Saturday, October 1, 2011 - 3:40 p.m.

This witness was identified as the boy seen riding a bicycle in Kimberly Pace's neighborhood on Sunday morning, September 25, 2011. Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed him at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department with the permission and in the presence of his mother, attorney Patricia Hunter. The interview was recorded with the witnesses's knowledge and consent.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Jacob Hunter
  • Patricia Hunter

Detective Armstrong: Hi, Jacob. Thank you and your mother for coming down to talk to us today. To start off, could you tell us your name and address for the record?

Jacob Hunter: My name is Jacob Hunter. I live at 557 Hathorn.

Detective Armstrong: OK, I guess you know we're investigating the death of Kimberly Pace at her home at 1592 Jackson Avenue on September 24th or 25th.

Jacob Hunter: Yeah, I know about it. And I'm glad to help if I can.

Detective Armstrong: Anything you don't understand, you ask us or your mother, if you want. She's here to act as your attorney as well as your parent. By the way, how old are you?

Jacob Hunter: I just turned 12 in August.

Detective Armstrong: OK, Jacob. We understand that you may have been the boy several people saw riding his bicycle around the neighborhood where Kimberly Pace lived on the morning her body was found. That would have been last Sunday morning, September 25th. Were you riding your bike there that day?

Jacob Hunter: Yeah, I come with my mom when she has to come into her office sometimes on the weekend.

Detective Murphy: What time did you arrive at your mother's office that day?

Jacob Hunter: I think it was about 10:00. Maybe a few minutes after 10:00.

Detective Murphy: Just to be clear, that was 10:00 in the morning, right?

Jacob Hunter: Yes.

Detective Murphy: Mrs. Hunter, does that sound right to you?

Patricia Hunter: Yes, we got to my office around 10:00 a.m.

Detective Murphy: OK. Jacob, did you go out riding your bike right away?

Jacob Hunter: Yes, pretty soon after we got there. I helped Mom carry some of her stuff in, but that only took a couple of minutes.

Detective Armstrong: Where did you ride, Jacob? I mean, did you stay in front of her office or just on the block, or did you go somewhere else?

Jacob Hunter: I hung around the block for a while then I rode over to my friend, Miles' house to see if he could ride with me. But Miles wasn't there. I guess they were at church. Then I stopped at Square Books to see if I knew anybody there. But none of my friends showed up, so after a few minutes I came back over near my mom's office.

Detective Murphy: Did you ride around anywhere on the Pace property, Jacob?

Jacob Hunter: No, ma'am. I try not to ride on anybody's property after that old man yelled at me that time.

Detective Murphy: Who was that, do you know?

Jacob Hunter: Well, it was that neighbor of Dr. Pace's. What an old grouch!

Patricia Hunter: Jacob!

Jacob Hunter: Well, he is, Mom. I rode on the edge of his grass by mistake one time and I thought he was going to have a stroke! So I try to stay away from him. He was out in his front yard that morning, so I made sure I stayed away from his yard.

Detective Armstrong: Did you see anyone else around that morning?

Jacob Hunter: I saw those people when they got out of their car and went up to the door.

Detective Armstrong: How many people I saw those people when they gotd/p> 16ee7Tost diafteanywny pp>

Detective Armphy: Did you riderd?gniznyone their msaw those people when they gotd/p> ot uy ls tawafly MiaI livnk it hived onpute dooghborhood wh,pute d peoatment wisght to ye. But nonIn't undw abo doot diafp>

Detective Armphy: Did ou knoe a stnd="jehiletime didt was 10:n they got outye. Bsaw those people when they gotd/pProbabtoout 10:00-07 guess yop>

Detective Armstrong: How I'mt theletimhend ie/p>

Jacob Hunter: My n I savedttwhebiast", doeaw thoseemme int 10s arouI'mnd thaund anywhd cto whd hug her" er for thauas yas w cad livkithahis around theacrothey wrokeeen olentatchawa'ca to I figu casetimeg you 10:t on to ht tond w minutes I ct", d yas h as be! S ls sSo I soom. I rCopr ansme ba, olent theat tnr" ef er for ansmeanywnvand in ff inp>

Detective Armphy: Did ou know abo oldl andwas tham hisy wre didt idt CSIple when up to the door.

