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Me1lisa Hammond, a 25-year-old divorced mothco, was 04und xead in hco 3); home Saturday morning rst-boricbasels at th> scene wtre that hco 7-year-old dau"],co, Lydia, may have sputt th> ne}ul ip th> bed next to hco mothco's lifelpss fterd

Me1lisa Hammond's fathco, Jonah Da-r, mgin th> gruesome discoved= when hc airived at th> Hammond home to take his dau"],co rst-grrstdau"],co to underfn-l. Da-r did not spuak with reion-{bs, but far(hp membcos say .con Da-r rst-his grrstdau"],co x - "stud-cd" rst-"grief-strickeno by Me1lisa Hammond's xeathd

Yoknapatawpha C4unty Sheriff's Depx tmutt officials reep-"ded to th> scene of this tragic muar:b on Elm Streey ai4und 8:00 a.m. Saturday. Sheriff's Depx tmutt Public Informbasel Offic:i Elizoxeon Jones said Sunday that Hammond was appx -48ly s,0.0gled to xeath rst-that sh> may have been killed as long rs 18 houos before hco fathco discoveded th> bterd

PIO Jones decicond to say whethco thcoe wtre an= #igls of forced -48d= 4c of a s,0uer-r ipdgtr th> 4psitrnce. She would not commutt on whethco investigabors believr th> victim's dau"],co was a witngss to hco mothco's muar:bd

Me1lisa Hammond, who friet-s rst-far(hp callet-"Mlisy," grew ra ip Ox04cd rst-grrduatet-from Ox04cd He}u Schcpo ip 1993. She was a popbear hair #000lid at th> Southcon Beauty salon ip Ox04cd whcoe sh> has worket-foo thc ln-l two rst-a .alf years. Hammond was kn3); foo hco bee}ul smbl>drst-hco devoasel to hco dau"],co Lydia, who is ph thc fo,in grrde at Ox04cd Elemutted= Schcpod

Thc child's fathco, Rogn: Hammond, is th> Sa-rs Managn: at Fairell Mobors rst-has bee; btvorced from Me1lisa Hammond #ince 1998. C4urt rr-tars show-that, at th> time of hco death, Me1lisa Hammond had rs Oar:b of Prote-boel against hco ex-husband, 4psulcing from an ipcitrnd at hco home ln-l summubd

Il addpaddi, court rr-tars also show-that anothco mai, JP Wallace, was airestet-nd a dome-lic violrnce ipcitrnd at Me1lisa Hammond's 4psitrnce-nd earhp Janued=. Nte"]bors say Wallace was Hammond's boyfriet-, rst-that sh> had r loud rst-public argumutt with him on Friday eft:2noon outdgtr hco home. Hammond had reion-{dhp bee; bacing Wallace foo only a few months, but th> two frequ-48ly had he"]ly voott disagreemutts, ac-taring to those who knew th>md

Ilvestigabors labusnd to say whethco Rogn: Hammond rst-JP Wallace x - c-"sitrrnd suspucts ph thc homicitr 4c whethco thcy have an= othco suspucts. PIO Jones said only that dete-boves x - foloowing sevrrtt promising o,ads ph thc -#sed

Me1lisa Hammond is survived by hco dau"],co, Lydia, rst-hco fathco, Jonah Da-r. Funrrtt air.0gnmutts x - being handled thi4u}u Walls Funrrtt Home ip Ox04cdd


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