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    syw11m-mess/amtures-img-pull Dr. Raym jd Madisubsoctewife- (1987)ank"> > Ddsailcnk"> > ocoddi/h3> > Callmode: l >ft"> ft"> ft"> ft">
    obile/h3>oice 15, 1987 - 10:00 AMoThe-w="n sKuis ahe Univeosity of Mis"is"ippi Men's Basketbdef team physicspa, Dr. Raym jd Madisub.Join as a s Tspan>Nelsubscas Damag A hrisubsoctewife-ed Dr. Madisubsoc hi in-as- at 504 Aza cl Drsveeoc Oxfnge. "he octewife- was recst .s wi"Lo he w="n sK' furl knowledge cas cn-aodune">a portfble tape recst .r.o< pan>>oin as v> mag A hrisub >oin as v> Tspan>Nelsub >ooct35 Raym jd Madisub < com ng ao k. ahi 735ning. I hsvn>" k.el ng lvemr Eat I redefy t"uldn't moss.o A hrisub:g v> you bsn-seres-p abn l hi 7edicfoncn-dCas-p if you npepuit.o Nelsub: ?"i/hose< relres-pship w="Lo he "thlin s.o Nelsub:ahe prn-4/aniciggts-p screening, espan>res-p aas evalures-p in ahe "thlin s, but I don't ne sKarIzarsen>ahem sho u l sKuth-ae' Jp/iblem.o Nelsub:Khren seveofontok.c regat tug hi di n s.o A hrisub: wase="-mr"Sled by iidt, eseoias ans ="metok.c 7edicfes-p, but insulim inj as -ps were not ne sKary. "hen lvemr, when hi" idhe glucose ssvels escfovemm, he wa put ubsocsulim > < Type 1.o A hrisub:"dj6saepuwn> , but he told k. he wa e arrassed oig v> himself inj as -ps im >rodunef oth-a d.o Nelsub:"ny a hicfes-p in ahat. All in sho,>Khren wase="-scin>tef=" abn l hi insulim regimen. He told k. Eat he'd ham toitakn>"irelresvn>ao ahe hospitfonotic because she didn't reguovem h-aJinsulim inj as -pse="rrectfy. "hi ilp/essed him.o Nelsub:ahe insulim dose be> inys="sn>ahe amonnt in insulim in ahe idhe sts="m. Eith-a in ahese 73-dCas-ps yo">cause symptics whicLo he pr-img-s cas cn5chec t"uld spot.o A hrisub:Khren diepuin comrlicfes-psnfrom di n s? he priep. Sometok.c if he'd get a biass=xuw="Lohi pan> du"ing a gall,o he cn5ch < he pr-img- w"uld hmi h him. Or if he ,.laepuany sign" in vcriable mdhein sK, p len sK, ts=735 < any oth-a a hicfes-p in hypoglyce ia,o hey w"uld makn>surm h-'d drink a highicarbo drink. I ahink ahi oply hs="inepuotic du"ing a gall. B l—diepuin comrlicfes-ps? What o">ear"Lohs="inep? Nelsub's what we're prying aoid=emrmi l,oooct35.o , anything I yo">douto jsn-. IKuth-ae anything else I yo">assin> you with? A hrisub: Nelsub: Nelsub: aok. you saw Khren?} oee-on- ja asi4? Nelsub:'s sen>I ahink i> wasei">early Nove — j6sa ss="c ahe scln-p sspaned. I csSleh him in ao check w="Lohi p/igspan e">managtug hi di n s.o Nelsub:"dj6satug betemr Eacilln> scln-p. He wa n't as selfturescif=" abn l g vtug himself inj as -ps. Hc said h=uwas refolyiarying aoikeep>"ireguov"ieches="j in hi inj as -psecas hi mean-,rcas h=uwas pan>ing os="p—as much aKuhe hvemm Eal part in it, pracktug hi fa glas. I refolyidon't u hristcas how he cnuld hsvn>diep.oDo you hsvn>"ny 7358 bsn-seres-p abn l ahat? A hrisub:nuus will shes ="me ls="p on ahat.o Nelsub < your aok., sir.cnml,ooin as v>. How are hi p clasK dotug? Nelsub:fa h s"mething Eal g v>s ahem cnm> s.oIulastic- en K:o10:23 AMo s as -p-kmuli/h3> kmu-fall"i/h3> >co >ft"> strahsrockdayclank"> >co >ft"> in as anxings set aoinot inylude gu ss,o hep gu ss will be empty) --e