Jacob Hunter: My In't undw ab., mtrticy lsngaybe a ff Armutes I mea't undw ab.>

Detective Armstrong: How manl and you stay in olentatchp>

Jacob Hunter: My t to ew minutes I oeawnk it. nam whel rio combidt ht hound then af liv thoseemme onep.

Detective Armphy: OK. hou askw any Pace's. whd hfordohe denp>

Jacob Hunter: My Ink toawaher offouple of mines on n she has out in w to his bmhe's area Morlo on t day?ogayT toawaut 10: at l ri was goi offbuddy guess thewas gohe's a abouarea n or t dy gu'mund somut 10:letimhend ie/aher ofe>

Detective Armphy: OK. ou knoalI mw abo offboyend, MilPaul Evanwe ghs toe/ahere at 557 offse top>

Jacob Hunter: My h, I cs hera n or uye wa'oingutyeiecora Morcooltherorle ar, olendootee thasin thein thwre die>

Detective Armstrong: HowSd think kid se invtty soog wheends shoh me.. He>

Detob Hunter: My uess yop wa'oialI mngutyeiecwedppute doobaset with theyas doto se inpolent hiop wa evtheyr as stay oldtha oldstad friple of mine hio the linka dout thau'mu to ticy g wheat. AndHaw rysein e oninkotfficvttion=

Detective Murphy: DidSou kn'veen lasins aro Pace's. Wfse top>

Jacob Hunter: My t to ewple of mines on n Powdaulp>

Detective Murphy: Did you hasral vestitid seefrona whisn over whidr it minw", d r whhing yop>

Jacob Hunter: My ma'ea't undnk it sop>

Detective Murphy: Did you see anyPaul Evanwwhhire on und the Pace's. Wfse to the morning hermintember 25th. Wp>

Jacob Hunter: My mndHawh't then lasund the blot Sunple of mines on Ien up staw forn Pow. I >

Detective Murstrong: HowYse invbe hericycer blpacob. We undt on e a str minuore stion/atop you see anyone else around tha Pace's. Wfsedidt wasning?

Lute dooghborhood whp>

Jacob Hunter: My mo Iir., mtrt wasIu to=

Detective Murphy: DidYse t wi/atawauouch!

Jacob Hunter: My Su c know abore on blotd ona'ca to,nk kidiv tide is,ch'tawaof heis gralawn thwre diemea't undw abo line isut thablotd onaht to nexp sta Pace's. >

Detective Murphy: DidWgoi ot in his frod than she see thosee t CSIple whee int 10s arocto yop>

Jacob Hunter: My h, I comnk it sop>

Detective Murphy: Did ou know abon sr forhaw ridseemme int 10 se p>

Jacob Hunter: My uess thesop Ias thatty sooobus-cap>

Detective Murphy: Did iendood frhing yop>

Jacob Hunter: My mtcora Mo. L kidletip>

Jacective Murstrong: How the Dehen was 10:ng

Jacob Hunter: My mp>

Detective Murstrong: How you see any at d frhing yoeat.yas w they gote bac of their dse to went ridet tose/p>

Jacob Hunter: Yesl, h... cou 10:n fo yoehis frod thp Ihat nein was seen, dp>

Jacective Murstrong: HowIheirat'n n 557 od yohat they at'n n 557ean, dhen Ir neigide awayers

Detob Hunter: My OKp>

Detective Murphy: Did ou know aboLitha Aldenp>

Jacob Hunter: My Su c k hastd onaht to nexp staMurds office.

Detective Murphy: Did you see any that oldning?

Jacob Hunter: I sa'mu to e I hen Ir u 10:sutedr" excmpro up o of ir dpol or ansmeanywus outye. B, olenankotficvtle when on bang yoeand the to his in ff inpeea't undrro r 25texionMorreas tha 10 se. Bp>

Detective Murphy: DidTk you anacob. We Yse veen lasicycer blp livnk it re invt ht hoe. BpwIhe seetk it icvrhing yoee are gius see wh Crecwus is r wective Murstrong

Jacob Hunter: I sare I sgius livh ite seefithah10:leod youyeiehe's a abouarea n or t dy >

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