Thursday July 21, 2011 - 2:15 PM

The witnesses are Kevin Gilmore's parents and were interviewed at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff’s Department. The interview was conducted by Detectives Armstrong and Murphy and was recorded on a portable tape recorder with the witnesses' knowledge and consent


  • Detective Ted Armstrong
  • Detective Sam Murphy
  • Donald Gilmore
  • Judith Gilmore

Detective Armstrong: Good afternoon.

Detective Murphy: Hello. Please come in and have a seat.

Donald Gilmore: Hello. It’s amazing, and after all these years that you finally going to find out what happened to Kevin.

Judith Gilmore: Yeah, we kept hoping and praying that you would make some headway about who killed him, so who was it?

Detective Murphy: We don’t have the answer to that question yet, Mrs. Gilmore, but we’re working on it.

Detective Armstrong: We’ve talked to Detective Anderson and then we've gone through the files.

Donald Gilmore: We thought you called us down here to tell us who killed our son. I mean, what more can we do after all these years? It's been a long time.

Judith Gilmore: Well, Detective Anderson's been wonderful, and we've become good friends.

Detective Murphy: We need to ask more questions and put what we learn now with what we all ready know and see how it all adds up.

Judith Gilmore: Well, we'll answer any questions you have, but I can’t imagine that we can add anything to what we’ve already said.

Detective Armstrong: Let’s get down to work and we’ll see if there's anything else that we can use. Do you recognize this medical alert bracelet?

Donald Gilmore: Yeah, that was Kevin’s. He never took this off. Do you know who took this off of his wrist and how it ended up in that secret room?

Detective Murphy: No, not yet.

Judith Gilmore: It’s like living his death all over again, but we want his killer found, so we’ll do anything that's necessary to help.

Detective Armstrong: Did Kevin ever mention the Physical Plant Shops and Stores?

Donald Gilmore: If he did, we don’t remember it.

Detective Murphy: Can you think of any reason why your son would have been at the Physical Plant Shops and Stores that day?

Donald Gilmore: No. Since seeing it on the news about them finding that hidden room, we've talked it over and over. We can't--have no idea.

Detective Armstrong: Has anyone contacted you in the years since his death?

Judith Gilmore: Well, yeah, of course. I mean, we’ve talked to many people since then. And I think down through the years, we’ve been asked many times if the police had ever found out what happened. But I think it was mainly just neighbors and friends.

Detective Armstrong: How about Kevin’s friends? You talked to any of them?

Donald Gilmore: Well--

Judith Gilmore: Yeah.

Donald Gilmore: Carly came over quite a bit, you know. I think she was about as lost as we were, and we appreciated having her around. We talked about Kevin a lot.

Judith Gilmore: And it was nice to hear things about Kevin that we weren’t aware of, but it was sad sometimes too. She asked a lot of question about Kevin, so I mean, we knew that she felt the same way we did. And we shared photos and memories.

Detective Murphy: Any other friends come around?

Donald Gilmore: Richie.

Judith Gilmore: Well, yeah. Richie came over. Well, at first, and then he'd come over with Carly. They seemed to get along well together. You do know that they got married, don’t you?

Detective Armstrong: Did that raise any suspicions on your part?

Donald Gilmore: Well, at first, we felt kind of uneasy about it. We--but then we figured they were just consoling each other, kind of like it was comforting to have them around.

Judith Gilmore: You know, I often wondered though if Kevin would be happy about it because he was very protective of Carly.

Detective Armstrong: Would you mind going over some of what you told the detectives in 1987?

Donald Gilmore: We'll try.

Judith Gilmore: Comes with old age, the pitfalls, but you know, I think that together we can probably remember everything that was said.

Detective Murphy: Good. Do you recall the last time you saw your son?

Judith Gilmore: Well, yes. I mean, I don’t think we can ever forget that day. Kevin came over for a short visit, and--well, he was on a ight schedule, but I think he stayed about half an hour. And I hugged him as I always did, and then I went back to finish cleaning the kitchen. I didn't know that he would be leaving so fast. Believe me. If I could do that day all over again, I would have spent every minute of it with my son. After Kevin’s death, that day was on our minds for a long time. You know, some memories just seem to be forever in your mind’s eye.

Donald Gilmore: Judy and I have gone over and over that day, and Kevin and I went into the living room and just talked about that upcoming game. I think it was with Tulsa. Both of us were into sports, but the main sport had become basketball ever since Kevin got so good. We always had a great time when we were together.

Detective Armstrong: Have you remembered anything that you may have forgotten when you were interviewed last?

Donald Gilmore: I don't think so.

Detective Murphy: Do you remember what time it was when you saw Kevin that day?

Judith Gilmore: It was in the in the afternoon at 3:00 PM.

Donald Gilmore: December 10, 1987. First year we never put up a tree that year.

Detective Armstrong: We understand. Did Kevin have any enemies?

Donald Gilmore: I don't know of anybody who would want to hurt my son.

Judith Gilmore: Well, except that guy on the basketball team. Jason. We learned his name later. But you know, Kevin never said anything about the kid hating him. He just said that he was giving him a hard time.

Detective Murphy: What about his roommate? Did Kevin get along with him?

Judith Gilmore: I don't remember him ever saying anything bad about Nick. I mean, I think they were good friends.

Detective Armstrong: Back then, you told detectives that Kevin worked at a place called The Juke Joint. Did he talk about that?

Judith Gilmore: Yes, he did a little. I mean, he loved that place. He said it was always exciting and that he met a lot of people from different environments and different lifestyles. And I think most of them got along for the most part. You know, Kevin wasn’t crazy about the work, but it was the atmosphere made him want to go back each day.

Detective Armstrong: In your interview in 1987, you both said that Kevin never talked about work. Why did you say that?

Donald Gilmore: We didn’t remember much about it until later. You know, I think we were in shock for a long time.

Judith Gilmore: Yeah.

Detective Murphy: Did he take Carly there? Or Richie?

Donald Gilmore: Yeah, of course. They all seemed to enjoy it. I just never understood the fascination with it.

Judith Gilmore: Well, we’ve run out of time, Detectives. We don’t like to be away from the bakery too long, but we can always come back if you have anything more.

Donald Gilmore: Yeah, we do need to get back.

Detective Armstrong: Do you have time for one more question? Have you and Judy developed any theories or suspicions about who might've killed Kevin?

Donald Gilmore: We've gone over and over in our mind about this, and talked to each other and everybody we can think of that knew Kevin. And we can't think of anybody who'd want to hurt him, which leads us to believe it must have been a total stranger. And that leads us to a whole bunch of other questions that we just ain't got answers for.

Detective Armstrong: You can go. If we need more, we’ll get ahold of you.

Detective Murphy: Thanks for coming in.

Donald Gilmore: Goodbye.

Judith Gilmore: And good luck.

Interview ends: 2:35 PM


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