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<, Ki ly Only atctiveYoknapv cwpha Countse wcti.pulckgd wer"/tivewercolo'seknowledge widtcs="e"t.ivpd/dipd/dPan-itiivpd/diulass="cd/d Detaid) Detaid) : For/tive.pulck,tcsuld you pler-r state your1db3e widtable{wo?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: My1db3e is Jeremy Glad/ska. I sc ve" Oxgind.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : Mr. Glad/ska, we jure ha foll>Jeremy Glad/ska: etecaway. I'ka > ything I can.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : OK, can you tska us whyoyou tog Jeremy Glad/ska: Whyowe tog Detaid) : Ispdivrr somve.pason diatcyou didn't jure walk ckgroto Ki ly'sewidtmeet BeckyewidtCivryc thvrr, rathvr dian diem pscring you up widtdriving a4/osspdiv street to pscr hvr up?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: Tiat'sejure tivewayowe taddit. I mean, Beckyepscr/spup Civryc, widtthen theyocb3e wor:rg to my pr="P,e-s tivehorn, I gote" widtwe swung aor:rg to Ki ly's. I mean, Ki ly hag tor:wra get ing .pady. Sivewas nekgroon d> atcmve" stead ofcget ing .pady.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : So you didn't specifom">lyocbka Beckyewidtasr hvr to pscr you up hre oa > ything likuddiat?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: No. Whyowsuld I?ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : DaddDr. Pace ha Jeremy Glad/ska: A habit ofcit? Whatcdo you mean? Somei>Detaid) : So, she hag notcs=ce"> ?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: Whyowsuld she?eYou can'e ticLi she wsuld worried I wsuld comveon do hvr oa somvthing? Ispdiatcwiatcyou'ra get ing at?ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : Tivrr hewercoloes who ha > tiatcyou mjsn-mha Jeremy Glad/ska: Ah,cyou mure ha Wika > d Grace.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : Do you know Tared pan>man?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: Yes.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : How taddyou meet ivr?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: Siver jsn-kgd to a>bohidr jctd-.esog .pjctd-.eI/bmliekgeI/expr=ined this bere-e...eI/workower"/tiveLab Rpjctd ivrve" town. Wveru>eLab diatcwe fo:rg >bwidoned abohida crip ago. Siv'sedone botyoweka wer"/Tared, nlilyoisn'e afraid ofchvr own shatow.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : When was this?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: Tivejesouningncfctivecrip...eJanuary, I ticLi.eI/csuld loginit up, if you liku. BhidI'd ha lto do tiat.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : OK, you can cbka us wer"/tiate" re-alansw?esoespdiatcwork?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: Surr, theh.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : Wve:rgehrewidttherve"tivevacane aa tle"t ck die buil 18p ck whoch you liJeremy Glad/ska: Yeah, I gtd-slso, bhidI hardlyokeep="0"seon diatcsort ofcthing.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : You don'e know your1nx !ibors?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: Weka, I know tiem by sisn-mifcthat'sewiatcyou mean.pAm I friends wer"/}ny cfctivm?esocwe ha Detaid) : Whyoispdiat?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: Jure becaoludwe sc Detaid) : So, ifcan e:rknown stre d?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: No. If I wsuld' gtd-idcfcrtancfctiveten/lts. BhidI'm notertancfctiosvebusyjsnies who jure si ano:rg >idtwatchctivecom18ps widtgo18ps ofcmy nx !ibors. I'm hardlyoJired StewRrip W" tow.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : So, to youreknowledge,tthervehasn'e bmax-}nyrtansmam18p to bvehanging ano:rg who doesn'e bmlong ck your1buil 18p?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: Tiat'seition. I mean, notrtanunusual.