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    mg srass="jseaion-4title="">Joanna Grubm> "rc="/images/locache/7f289bccd0cdfe97f1b901f7054df527_w200_h200 alt="" Joanna Grubm> 's husband, Kurt, rkersd wh TwAer"tte Wtt-t>v>Joanna Grubm> lts marrisd to Kurt Grubm> , rho rkers athe DeHaice Agce y.ith ss jes have said s Dets also JeffeHaice’s wife Elena’s bt Infrisnd.

    tectives OnArmstrong d (mMurieylterviews"sd h a{bthe DeYoknapar"wpha County Sheriff’s Derentnu-t. T Deterviews" was conner:d wh Twwh ss j’s knowledr- d (mctesu-t.

    Paiclein> ts:

    tectives T.nArmstrongli>tectives S.mMurieyli>Joanna Grubm> li>tectives Murieyliem>: Hello, Mrs. Grubm> . r Dee Deconner,mctuld you plee .eYou c> lal 0.=" Joanna, d (mI les bth1267 Hor.c Road.

    tectives Armstrongliem>: How ent you today, Joanna?

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: I’m l 0.ght">.

    tectives Murieyliem>: Where do you rker?

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: Rht dinow, I’m l domtionc enger"er. I’vc tak and fs" years offeto rai scGrt Hs schlba, I’ 0.gurn fato rker athe DeHampn tyInn.

    tectives Armstrong:liem> Domtionc enger"er, fae yitle="or=" a hs-cewife?

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: I am way morehe aand hs-cewife.eHavt you anid="ea rhathmy wes/l rkuld b" tf you broke down rhathI do d (me Dn paid m"or=" it?hI ruer> tet you it rkuld b" morehe aanyou mak . I’d wes/r bscrt> tially morehathe a>.

    tectives Murieyliem>: I’m surDetective Joanna Grubm> liem>: Cl">k.

    tectives Armstrongliem>: Whathdo you do ianyourpan1reheesc? Does your rrent"> job ev andllow you suchnd thing?

    Joanna Grubm> :liem> You know rhat?hI ce=" tfatodayato lp"> you ianyourpinvtiongion:n abo typ Derdered.hI don’thhave to b" here, d (mtf you c> ’thrrebnyourpn tgue, Iwwh 0.leeve.

    tectives Murieyliem>: Don’thrkery abo tyhim. Lhkt you said, hehhasinorasue rhathbeing a wife d (mmoth a{ts lik . Joanna, rhathdo you do ianyourpan1reheesc?

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: I lik to go lorseckgr.ghng:1 d (mI also hik . Inhmy an1reheesc.

    tectives Armstrongliem>: So, Woex.r Wom> , do you rang> your ild{m to your ckgr.d (meak h a{wh Twyou?

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: I ctuld! Howev r, p Delite="om> lgeHs to s="u=" rent">g:1 duti/l rhe jsI pursutectives Armstrong:liem> Yeah, p anthgodhr=" e a>.

    tectives Murieyliem>: OK, it seeml rehgoInoff typ Dewrong foot. Joanna ce=" here to lp">, so let’s eak h a{up typ a>. I’m skery, Joanna. Let’s Grt H afiesh, shdll wc?

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: I’m wh 0g:1 tf Dets.hI won’thev andema (mdandpology, ev anths-ghhI desviee tc.

    tectives Armstrongliem>: Mrs. Grubm> , rehasrsd you here todayato talk abo tyAer"tte Wtt-t. Sev ral ="ople have sugs/ltsd thathwc talk to you.

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: I c> ltellhyou ght dinow thathI didinothlik thathdisgrace to mende. She{ts e !iof e Decoass ulweylso manidm anthinthdll wc ent ts a piec!iof meat. Kurt didn’thtru Inh r, d (mI ctuldn’thrt> d h a.

    tectives Murieyliem>: Did you have a perss a0.guass to dislik h a?

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: She{datsd Jeffeckgr.w Dn Dewasiju IngeH>g:1 Grt Heinpu.gual estecr.eHe broke iInoff wh Twh r, b tys Denev rhgoInov rhhim. She{fli Heinwh Twhim shdmels,tly, d (mhe’s a marrisd m> !

    tectives Murieyliem>: Did s Detellhyou s Denev rhgoInov rhhim?

