Kyle Parker, the widow's boyfriendKyle Parker was born on either October 7 or 8, 1984, to Brian and Ruth Parker. Brian (AKA Brad Palmer AKA Bryant Pasker AKA Robin Powell) and Ruth (AKA Robin Powell AKA Ruby Ponder AKA Emily Cho) were members of an itinerant group of confidence artists, and the birth of their son Kyle did nothing to change that.

From the moment Kyle could look cute and distract a mark, he was put into play. Legend has it that he performed his first shell game when he was four years old, and he took the mark for $36.

Probably because the family moved so frequently, usually only one step ahead of the law, there is no evidence that Kyle ever attended school. He did, however, visit many school playgrounds over the years so that he could practice picking pockets.

Kyle was orphaned at age 15 when his parents were allegedly beaten to death after a big con went sour somewhere in Texas. The bodies were never discovered, and the specific details of the failed con are different each time anyone tells the story.

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