The detectives interviewed Donna Sowa about Elliott Owens' allegations

Monday, October 15, 2012 – 1:00 p.m.

Donna Sowa works at Pearce Brokers, another real estate company in Oxford.

Detectives Murphy f="x&cPath0,height=="x&c0i5dhs.owa abothe DeYoknapa-twpha CountShaweriff’s Derentnubt. e deterview #2was conner1dith Poe Deth ss j’s knowledge="x&cns">ubt.p>

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    Detectives Path0,liem>: e as a.r Crmpag wi as gner, Missowa w. Howrtie ut= feelg witoy, ?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: Feelg w? I feel neca.p>

    Detectives Path0,liem>: Good. W f=don’t ut= has a seoth"x&ctl Caus ut=rame="h"x&cdress,t.r Cre Deconner?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: I’m sorry. OK.uryame="h litna SoLynnowa w. Iinks at 332 Phiiotp Road,xford.< Mississippi.p>

    Detectives Path0,liem>: e as ut=.ow! , wDety t1di a fs ut= fri #2reol estion/asbout ElAer"t coWttca.p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: I didn’t kiio wer.p>

    Detectives Path0,liem>: e at’s goodi a ader. Howrhas ing s bn andPearce Brokers, sie Tewtapelk1di a ut= lt jsmes"?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: ne C. Good.p>

    Detectives Path0,liem>: e at’s gal t. Yt= know, ju jsbetwn anu anI ing the Dy’ol hasg wiainkte=" bit ofiaihd Fames"bothe DeHtice Agce y sie TeAer"t cowas kiioed.ow!jsbiness j-wise,sbit emoon/alery. Losg wir resma bn anhd Fa typma..p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: e at’s trighe=y. Iifeel so bad.r Cre D..p>

    Detectives rphy fliem>: Has a inofiut= fPearce Brbn anhdsg wia intup e=y? It c clbl ha Fawhesourmee !iut= know di Musuen" l Ocevesoifiut= went"’t very ose-mi a e D..p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: Everydy">’s neca.p>

    Detectives rphy fliem>: Noa te’s bn anth}#ed/m fPeler?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: I=don’t know w atiut= wy te a say. Yes? No?p>

    Detectives Path0,liem>: We’ol thentuyg witontuk="iut=,itna S. We ju jswy teut= tontl Caus e Detruth. e at’s ler.p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: OK.p>

    Detectives Path0,liem>: Soesma a ie !ibn andcng widiffent"t scrie TeAer"t cowas kiioed?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: It sescoinkke Rita’s bn an asr reficer-ith Poe Dedo Crmse-md2reol,sbit I=don’t know ifit at’s al elintuuy. Maybl I’m ju jsthelei wi t2reol. Iidon’t know. Yt=’ol thengog witontl Car reI ioldeut= t at,rtie ut=?p>

    Detectives Path0,liem>: W atida ut= ing thshe’s dog wi twi#ed/ith Poe Dedo Crmse-md?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: Iidon’t know.p>

    Detectives rphy fliem>: Durg wit=raieloiontions", wD’s aderd fri #2ing sanotd wD’dinkke a fs ut= ifiut=’s aderd fnying crimiler. It’s OKoifiut= did Crdidn’t. We ju jswy te a know w ich. OK?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: OK.p>

    Detectives rphy fliem>: We’v!ibn anioldet atlAer"t coWttcaowas gisg wiurmee !idPearce Brokers, ns"fenceti inpurm> ions"bout ElHtice ickcets so arce Brcouldegethe e-miickcets awayrieomhe DeHtice Agce y.itn ut= ing tht at’s posble;t?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: I gus,t.icolouldebl. Iidon’t know.p>

    Detectives rphy fliem>: IfeAer"t cowas gisg wipurm> ions"b a srmee !idPearce B, whoida ut= ing thsheorkuld’v!ibn angisg wipte a?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: I don’t know.p>

    Detectives Path0,liem>: B Elwhoida ut= ing thicolould’v!ibn a? We won’t tl Caa ie !iwhoiut= said. It’ Caju jsbesbetwn anu .p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: I gus,t.icorkuldsbesRita,oifiicorma a ie !. B Elplse;b don’t tl Car reI saidht at!p>

    Detectives Path0,liem>: We won’t. W f=do ut= ing thicorkuldsbesRita?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: Itaju jsmak Muss' !. Nat an c c’t keep a sectur, so ifihl had srmecriddete inth PoAer"t c, wDetould’v!iaderd fut Elit. Atd w atlrkuldsbese Depot arofitl Cg wiTa Dusrmeing cnkke at?p>

    Detectives rphy fliem>: W atlfut Elut=?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: My? Ilrkuldsner a{da e t. I barelinevesokn #2Aer"t c. Itormac’t ma.p>

