Jason felt Kevin stole his scholarship and his position on the team

DOB: 12/31/67
Occupation: College student
Hometown: Laurel, MS
Relationship to case: Victim's teammate
Excerpt: "Jason felt he outplayed Kevin and was convinced he could take Kevin's…"

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  • this does not say were Jason worked during school was he a secuity guard at the Plant

    the dectective does not need to research Dmv records for the car makes and owners during the december of 1987 therfore i am taking on teh belief that they have thier character respsonible

    though Steve statied he was with Carly Kevins Girl Friend all night Thursday night Carly sadi no such thing in relation to teh posibility

  • Jason deffinatly had motive being a walk-on try out for teh Ole Miss where he felt Kevin was in his way

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