from small to medium might be around 5.9

  • It's clearly not the farmer. Why would he dig up part of a body that he buried?

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