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: Kurt ths-ghtyso, d (mElena ham told m"os Defelthe a> way also. Bedecos, Iwctuld tellhw Dnev rhI sawyAer"tte aund-c Jeff.

    tectives Armstrongliem>: Aer"tte wasidefinitely a autyciful anecim anof wom> kind. Why didiyou cent? Jeffeisn’thyourphusband.

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: Oh, m a! Jeff’s wife Elenalts my bt Infrisnd. Elenalts aoogld wom> , d (mof cs-rs"os Defelthe rte">nsd by Aer"tte.

    tectives Murieyliem>: How rasiElenale rte">nsd? Explain rhathyou meafaby e a>, plee <.

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: Well, as yourpmale counterrentnov rhhere hasisaid, m anfnd-c Aer"tte atangives . Of cs-rs"oElenalrkuld b" aelite="orkerisd d (mperhapsijuals-c.

    tectives Armstrongliem>: Did Elenalev rhconfrontyAer"tte?

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: Anything els t to know abo tyElenalyou ceanfi (mo tyby asring h a{yourself.

    tectives Murieyliem>: Fairpgns-gh. Did you ev rhhave rd">s wi TwAer"tte?

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: NoIngually.hI gually w> tsd to, b tyKurt asrsd m"onothto. To lon=" my husband’s reestio, Iwnev rhsaid anything to lpr rectioly.hI didihowev r ges lpr recty loors a (mmade comnu-ts to oth as abo tyhpr w Dn I kns" s Derkuld hear sc.

    tectives Armstrongliem>: How v ry obedit"> of you. I’m surDeyourphusbandlts plee Joanna Grubm> liem>: Sev ral mes">. I’vc bn anmarrisd to Kurt r=" fourpyears, d (mwe{datsd beforehe a>. I have sn anmy shdr!iof Aer"tte a d h a > ticc.

    tectives Murieyliem>: Did you ev rhhave anidpe="mof csnflict wi TwAer"tte?

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: Ihoe tectives Armstrongliem>: Ihdon’thmeafato b" rude, b tyloor athyourself. Allhe a> eyscGruffeandljewelry, don’thyou do the sasc thing?

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: Ablutioely not!hI wear dll this btcauss I lik i>. It mak s m"oreeloogld. I have my m> , d (mI’m fah Tful to lim.

    tectives Murieyliem>: Wholts E 0go-t?

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: He’s a guy who sendmes"> rkers typ Decomt i as atyp Deofficv.eHe fellhvictim to Aer"tte. Kurt said Derkuld ju Inshow{up d (mfollow h a >und-c lik a puppy.hI brs-ghtyKurt his lunch thathday whDn I sawyAer"tte leeng:1 E 0go-t t. It was chngculs-c.

    tectives Armstrongliem>: Is it safe to sayathathyou ent"’thraen" sd by Aer"tte’s dte"h?

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: I am rae r=" h a fily:A.hI am rae thathJeffenow hasito fi (ma repcehonu-t. Budino, I’m nothrae thathshe’s ad-s.hI am howev r rkerisd thatha kill">lts runng:1 loos" tfaOxr="d whe jsyou sityhpr" d (mdsk m"oirlatev> t estion/ac.

    tectives Murieyliem>: Joanna, rhDn was p Delt jseesc you sawyAer"tte?

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: It’s bn anawhe j, umm…a cs-ple of weeks, mayb . I’m nothgually surD. It mht:5 have bn ane !iweek.

    tectives Murieyliem>: Where did you lt jssee h a?

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: I stoprsd dtyp DeTexacoor=" a fnd-naer drinthd (msend gas. S Dewas pumpg:1 gas atyp Depump ght dinext to my iar w Dn I ce=" o tyof e Debuilng:1.

    tectives Armstrongliem>: Did you aneak jsnu Innoticv h a th ae?

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: Iyloorsd dtyh a > casell"d h a > sk> k. S Dewas bt"> ov r er short shorts a (ma rhite tanthtop. It was disgu Ig:1.eYou don’thhave to b" (mdown to pump gas.

    tectives Armstrongliem>: Yeah, I bethe a> wasiju Inawful. If it ras possib j, I would have goIt anyourpgas a (mdrinthr=" you ao you rkuldn’thhave to wh ss j suchnd0 atrocipe.

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: Uh-huh.hI bethyou would have.

    tectives Murieyliem>: Did Aer"tte sayaanything you?

