Carly Brock Turner is a 44-year-old Caucasian female and was Kevin Gilmore’s girlfriend in 1987. The interview was conducted at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff’s Department and was recorded on a portable audio tape recorder with witness’s knowledge and consent.


  • Detective Samantha Murphy
  • Carly Brock Turner

Detective Murphy: Good afternoon, Mrs. Turner please take a seat. Please state your name and address for our records.

Carly Brock Turner: I’m Carly Brock Turner and I live at 404 Garner Street in Oxford, Mississippi. I was shocked to hear after all these years that Kevin’s murder could possibly be solved. I’ve always wanted to know what happened to him. I hate to think a murderer has been roaming free all this time.

Detective Murphy: We’re doing our best to solve this case. That’s why we need to ask you a few questions about that time in 1987.

Carly Brock Turner: I’ll do my best to answer all your questions, but 1987 was a long time ago. Kevin was my first love and sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if he had lived. Don’t get me wrong, I love Richie with all my heart, but I guess there’s just something about a first love. Richie and I have two beautiful children and we’re very happy. We both thought the world of Kevin. We even named our son after him. I know he would have liked that.

Detective Murphy: I’m sure he would. Mrs. Turner, as you know Kevin’s body was found near the Physical Plant buildings. Did he ever mention anything about the Physical Plant Shops and Stores?

Carly Brock Turner: Kevin never told me anything. I have no idea why he was up there.

Detective Murphy: Do you think Kevin was there that night trying to break into the Waller Lab facility? Maybe he could have been trying to steal something?

Carly Brock Turner: He joked once about going up there to steal enough pot so that he wouldn’t have to work so much. I never thought he’d go through with it, so I laughed it off.

Detective Murphy: Over the years, has anyone contacted you about Kevin’s death?

Carly Brock Turner: I've talked to the Gilmores, but once I married Richie, we went our separate ways. I see them around town once in a while. But, you know, Mrs. Gilmore did call me last week to see if I'd heard the news about that hidden room. It was a short chat. Some of Kevin's college friends used to call me to see how I was doing, but over time all that stopped.

Detective Murphy: So just how did you end up married to Kevin’s best friend?

Carly Brock Turner: When Kevin died, Richie and I were devastated. We both cared for Kevin so much. But Richie was there for me through the whole ordeal. He was at the funeral, and he was there for me afterwards. And over time, we just grew more and more fond of each other, and eventually we just fell in love.

Detective Murphy: Have you spoken in detail to anyone about the case all these years?

Carly Brock Turner: The Gilmores, Richie, some members of my family. I mean, we've discussed the case, but we could never come up with a clue as to who would hate Kevin enough to want to kill him.

Detective Murphy: Mrs. Turner, would you mind us going over what you told detectives in 1987 to see if our records are correct?

Carly Brock Turner: No, that's fine. I don’t mind.

Detective Murphy: When was the last time you saw Kevin?

Carly Brock Turner: The afternoon, Thursday, the 10th of December ‘87. I still remember that last sweet smile he gave me. He came by my room in the afternoon, stayed just a few minutes, kissed me goodbye and left.

Detective Murphy: Why weren’t you concerned that you didn’t hear from him on Friday?

Carly Brock Turner: We both had really heavy class loads on Friday, and I knew he had a late practice because of the game the next day. So we just decided to do our own thing that night. I figured he needed some time with the guys.

Detective Murphy: Didn't you see him on Saturday?

Carly Brock Turner: I liked to sleep and go shopping on Saturdays, so I slept until about noon. I went to the Square. I thought I would see him at the game that night, but when I got there, he wasn't there. So I asked around, but nobody had heard from him. So I called his place a few times, and nobody answered. I was always worried about his diabetes. So i went home, thinking that he would come by. I fell asleep, and the next morning, they told me Kevin was found dead.

Detective Murphy: When the detectives interviewed you in '87 what kind of stuff didn't you tell them?

Carly Brock Turner: Nothing. Nothing at all. I’m sure I told them everything I know.

Detective Murphy: That's nice, but you seem pretty nervous right now, Mrs. Turner. Maybe there’s something you’ve kept bottled up all these years? With the new evidence we discovered, we have a good chance of solving this murder this time, but we need your help. Don’t you want to know who murdered Kevin Gilmore?

Carly Brock Turner: Yes! Yes, I do. But what are you trying to get me to say?

Detective Murphy: What I want you to say is everything you know about why Kevin would be anywhere near the pot farm that night.

Carly Brock Turner: All right, I'll tell you what Kevin told me and why he was there that night. Kevin said he knew some people who had access to the pot at the Waller Lab, and they had already taken some and stored it. They needed Kevin's help to move it. He wouldn't tell me who they were. I told him he was crazy, that he could go to jail, but he never listened to me. I never thought that he would go through with it. But when he didn’t show up at the game that night, I started thinking about it. I thought maybe he had gone through with it and that he was hiding out somewhere. That's why I went home. I just prayed that I would hear from him soon.

Detective Murphy: Were they planning to move the pot that Thursday night, December 10th?

Carly Brock Turner: I don’t know. Kevin wouldn’t tell me when they were going to move it.

Detective Murphy: Why didn’t you tell anyone this after they found Kevin’s body?

Carly Brock Turner: I was scared. I was scared that if I told the police, I would get in trouble. I thought that the killer might come looking for me.

Detective Murphy: Do you have any suspicions about who else would be in with it?

Carly Brock Turner: I’ve thought about that for a long time. The last time I saw Kevin, he was in a hurry. He said he needed to talk to someone at work, but he wouldn't tell me who. I asked. He said it wasn’t important. I always wondered whether or not someone from The Juke Joint could be involved, but I could never picture anyone from there wanting to hurt Kevin, so I brushed it off.

Detective Murphy: You’ve had a lot of time to think about it, so who do you think killed Kevin?

Carly Brock Turner: I think that whoever wanted to help him steal the pot. I think they got greedy and wanted it all for themselves.

Detective Murphy: We'll definitely check into what you told us. I think that’s all we have for now, Mrs. Turner. Thank you for your cooperation.

Carly Brock Turner: You're welcome. It was a terrible time of my life, and I will always regret not telling the detectives everything I knew back then. Please find Kevin’s killer so his family can finally have closure. Goodbye.

Interview ended: 11:20 AM


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