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Richie Turner is a 45-year-old white male and was Kevin Gilmore’s best friend. The interview was conducted at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department and was recorded on a portable audio tape recorder with the witness's knowledge and consent.


  • Richie Turner
  • Detective Ted Armstrong

Detective Armstrong: Have a seat and please state your name and address for the record?

Richie Turner: No problem. My name is Richie Turner and I live at 404 Garner Street, Oxford.

Detective Armstrong: Do you live there alone?

Richie Turner: My family lives there, Carly and the children and I.

Detective Armstrong: Where are you employed?

Richie Turner: I own my own business, Turner Accounting.

Detective Armstrong: We are investigating the murder of Kevin Gilmore and wanted to go over some question with you.

Richie Turner: That was a long time ago, 25 years. I don’t think I'm going to tell you anything else I didn’t tell Nelson in ‘87.

Detective Armstrong: We’ll see if that rings true.

Richie Turner: What's that mean? I told the truth in '87.

Detective Armstrong: You told Detective Nelson that Kevin owed you money and was going to pay you for the--at the upcoming game. Was that true?

Richie Turner: Yeah.

Detective Armstrong:: You also said that Kevin had to go because he was going to do something to earn some extra cash. Was that true?

Richie Turner: Yeah, it was.

Detective Armstrong: Did Kevin ever mention anything to you about the Physical Plant stores and buildings?

Richie Turner: No, not really.

Detective Armstrong: How about the Waller Lab?

Richie Turner: Um, yes. Maybe he did.

Detective Armstrong: You do realize that you are withholding information that could be pertinent in a murder case?

Richie Turner:: Oh God, are you serious? OK, OK. I knew a little, but I was not in any way involved!

Detective Armstrong: Don’t panic. Just tell me what you knew at the time, Richie.

Richie Turner: Kevin told me he was going to steal some pot from the pot farm, and he was real excited because he was going to sell it and make a lot of money. It was going to help him do a lot of stuff. You know, I tried to talk him out of it. He just wouldn't listen. There was nothing that could stop him, and that was the last time I saw him.

Detective Armstrong: Was he doing this alone?

Richie Turner: No, I don't think so, I couldn't say who else.

Detective Armstrong: Did you have any idea who it might have been?

Richie Turner: My best guess would be some guys at The Juke Joint, but I couldn’t specify who.

Detective Armstrong: Sorry. Why didn’t you tell this to the investigators? It would have helped a lot at the time.

Richie Turner: Honestly? Because I was afraid. I was afraid the guys that killed him were going to come after me. And I didn’t want his parents to know he was doing anything illegal. I didn't think they could handle that and him being killed at the same time.

Detective Armstrong: But you think they can handle it now?

Richie Turner: Look, I didn’t think they could handle his death and that he was found doing something illegal. Can you understand that?

Detective Armstrong: Is it true you started dating Kevin’s girlfriend, Carly Brock, right after the funeral?

Richie Turner: No! No, it wasn't for a few weeks after the funeral. Look, I was really worried about her. I didn't want her to do something stupid. So I just started hanging out with her, and just one thing led to another and--it wasn't like we planned anything

Detective Armstrong: What do you mean by "doing something stupid"?

Richie Turner: You know, I didn't want her to hurt herself maybe.

Detective Armstrong: Sounds like you were more concerned about people’s feelings than finding justice for your murdered friend?

Richie Turner: Look, I don't have a hidden agenda here. Back then, it was something immature, spontaneous, you know. It just ended up developing into something--that's how it turned out.

Detective Armstrong: Were you secretly seeing Carly behind Kevin’s back?

Richie Turner: No.

Detective Armstrong: Did he find out about it and confront you, and the two of you got into a fight that went too far?

Richie Turner: No, I never dated Carly while Kev was alive.

Detective Armstrong: Has anyone contacted you over all these years about Kevin’s death?

Richie Turner: Contacted? No, not really. I mean, I kept in touch with Don and Judy after Kev died for a while, but it was sort of awkward because he was the only thing we had in common was him. We'd see them at the cemetery, but then, you know, we'd just visit the cemetery on his birthday and on Memorial Day. Haven’t done that for a few years.

Detective Armstrong: Anyone else you talked to about Kevin's death?

Richie Turner: Well, yeah. I discussed it with the players on his basketball team. Oh yeah. Yeah, I discussed it with his roommate Nick the week after we buried him.

Detective Armstrong: I can tell by your tone that your conversation with Nick wasn’t a pleasant one.

Richie Turner: You know, I found out that he was blackmailing Kevin about some plagiarism thing. So I went over to his apartment, and when he opened the door, I shoved him back. And then I asked him point blank. I said, "Did you kill him?" And I was ready to beat the shit out of him. Then he just started, like, crying like a baby and asking me not to hurt him. He said he didn't black--he said he blackmailed him, but he had nothing to do with killing him. I don’t know. For some reason, I believed him. That's the last time I ever spoke to him.

Detective Armstrong: I thought you didn‘t get into fist fights?

Richie Turner: Look, I was really angry that day, and I know I don't usually get into fights. Kev was my best friend. I'd do anything to bring him back!

Detective Armstrong: Anything. Even your wife and kids?

Richie Turner: Man, if I only locked him up that night so he wouldn't go out.

Detective Armstrong: Interesting choice of words. Did you lock Kevin in that room, Richie?

Richie Turner: What room? What are you talking about?

Detective Armstrong: Let’s move on. Have you heard any rumors about who killed Kevin or why he was killed?

Richie Turner: There's lots of rumors. You know, that that Jason Finnegan guy, something about a scholarship. Nick, his roommate. Me. Carly and me. They're all just stupid rumors, but no.

Detective Armstrong: After all this time to think about it, who do you think killed Kevin?

Richie Turner: You know, I'd like to think it was just somebody stealing his stash, some robbery gone bad, but I don't know.

Detective Armstrong: Why did you name your son Kevin? Was that out of guilt?

Richie Turner: No. Kev was my best friend. He's responsible for me and Carly being together. No, it was out of honor to him. Naming him Kev was like a tribute.

Detective Armstrong: Thank you for your time. We may see you again.

Richie Turner: You’re welcome. Sorry I couldn’t help.

Interview ends: 11:30 AM


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