What does Selena know about Roger's recent habits and activities?

Tuesday, February 27, 2001 – 11:00 a.m.

Selena Crosscroft is Roger Hammond's girlfriend.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy re-interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.

The interview was recorded with the witness's knowledge and consent.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Selena Crosscroft

Detective Murphy: We asked you to come back in today because we have a few more questions for you in connection with our investigation of Missy Hammond's homicide. Do you have any problem with that?

Selena Crosscroft: No. I'm willing to assist you in any way I can.

Detective Murphy: Thank you. For the record, would you state your name and address then?

Selena Crosscroft: Selena Crosscroft, 408 Choctaw Drive.

Detective Murphy: You told us in your prior interview that on the day of the murder, January 26th, you were at work. Do you recall if Roger Hammond called you that day?

Selena Crosscroft: While I was at work? No. Roger rarely calls me at my job because I'm frequently out of the office on field work. We have to follow up on placements.

Detective Murphy: Several of your co-workers have told us you were late for your 4:00 meeting that Friday afternoon. Can you tell us why you were late?

Selena Crosscroft: Let me think back. It's not unusual for me to be late. Roger has the same problem, so it doesn't bother either of us much. Oh, now I remember. It's a little embarrassing. I rushed out to the bank to go to the drive-through window before it closed. When I closed the car door, I caught my skirt in the door and it ripped. I had a presentation prepared for the staff meeting on interviewing techniques for prospective foster parents. I had to stop home to change before the meeting. I was only about 10 minutes late, I think.

Detective Murphy: What bank was that?

Selena Crosscroft: First National, on the Square.

Detective Murphy: Can you tell us what time the meeting ended and where you went from there?

Selena Crosscroft: The meeting ended about 5:30 or so. After that, I finished up some paperwork and left the office.

Detective Murphy: What time did you leave the office?

Selena Crosscroft: I don't know. 6:00? 6:30?

Detective Murphy: Where did you go after you left your office?

Selena Crosscroft: I stopped at the dry cleaners, and then went home to relax a little before I met Roger for dinner.

Detective Murphy: What time did you meet him and where?

Selena Crosscroft: I think it was around 8:00? I went over to City Grocery around then to meet him.

Detective Murphy: Was he there when you arrived?

Selena Crosscroft: No. I had a glass of wine, and he arrived shortly thereafter. We ate dinner, and then we went to a movie.

Detective Murphy: Why so late?

Selena Crosscroft: What do you mean?

Detective Murphy: Why did you and Roger wait until 8:00 to meet for dinner?

Selena Crosscroft: I don't remember.

Detective Murphy: Could it have been because Roger was with his parents and his daughter until then?

Selena Crosscroft: I don't know what you're talking about.

Detective Armstrong: Give it up, Selena. Roger already told us he'd been seeing Liddie on Friday afternoons when she was with his parents.

Selena Crosscroft: Well, why shouldn't he? He has every right to spend time with her.

Detective Armstrong: Not according to the family court judge.

Selena Crosscroft: Judges have been wrong before.

Detective Murphy: Do you know if Roger has contacted his attorney to start any custody proceedings since Missy's death?

Selena Crosscroft: Not to my knowledge. After Missy got the protection order against him back in July, his attorney told him it would be best to keep a low profile for awhile and let the dust settle. With Missy gone now, things will change. All I know is I'll stand behind Roger and help him in any way I can. He deserves to have his little girl at home with him.

Detective Murphy: We have reviewed the report on the incident at Ms. Hammond's house in July. The report indicates to us that Roger's violent behavior is what prompted Missy to obtain the Protection Order. May I ask if in your time dating Roger whether he has ever shown any violent propensitiest ms parents.

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