A 001388-01: One (1) Maglite mini 5-3/4" flashlight, black, containing two (2) AA batteries, dead and corroded room-drawingmap
B 001388-02: One (1) medical ID bracelet, silver, with engraved text
C 001388-03 through 001388-04: Two (2) samples of smear on door interior
D 001388-05 through 001388-06: Two (2) samples of stain on floor, 34 inches from door
E 001388-07 through 001388-08: Two (2) samples of stain on floor in northeast corner
F 001388-09 through 001388-10: Two (2) samples of stain on floor in southeast corner
G 001388-11 through 001388-12: Two (2) samples of dried leaves and seeds


 One (1) small chair, metal legs, plastic seat
 I  Three (3) pieces of cardboard, 12" x 12"


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