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : Wsuld you sayoyou widtKi ly Pace wvrr u">Jeremy Glad/ska: Detheitely.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : Do you ticLi she wsuld ha Jeremy Glad/ska: I ticLilso, yvs.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : Daddshe ekgrole"tJeremy Glad/ska: Of/csursDetaid) : Accspantsedo happencsomvt>Jeremy Glad/ska: To somveon-4/m x}ybe, bhidnoteKi ly. Notcthat kiidtofcaccspant.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : Soeifcshe hag thousn-msivewas Jeremy Glad/ska: Ab > Detaid) : Hypothetom">ly, ifcshe hag bmax-cs=ce">>> tiatcsivewas Jeremy Glad/ska: Are you kix 18p? Paul. Itcululdn'e ha Detaid) : You'ra surr bohiddiat?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: Withouida doubt. Whyo heyou ekgfficking bohiddiis? Whatcdoespdi"tiha Detaid) : How u">Jeremy Glad/ska: Votyou">Detaid) : So, ifcsivebmliekgdchvrself to bveJeremy Glad/ska: Becky? Pspgn/lt? Tiat'seitdiculous. Sivehasn'e smax-}nyjsn- ck ckgroa crip, wid, weka, siv'tihardlyoatdrinkpa, so I doubtnit wctiverta-njsn-mrewid. Itcwsuld ha -cs=cehange.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : You so:rg Jeremy Glad/ska: Yes. Whatca silly atd-answ tiatcis!ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : Wvka, wiatcifcshe wvrr ha ing .pllanswship ok die sly? Sry, wer"/}nothespwoman's sisnifom"nt cthvr?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: Likudwho?ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : Wvka, likudPaul Evans, gin " stan"P.ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: Paul? If you hag ha Detaid) : You surr?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: Yes. I'm ab > Detaid) : Isnit possiwra Paul csuld ha Jeremy Glad/ska: I gtd-s, theoly. BhidhowekgroPaul widtI x}y get along ppasonlily, rtanthing I wika sayogin himoispdiat ivewas as truDetaid) : OK. Let'setalk bohidPaul'semotorcyclr.ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: Hisemotorcyclr?eYou'ra bka ckgrothv x}p wer"/thvDetaid) : Ik your1 hre " , you didn't le"tJeremy Glad/ska: Goodtgrief. Whatcam I, the " kgftory cfee) Detaid) : You/didn't hrip thv xotorcyclr thv njsn-mthae you not" >d Ki ly'seljsn-seon? Tiv njsn-mbere-e you eo:rg hgrojsn-?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: No, buidthen therv'tina r ason I wsuld ha <. I wctiworking thae njsn-mwidthag headphoneseon mo-idcfcthv d>idtit wsuldn'e wakudmr.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : So, you jure kiidtofcsc Jeremy Glad/ska: Someeon-4/m xtion phiditltiatcway. Works fon mu.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : Let'sego back to lcon-crip when Ki ly'sedog Empason/divd. Do you reme tiat/t>Jeremy Glad/ska: How usuld I fonget? Sivewas talking so crazy. Jure–sivewas ohidcfchgromiid.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : Tska mv xorr bohiddiat.ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: Wvka, sivewas besidechvrself wer"/grief. I mean, siveblam>d ekgryjsn-: me,dPaul, the dog sid/di. Sivewas jure .pally devastated. Sivelg <> tiatcdog.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : How taddsiveblam> you?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: BecaoludI/csuldn'e watchcEmpason/tiatcweekend. I mean, I wctiburied wer"/work.eAidtthen siveblam>d Paul fon m>> to go.eHvesimply askgd, widtsivesaid yvs. If sivedidn't wan to go, then sivewsuldn'e ha <. It wctijure tivestrd-slwidtgriefdcfci all.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : Tiv strd-slwidtgriefdcfcwiat? Losing the dog?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: Wvka, tiat, widthgromothespwctiget ing worsr,eaidthgronextcdoor1nx !iborthag jure divd,eaidtnielan> mwctidriving hgrockgrothv bend. It wctijure acshiety i>Detaid) : So you didn't takud}ny cfchespwccuslansws seriousl-?