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    /a> articlthlrev m>skdivto t contentarticlthlrevht ailttoddacontent>ptmr- title=fh3 clasin>/a>/a>toddacontent>> iotooduleicon noiasswcalenddiiv> tle=="2012-01ld"T03:46:00-08:00aldmeppcopntn/> C> divt C> d: 14 Januany>2012 to/d="to clacontent>
    14, 2012 - 3:46 a.m.o pectopv to"ogogo-deAshley Fo3 clas,mere ctle's pan> pan> ask yclAshley Fo3 clas iem>: Anything>to prev. Philip apa I wmri veny clos=, ycl know.D> pan> : W> < yclo coop<-a>ise,mwn culeget erisnc < anmnoetle=. Just>solt routlas ers" > Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: Ypa, paank ycl. Is's just>paar w> < us being>"> th> town‒Philip's depths735en-ms addti dipan>ordipa for ui.D> pan> : Whymisnpaat? ipectopv toem>Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: Grax-wiicri,mspa sn < eris being>"> th> 735ea spa all,mere whold/town snll os, ycl know, looking>ar clo fam/spaveny clos=ly. I'm nom uiti to l> ing>lif >"> a fi/a> <.D> pan> : Well,mI erin/span> < sp Oxford snll osiveny symppthmtic sn < ycl,n>rs. Fo3 clas. A-col all,mis's nom sseif ycl're involved "> any way "> yclo pusbspa's depth.Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: Me? Involved? Whymwsuld ycl erin/spaat? ipectopv toem>D> pan> : I meant taar yclo f ip">a>spa evenyoas in/town snll lik spafeeliveny symppthmtic towards ycl becauit sp yclo veny tragic loss. Tanre'd osinoe>Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: Taank ycl, De pan> D> pan> : Wn're just>asking>aoutlas ers" > sultmwn'd ask sp anyoas elss. Tell ua whas hk-leved today.Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: Well,mPhilip e> < mbe pan>span> <>arlyaeris morning‒abonam7:00, lik d"jsn-tle=.D> pan> : Whas tle= wsuld thas hkvAshley Fo3 clas iem>: Around>6:30 p.m.o pectopv toem>D> pan> : Didnycl nomn> unusual?Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: Philip didnseemmextra agiSt>=d. He's been>u"><- sv m>ch ase/li>ar workelaskly, esp5ciallyasn < erar cbnoxi462 BrunoeColdmuletrying tosstop pan>d>velopmn-m.o pectopv toem>D> pan> : Mr. Coldmuleapa Mr. Fo3 clas wmri hkving dipan>ordipa?Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: Tany' ordipa for almost>20 -deas. Taar Coldmulehas goways been>jeal462 sp Philip apa onameosget him.o pectopv toem>D> pan> : Didn>r. Coldmulemak- any th>s ageftsr yclo pusbspa?Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: Philip didl't say, bnaman>didl't tell lt s lot>abonamert busin/li. Bnaman>asuld hkv<.o pectopv toem>D> pan> : Whoswaa anmertmhouit whenlyclo pusbspa srrived?Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: Mi, sp asurss. Apa on- svn GrD> pan> : Whas hk-leved n/xt?.Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: Philip aultmholt sbonam6:30 or 6:35,mspa pann pan> hoas rD> pan> : Didnan>suyto ycl>r-colmert hoas call?Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: No. Nothing. Henseemea even V upset, paas's all.D> pan> : Apa ertn whas hk-leved?Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: Ie>arly,mspa pann wD> pan> : Whas hk-leved r-colmd"jsn-?Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: Wnnall chaseed a bit, apa pann Gr < d=ngo onamwn < solt f ip">a,mapa I l> < sh lyaermrir-colme=ngo see solt f ip">a sp D> pan> : Whas tle= wasnpaat? ipectopv toem>Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: Around>7:30.D> pan> : Now, >rs. Fo3 clas, ycl knowmwn' V going to talk to oermr m s sp ere houith/pr,mincluaing yclo pouitkeepe apa -asstenance mul.Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: Raersl apa Joey? Whymwsuld ycl want tostalk to erem? Don't boermr. Tany're just>servants. Tany don't knowmanything.D> pan> : Routlas pcocedw{-. Isnpamri anything>tany mx-wiitell ua>abonamert eventsnpaat took plid= eris evening>taar ycl mx-wiibs forgetting? Just>to keep on- recd-is aseax-wi.Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: No. Wait, maybs Philip didnsuyto lt sbonamRaersl. Ypa, Philip didnsuyarlien, bnamI'm nom rirllyasw{- whas h= wasnpalking>abona. I mean, Raerslmapa I didnh/vpac diacussion >arlien anmertmday, apa pann Philip apa I h/dna diacussion abonamerar diacussion, bnamI rirllyacul't 35m any V. I'm sopan>I cul't prev ycl>rny furermr onmerai.D> pan> : A diacussion. I see. Just>aafew < V ers" > .Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: Taar's f/sp.D> pan> : Whas didnycl do r-colmd"jsn-?Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: I l> < tosbnnwn < f ip">a sp evening.D> pan> : Whosmx-wiithas hkvAshley Fo3 clas iem>: Solt good f ip">a from/="# hgt. I ferdeso bad;>I csuldl't 35m anyoas's nae=.D> pan> : Whmri didnycl go?Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: Well,mler's see. We just>wp-m tosa Joip">'s houit for aawhil=.D> pan> : Whic< f ip">'s houit didnycl go to?Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: I don't 35m ax-wiicri,mD> pan> <. I'm so diase/liti I just>cul't erink aseax-wi. Ypat> ="ydon't 35m whmri wi wi-m.o pectopv toem>D> pan> : Ycl don't 35m ?Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: No.D> pan> : Doesl't eradesound>odd to ycl, onamwn < oldnf ip">a snmertmnx-wiiyclo pusbspa wasnkitstiAshley Fo3 clas iem>: I wasnwn < f ip">a! Just>ask any sp erem. Tany'ol/pell ycl whmri I was. Philip apa I h/dna veny good msrri=us. Please,mD> pan> <, grt weogomost>done? Tais is veny, veny diase/liing>for me so soon a-colmPhilip's depth.D> pan> : I u"><-stspa,n>rs. Fo3 clas. Aafew < V ers" > up mbe cri. Whas tle= didnycl srrivemholt tonx-wi?Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: I'dnsuy1:00 a.m.o pectopv toem>D> pan> : Didnycl h/vpacnything>to drink?Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: Sw{-. My f ip">a>spa I h/dna good tle=. I'dnh/dna few drinki.D> pan> : Was ycl- stepson, GrAshley Fo3 clas iem>: H= wasn't wn < e=, bnaman>aultmholt samert sultmtle=. Wnnarrived anmertmhouit togetrmr.D> pan> : Didnycl nomn> unusual abonamGrAshley Fo3 clas iem>: Well,mrt seemea diaseareed. I culepell ycl erai. Tan>rehab pcograms h/vpabeen>a failw{- asemar asekeeping>him/=lean, ertmpobe boy.D> pan> : Didnycl nomn> elss abonamGrAshley Fo3 clas iem>: I saw a nastyacnamonmhis"arm. I askea him/abonamit, bnaman>didl't 35m anything>abonamit. Hentoldnm< lm>didl't hure.D> pan> : So ycl>don't knowmhri tan>anamgot pamri?Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: No,mI rirllyah/vpano idep whas hk-leved to him.o pectopv toem>D> pan> : So ycl>and ycl- stepson reow{rea hoe=. Trtn whas hk-leved?Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: A-col wt got>done anmertmgar=us,mwn wp-m in. Tan>houit was s shambles. Philip's belvngings‒all sp clo p35ci462 belvngingsnh/dnbeen>gonnmerrount. Is lookea lik mbe soltthing, apa pan nh/dne=ngo errount pan>entirn>houit looking>mbe ie.D> pan> : Apa pann whas didnycl do?Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: Pobe Gr"> a dazi, pouching>evenything>and>mo ing>taingsnsround.D> pan> : Apa whas hk-leved tann,n>rs. Fo3 clas?Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: I wasn"> a St>= sp shock, just>walking>around>ertmhouit nom u"><-stspaing>hri or whyD> pan> : Gomon.Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: I walked trrount pan>l> ing>and>aining>rooma,mapa pann I>enteati pan>kitcann. Oh,mis was swful, just>swfulnpo see him/lik D> pan> : Yclo pusbspa?Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: Yes. To see Philip lik Stbbeelapa h/dnbruispa onmhis"er" . Art weogomost>done?D> pan> : Aomost,n>rs. Fo3 clas. Was ycl- stepson sn < ycl whenlycl mbupa ycl- pusbspa anmertmkitcann?Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: No. Gr anoermr room.D> pan> : Didnycl call onameoshim?Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: Yes. I just>sh ipked until Grkitcann. I askea him/to colt prev e=.D> pan> : Trtn whas hk-leved?Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: Grsround>"> shock, doing noering>st /joms, ertn/touching>taings, sseif an>didl't knowmwhas h= wasndoing.D> pan> : Whas didnycl do?Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: I cutsti<911.D> pan> : Apa r-colmerat? ipectopv toem>Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: Grkeps looking>st e=. He just>keps Staing>st e=.D> pan> : Whas tle= didnycl call 911? ipectopv toem>Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: It m>st' hoe=, ground>1:30 a.m.o pectopv toem>D> pan> : Taank ycl>mbe ycl- prev,n>rs. Fo3 clas. Oh,monnmltd- thing. Ycl don't h/vpacny idep, do ycl, sseto who wsuld want toskits ycl- pusbspa? ipectopv toem>Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: No,mlik arlien, h= wasnworrieelabonamsolt sp his"eusin/lilapa rirl e St>= d>velopmn-ms. I don't knowmanythinglabonamhis"eusin/li, rirlly. I don't get involved "> eradeside sp erings, bnamI wasnworrieelht mint}oh/vpacn>enemy or two l>k <>r. Coldmul.o pectopv toem>D> pan> : Taank ycl>mbe all ycl- prev. Please do at:lecm uieif ycl h/vpacny oermr lrevrma>ise ycl erink asuld hrev uieduaing>cl- invs" >ga>ise.o pectopv toem>Ashley Fo3 clas iem>: Ypa, sp asurss.o pectopacontent Eos-a# hrmanu End>">t/a> kmm-fult-tabs 35ent-unmeol3-menlrrenr- titlejavae-pass:void(0);iacontentnavMclasnavs" func eoadMclaL0px- tab }Commn-msLo ipakmm-t="jsn-P< "> erisf="j ise kmm- <-o0px 35ent-unmfloam-t aco/difixiv