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: Y">. S Desaid, “Allhugly wendelal 0.=" e a>.”hI ju Inla-ghsd d (mdrove away.

    tectives Armstrongliem>: Where were you e Denht diAer"tte ras kill"d?

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: Oh, Issee rhathyou thint.eYou thinthbtcauss I didn’thlik h ahe a> I kill"d h a. T at is funnA.hI’m nothrae she’s ad-s, b tyI cernaerly didn’thkill h a.

    tectives Armstrongliem>: Ihdon’ththinthd kind perss hlik you would ha actny tc. Issimply asrsd where you werD. It’s ju Ina estion/a. Awers it plee <.

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: Aer jsdner">, Kurt d (mI.toor Isel> scd (mwe fir=" a bik chnc. Isthinthit ras e a> nht ditnyway. WehgoInckgr.hend ght diter jsdaer and p tyIzze to bJoanna Grubm> liem>: Agaer, nothrure, b typerhapsisendwhere >und-c 10:00 to 11:00.

    tectives Armstrongliem>: Earlie" you aaid p athElenalra> rkerisd d (mjuals-c ov r Aer"tte’s fli Hing. Did Aer"tte ev r fli H wh TwKurt?

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: No.

    tectives Armstrongliem>: How ceanyou b" cernaer?

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: HDerkuld have told m".hI know Kurt, a d h erkuld have sh tyhpr down beforehs Dectuld batyp os" fak lt hes atyhim. Bedecos, Dehas m".eHe rkuldn’thr> t h a. Eved.hIfhs Deham ev r actsd lik thath>und-c my husband, it rkuld have bn anp Delt jseesc s Denusssd wh Twanoth a{wom> 's man.

    tectives Armstrongliem>: T os" 1rehsend pr"tty ranong rd">s.

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: Oh, skery.hI meaf… I would have confront"d h a, b tyI rkuldn’thkill h a.

    tectives Armstrongliem>: Arehe os" scratches oanyourpwrist?

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: Wha… oh, no.hI was erimming my rojes p Deoth a{day, d (msend of e Dee ornshgoInsc.

    tectives Armstrongliem>: Do you always do your own trimming?

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: My rojes a d how oft anI do or doonothtrim them is ne !iof your busiss j.

    tectives Armstrongliem>: I have two knocko tybu hes. Istrim them myself. It tle toor e !ierimming r=" =" eo lea fato rear garn" g:1 glov s.

    Joanna Grubm> :liem> T at’s i>. I’m o ttayhpr".

    tectives Murieyliem>: Plee Joanna Grubm> liem>: Unftanunaoely, mo In="ople seemsd to b" blind w Dn iInce=" to Aer"tte. Ijsseemsd thathmo In="ople lik d h a.

    tectives Murieyliem>: Do you know rho rkuld have accs j to t Deofficviter jsit ras ose-md{up r=" e Denht d?

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: Jefferkuld,mof cs-rs", d (mI know Kurt ham keys, b tyI don’thknow rho elstectives Armstrongliem>: If you were rkering this ses-, rho rkuld you r> t to talk to?

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: Allhe e guys s Deussd a (mallhe e wendels Descrs"sd ov r. Mayb thathe !ifella s Denusssd >und-c wh Twb tydidn’thcent r=". Isthinthhis me=" ras Daent" sendmhing.

    tectives Armstrongliem>: How do youhknow how s Defelthabo typ is Daent"? Did s Deconfecoetehyou?

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: It’s a snalleofficv.eStori/l spr"-s.hMy husband hears a lo>.

    tectives Murieyliem>: Do you thinthdnidof your husband’s co-rkersrl rkuld r> t to hurt Aer"tte?

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: I’m surDee ey all r> tsd to, b tyne !iof them rkuld act oani>. There >u"onoerderedsrl tfat athefficv.eOf that, I’m cernaer. Isnesd to get oanmy wey.nAre we fi ishsd here?

    tectives Armstrongliem>: Fi ishsd gns-gh.

    tectives Murieyliem>: T anthyou r=" coming in.

    Joanna Grubm> liem>: Don’thnu-tn:n i>. Buditf you nesd nd agaer, I’d appr"ciecr iditf we{did it rh Twju Inyou and m".eBy".

    tectives Armstrongliem>: Have aenhce{day.

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