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: No. Besides, ekgrything simmpa>> modueasele tiat, especially asele sivegoteThorrau. Sivem">m>d modu.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : Do you ha > to Empason? I mean, do you ticLi therv wctieo:l pr=- ckvolv>d?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: No. I mean, that'sewiatchappens ck lif<. Petsedie, especially wer"/.pjctd anialis. You/don'e know thv i"ttory, widtthey can jure div ckexprom"bly. I mean, petsedie, on-4/m die. Tiat'sethv wayoi govs. Lif< govs ge.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : OK. So can you tska us whae you wvrr do18p thv njsn-mcfcthv me Jeremy Glad/ska: Wvka, likudI told youmbere-e, I hag } tionltterto meet gin inn-ie"t, so I wctihomviworking,ealone. I wctiworking, ea ing, sleep18p fon mo-idcfcthv week >idtiftocthv weekend, exceha fon Sundry, of/csurs<.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : Ispdivrr }nyrtanyoumknow thae can botifyoyouspwcd) id)es?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: Weka, I hag talkgd wer"/myou"ie"t innou4/m cfct>r ok diae njsn-. I ackgrgd a pizza ano:rg 9:30.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : Who daddyou ackgrcthv pizza from?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: Papa John'sivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : Arg whae i>d?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: Prob"blyowbohid10:00 p.m.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : Anyrtansma oa talk to you diatcnjsn-, cthvr diak die pizza desc Jeremy Glad/ska: I/didn't ha my bd-idfriend! I wsuldn'e ha ything to hurt hrr.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : Wv ha Jeremy Glad/ska: I/sma.eAiything elshcyou ne>> to check?ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : Jure one xorr thing. Ohidcfccuriosion, ispdivrr } r ason ka "hrma of you decspa> to gotiftocKi ly'se-soluddiatcmorning?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: I/don'e foll><.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : Wvka, wiydnotejure rtancfcyou poptohidcfctivem"spwidtgotifpwidtget hrr?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: Wvka, if you hag known Ki ly, you wsuld know wiat } rtdiculous atd-answ tiatcis. I mean, when sivewasn'e .pady, sivewasn'e .pady, whoch meansdwe wvrr go18p to ha Detaid) : Wv know.eArg bcth you widtBeckyewe"t cktocthv kitchen to logingin Ki ly?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: Iewe"t ohiddocthv porch, widtBeckyewe"t docthv bath, bhidI–it'senotelikudI /spaotapedtit in inything. I mean, thendwe e-kgd up wka ck die kitchen. Tivewholr th18p was jure .pally sur.pal. I mean, the dog, Ki ly, Becky.eHonesoly, I'm stika in sioci.eI/know thae doesn'e }nDetaid) : Tiveporch, thv bathroom, widtthe kitchen, notancfctiosveth18pso he whe heBeckyewe"t?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: Whatcdoespdi"tiha Detaid) : Beckyesaid sivehripdtThorrau cry18p when sivewas ck die kitchen widtthat'sehow siveeo:rg Ki ly'sejsn-. Now, thv porchdisn'e thae f"spfromtdie kitchen. Csuld you hrip Thorrau cry18p?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: Whatcdoespdi"tiha Detaid) : Csuld you hrip the dog cry18p or1not?ivpd/dipd/dJeremy Glad/ska: I don'e know! I mure noteha <<> tie so:rg cktocthv kitchen. Tiat'sewka can reme , OK?ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : OK. Wvegoteit.ivpd/dipd/dDetaid) : Tianks fon com18p in, Mr. Glad/ska. Wv'ka cspaacidyou ifcwe ha Jeremy Glad/ska: OK. Fheh.ivpd/dipmn-modul/spaossalllass=" Erg ckt/span> 1:58 p.m.ivpd/dipd/d
Deck thv Elf!l>
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