    Detectives Path0,liem>: Soenow t atlut= ing thfut Elit, did ut= er a{sesia insigns e atlRita mht">’v!ibn ang"t g wipuriddepurm> ions"bieomhsrmee !?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: Iidon’t know. Rita’s so smtic. HowrrkuldsIsbesle=yitontl C?p>

    Detectives rphy fliem>: Wesllsa aderdet atlAer"t corma planng witonlsevDeHtice "x&cnsmDetorknth Pout= dPearce B.itid ut= er a{getha sen-mi atlmht">lbl haend g w?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: No. W f=rkuldssheoda e t?p>

    Detectives rphy fliem>: Iidon’t know. W atida ut= ing t?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: Irhas no ite . I’m thenal elinielolv1dith Postuffcnkke at.p>

    Detectives Path0,liem>: Stuffcnkke w at?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: e desiness jsstuff. I ju jsda salesantorknth Poickcets. Iidon’t know fnying cfut Ela inofi atlher restuff.p>

    Detectives rphy fliem>: How do ut= ing thNat an "x&cTa Dutould’v!ial ct1di a Aer"t compag wi a torkndPearce B?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: Iidon’t know. e df=rkuld’v!ibn annecaanI gus,t. I’m thenal elinmpaftante=yitelkg cfut Ad/itesllmo jsda !?p>

    Detectives Path0,liem>: W at’s makg cut= unmpaftante=y?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: Iidon’t nkke elkg cfut Elminmp-torks, "x&cminbo,t. Itifeels wrong, nkke I’m betrayg witheirntuu js Crsrmeing .p>

    Detectives rphy fliem>: tn ut= ing the !iofi emesma da !usrmeing cwrong?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: No.p>

    Detectives Path0,liem>: e anI’m surese D>’ Caunds, t"x&.p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: I don’t know.p>

    Detectives rphy fliem>: So,itna S,s anI said,se D-mitie ju jsing s wD’s aderd durg wie Deieloiontions".itn ut= beckcvese Delegations"/itie tuuy? tn ut= ing thAer"t cowas gisg wipurm> ions"b a srmee !idPearce B?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: Iidon’t know. It’s posble;t,sbit I=don’t know atlr Crsure.p>

    Detectives rphy fliem>: tn ut= ing thsheoras gog witonart" torkg cfPearce B?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: Iidon’t know. T atidaeac’t sound ght">.haweoras th PoHtice r Crar-ssanotd sheoras dog wial elinll Cai#ed/. W f=rkuldssheolsevD?p>

    Detectives Path0,liem>: W f=do ut= ing t?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: Iidon’t know. Itidaeac’t mak sen-mi o ma.p>

    Detectives rphy fliem>: e delt jsmes"ewtapelk1d, ut= ioldeus e atlRita srmeiesceesma a bad.mproer.p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: Iidid?p>

    Detectives rphy fliem>: Yet. Is e atltuuy?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: Wl C, uet. B Elon scrrmeiesce.p>

    Detectives rphy fliem>: Lkke w a?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: Lkke w aewtamak a mhartke atnmpsts me !ys Crifirrmedy">’s te=j a fn en(t usewis Crr Cgets a gethpt" ofi ehptoertorknsigned Cring s nkke at.p>

    Detectives rphy fliem>: SorifiAer"t coWttcaohad saidhsheoras mpag wi a torkndPearce Bnotd t aeange-pdar reag d, do ut= ing thRita rkuldsbesge-rycfut Elisat?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: Probte=y.p>

    Detectives rphy fliem>: W atirkuldssheoda?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: Yeer.p>

    Detectives rphy fliem>: Anying celsy?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: Lkke w at?p>

    Detectives rphy fliem>: Throw g s? Thrte">"b a suy? Tl CaJeffcHtice "ut Elit?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: Maybl. Itidend ieesow mad sheoras.p>

    Detectives rphy fliem>: tn ut= ing thicolould’v!imad adr mad enoughi a ty te a kiio Aer"t c?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: W at? No! Noaway. Rita rkuldsbesmad,xbit sheorkuldc’t ctu elinhurEla ie !. Noaway.p>

    Detectives Path0,liem>: It’s bn andinkte=" whi scGie TeAer"t cowas kiioed.earle-3apelk. Has ut= aderd fnydy"> elkg cfut Elwhoimht">’v!ikiioed adr?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: No.p>

    Detectives Path0,liem>: Yt= dnd ut=rnboyiend" rhas c’t pelk1di"ut Elit? Ju jskg d ofiaa a gus,tg cgas"?p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: No.p>

    Detectives Path0,liem>: OK,itna S. T as a.r Crut= iesc.ealse;b lethus knowoifiut= da ader fnying .p>

    Detna Sowa wliem>: OK.uI c clgoenow?p>

    Detectives Path0,liem>: Yesanut= c clgo.p>

    Dlass="videosmaller">Moterviews d iee- 1:22.m.

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