Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff’s Department

Investigating Officer(s): Detective Terry Nelson, Detective David Anderson

Case Description: Kevin Gilmore Death Investigation

On December 13, 14 and 15, 1987, the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff’s Department conducted a canvass of Kevin's basketball team. The interviews summarized are some of the most typical or relevant to the investigation and are representative of all interviews conducted.

Name: Andy Williams
Age / Year / Position: 21 / senior / starting center
Address: 382 Kinard Hall. Hometown: Sacramento, California

Comments: Andy, who lived in the same dorm as the victim, said that Kevin got along well with most of the team. Andy mentioned that Kevin was a very busy person, a type A personality who was always engaged in one activity or another. Andy admitted he could never understand how Kevin managed to juggle the time he spent with his girlfriend along with his classes, a job, and his responsibilities to the team. He last saw Kevin following a practice on December 10. He found Kevin to be an "OK guy" but never spent time with him outside of practice and games. Andy believed there was tension between Kevin and Nick, but he was not sure why. He could not think of anyone who would want to hurt Kevin.

Name: Jason Finnegan
Age / Year / Position: 20 / sophomore / point guard, Kevin played point guard if/when Jason could not
Address: 115 Kinard Hall. Hometown: Jackson, Mississippi

Comments: The witness believed himself a better point guard than Gilmore. It was Jason's belief that Kevin somehow managed to "cheat the system" in order to get an athletic scholarship that, in Jason's opinion, should have gone to himself. He said he last saw Kevin on December 10th in the dormitory's rec room. Jason claimed to have spent the remainder of the night studying in his room. He said Kevin was a bit of a mooch, who owed money to everyone on the team, Jason included. In his opinion, no one on the team actually cared much for Kevin, and Jason thought the other players simply pretended to, in order to appease the coaches who believed in "good sportsmanship." Though he harbored a low opinion of Kevin, Jason nevertheless could not name any person who would intend to do the victim any physical harm.

Name: Steve Minter
Age / Year / Position: 22 / junior / shooting guard
Address: 601 North 14th Street, Oxford, Mississippi

Comments: The witness thought Kevin to be a "pretty cool guy," and got along well with him. The two had participated in several team outings and always seemed to enjoy each others company. Steve thought that Kevin got along well with most of the team, with Nick and Jason being the only exceptions. Steve had stopped by Nick and Kevin's dorm room shortly after practice December 10. He heard raised voices through the door--an argument, in his opinion--and so he left to return home. Steve remained home for the rest of the night, and said his family would vouch for him. The only reason he could think of as to why anyone would mean to hurt Kevin would be an unpaid debt.

Name: Jack Brown
Age / Year / Position: 19 / sophomore / power forward.
Address: 242 Kinard Hall. Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana

Comments: Jack said he really admired Kevin, and found the fact that he managed to play ball while enduring painful insulin shots daily quite impressive. Jack said he was with his girlfriend the night of the murder. He also said that he had heard that someone plagiarized Kevin's work and that Kevin had endured a lot of grief over it. Though he never found the time to socialize with Kevin outside of class or away from the team, he still believed his teammates liked Kevin. He could not think of any person who would want to do Kevin harm, let alone kill him.


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