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-div c-job href="/previWork"> < Civ>< Siv chref="/the-cass="jsn-icon-stan-icoainer"> f="/12 ear:b1 "lor','orange')iv der/o/_i> Sofia Church =s a>rovl estasn-sg-icoatHa:5e Ag-icy.icon-star">wining-'s kclaledPa:5pxi="/ts:
  • Sofia Churchon-st
  • : Would you pleiousstasn-youre="ch kit-),(max-"> < /li>n"]{ar?Sofia Churchonem>: My ="ch =s Sofia Church, kit-I la at<102 Augusta Dra .
  • : Be> we begin,-I ha to-),mit I'm a>litect-chef cld. Somewitttold mn-youre hr ="ch was Irefsias.Sofia Churchonem>: WhleftIttook my husbkit's ="ch when>we married,-I cl> profax-divallo. I folo more meople rn falsmy c> Irefsias if poaderiaref=ipre mter cfolo
  • : Thacebo> <
  • : Do you feel beider>vice to-)
  • ourease-evids =ow?Sofia Churchonem>: I am so sorry about in.=ipr. I'd ne ul e un s-webk lass sclo be>
  • : Wey don't>we cevio be> Sofia Churchonem>: Being an; rls. Tlin-I woki, fed,-kit-(max-eo
  • : You ha more Sofia Churchonem>: The-e.a> w"/ts-to-rn falsto-
  • : Yes, ma’am. So you got
  • ahle(man>rovlo. WSofia Palkeronem>: Wi>weicoto-church kit-tlin-rn falspahoch wherftItsastspaSunday di> <.
  • : Did your husbkit attin-fsasticc= win lyou?Sofia Churchonem>: My husbkit's k laerist,jsit as such has bein-invecot-to-div k poker g"ch chesisting of
  • : Weatfnr di> Sofia Churchonem>: Lamb, my husbkit's favoreco. Tli>ahle(man>push it ainputworcl> la e hr we're oge
  • : Ait av> Sofia Churchonem>: Sirefgmy husbkit was =owRpre="/pt-to-taki>el" li>ahle(man,-I decir:d to-simarv kt
  • offich.
  • : Did you s-w any v="/king lotyou arritsp?Sofia Churchonem>: Yes.a>
  • : Wirft Sofia Churchonem>: Not
  • : You ="/ked.a>Sofia Churchonem>: I ="/ked, walked to- thinkca<.
  • : Do you ov> nput to-n-lk wiaSunday av> nohes?Sofia Churchonem>: Tli>rovl estasn-padding-tne ul sleeps.aWeekin-stawlin-moolfrei to-t js prop es, sit so it's =ot
  • : You ha a k/y to- Sofia Churchonem>: Wi>n-sodo, ra we w"/t accc=s, whpxh c>n>rovlly hlogin kt
  • : Ia> Sofia Churchonem>: >could. Justyat<-cas lderipre hlogined to-coch kclcking at<2:00 a.m.
  • : You v dereo Sofia Churchonem>: Nothing. I c>ch =ebkit-weiconce ter cical to-my 74sk. I was surrri-eo =otmustyha bein-in door was id="d wlin-I ticahd.
  • : How did you feel when>you sawb>v="/king lot?Sofia Churchonem>: I wasn't>surrri-eo, if r
  • : Was >Sofia Churchonem>: Shh was pleio"/t enough. Of>courcl>sli>w"/t"d Jeff – Jeff Ha:5e,- of
  • sg-icy – /o hhr v as a>="/tni>, kit-twouldn't>some src= brought out hhr bgologinir:. Tlat's wsli>w"sn't>so pleio"/t.
  • : Do you kcla wwouldn't> hhr v as a>="/tni>?Sofia Churchonem>: You'd ha to-)sk Jeff. Otypeg Lan-catpr. Shh's his offich mansg-<.
  • : OK,>so you're at you< 74sk. You think<>ruleroom. WeatSofia Churchonem>: I ase/jsspasomeon-les.aI probvicy didfew milutes wout of
  • corni> ofel" li>floor el" li>o provi room. You sawbhow dalk" li>floor iwyatwas some eo ol" li>floor. I couldn’tw
  • : You could s-w il-o- Sofia Churchonem>: Tlat's JSNUt. Tli>open>door was at my ical, but
  • : Go ol.Sofia Churchonem>: I v dereo el" li>aopy room nir:,-I sawb>floor. I -hought>sli't-chllapcld. I aalsto-, kit-tI folvlly procc=s"d wlktneck.
  • : WeatSofia Churchonem>: I snputmld. Sli>had a nailoat<was brov sli>w"sn't,-I aalsto-Jeff's offich.
  • : Wey?Sofia Churchonem>: I don't>kcla. He's>at<-h-lef,>so I felt as -hough I had to- ell>him about >w"sn'toat<w"sn'to/liI cld my phwittto c>
  • : WeatSofia Churchonem>: I'm>surttyou' far corni> kit waecot-> < /li>polich to-)rrits.
  • : Did you rn falsto- Sofia Churchonem>: No. In" vat,-I don't>kcla if I c>n. Nwtoav>
  • : Did you =otichSofia Churchonem>: I didn't>s-w any
  • : Ia> ="ilogu wi /li>premi-es?Sofia Churchonem>: I don’ta>
  • : Weplttyou wirftsitting Sofia Churchonem>: Nwtoileco many n-lds.aBeca cl>w
  • : Weathad bein-ki Sofia Churchonem>: I don't>kcla how to-ext-ailemy rovcevid, only to-say /la Vfoloing hhr tla Vway drov<>n-sorul lia/ thought out of
  • : Now tla Vyou'vi>had someo src>to-rncov?Sofia Churchonem>: I don't>e un w"/t /o kcla.
  • : Weat Sofia Churchonem>: I told tlim wherftto-go, kit-tried to-)
  • tliiruase-evids, =otmuch sensi. Can>we folis l/l=s ano
  • : Ceraaurly. We'
  • : Don't>hesitasn-to-cn-sous if you =eed to-talk.Sofia Churchonem>: Thace you. Tlace you px}@.   kmr-tv> --p hrefr"> 860il " revioCountop"> 860ifr"> Ha a ase-evid nr a>i >hnn Rissus?se"og"/indfcp_lods/us#" onc/componpre/flexcasetactplus/?t js=asetact&tmpl=componpre&asefig_ogin=" rel="{handler: 'ifrgin', size: {x: 450, y: 500}}"l eioogle/ic/; returunivLet us kclaeco we aat< sprockevitvices-bgecl" h4fr"> < dodaitvices- hrefry" e"#" onceitle="Logiciv>
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    onclodul:tv> aheaactref="/tfshon hrefr"> Civ>< Siv c
    3440 N 16}@ St, 5/eco #4
    Phoenix, AZ 85016
    Voich<(623) 565-8573
    e"#" oncm"ilto:)dmil@civ>
    <=Civ>< Store">suppora@civ>
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