Thursday, October 4, 2012 - 2:00 p.m.

Kye Parker is a personal trainer at the Oxford Health Club. Detectives Murphy and Parker interviewed him at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department about his relationship with Annette Wyatt. The interview was recorded with the witness's knowledge and consent.


  • Detective S. Murphy

  • Detective E. Parker

  • Kyle Parker

Kyle Parker: Sam, I was hoping to see you again, but not like this.

Detective Murphy: Thanks for coming in, Kyle. We want to talk to you about one of your clients.

Kyle Parker: You don’t need an excuse to see me, you know.

Detective Murphy: You know how this works. Would you please state your name and address for the record?

Kyle Parker: I’m Kyle Parker, and I live at 180 Courthouse Square. We could’ve done this there. Don’t you want to see my place?

Detective Murphy: Kyle, I wonder if you’d do me a favor.

Kyle Parker: Anything for you.

Detective Murphy: Could you just dial it back a little bit so this doesn’t take the whole afternoon?

Kyle Parker: I understand. You don’t want your young colleague here to get jealous, but I don’t think there’s anything I can do to stop that. I have to say. She is much better looking than that guy you had in here with you the last time. Where’d he go?

Detective Murphy: Detective Armstrong is right behind the window. I’m sure he’d be happy to come in here and take over for Detective Parker, since you miss him that much.

Kyle Parker: I wouldn’t want to be deprived of the lovely Detective Parker’s company.

Detective Parker: I appreciate that.

Kyle Parker: Parker? You’re a Parker? I’m a Parker. It’s like fate wants us to get together.

Detective Parker: So I understand you are still working at the Oxford Health Club.

Kyle Parker: I am.

Detective Parker: And Annette Wyatt was a client of yours?

Kyle Parker: She was. It’s a damn shame what happened to her. What a waste.

Detective Murphy: You know, Kyle, a lot of people don’t know even one person who’s been murdered, and yet here you are, knowing two murder victims in one year.

Kyle Parker: I know. It’s crazy. When they make the movie of my life, no one is going to believe this part.

Detective Parker: Someone is going to be making a movie of your life?

Kyle Parker: They should. Sex, adventure, intrigue, sex. It would be a blockbuster for sure.

Detective Murphy: Kyle, did you have the same kind of relationship with Annette Wyatt that you did with Ashley Fontaine?

Kyle Parker: You mean was I her trainer?

Detective Murphy: You know what I mean. Did you have a relationship with Annette Wyatt outside the club?

Kyle Parker: You mean not counting what we did at the health club?

Detective Murphy: Knock it off, Kyle. You know exactly what I mean. Did you have sex with Annette Wyatt?

Kyle Parker: Of course I was. Have you not seen her?

Detective Parker: What about her boyfriend?

Kyle Parker: Who?

Detective Parker: Annette had a boyfriend she’d been seeing for several years. Our understanding is that he wanted to marry her.

Kyle Parker: You’re not talking about Darryl, are you?

Detective Parker: Darren.

Kyle Parker: Right, Darren. He was not her boyfriend. I mean, she went out with him, but there was no way she was marrying that guy.

Detective Parker: Was she going to marry you?

Kyle Parker: Not in this lifetime. Our relationship wasn’t about that.

Detective Parker: What was it about?

Kyle Parker: What’s your first name? Detective Parker just seems so … impersonal.

Detective Murphy: Kyle, what was your relationship with Annette about?

Kyle Parker: Don’t get jealous, Sam. I haven’t forgotten you.

Detective Murphy: So why are you avoiding the question?

Kyle Parker: I’m not avoiding. I’m just trying to have a little fun. Come to think of it, that’s what my relationship with Annette was about: just having a little fun.

Detective Murphy: Meaning?

Kyle Parker: Meaning sex when we were in the mood for it, someone to hang out with if we felt like it, no strings, no commitments, no jealousy. It was the perfect relationship.

Detective Murphy: And did Darren know about this perfect relationship between you and Annette?

Kyle Parker: I don’t know. It wasn’t like we rubbed it in his face or anything, but she didn’t care about hiding it. There was none of that sneaking around like with Ashley. If we felt like going for a drink or for dinner, we went. Annette was never worried about where we went or who we saw.

Detective Parker: Did Annette ever talk to you about her job or her personal life?

Kyle Parker: Sometimes.

Detective Parker: And?

Kyle Parker: It was sad really. She was frustrated and unhappy for a few months. Even if she hadn’t said anything, I could tell the way she worked out, like she was getting her frustrations out, you know?

Detective Murphy: But she did tell you something.

Kyle Parker: She thought her career was coming to a dead end. Her boss kept giving her more responsibility, but he wouldn’t give her a promotion. She loved that job, but she wanted more.

Detective Parker: What was she going to do?

Kyle Parker: I don’t know. I don’t think she knew what she wanted to do. That’s why she was so frustrated and unhappy. But I did everything I could to help her out with that.

Detective Murphy: When was the last time that you saw Annette?

Kyle Parker: The Saturday before she died.

Detective Murphy: The 15th?

Kyle Parker: If you say so. The news had her murder on TV the next day.

Detective Murphy: And what time were you and she together that Saturday?

Kyle Parker: In the afternoon, maybe 3:00?

Detective Murphy: How long were you with her?

Kyle Parker: Two or three hours?

Detective Murphy: Where?

Kyle Parker: My place.

Detective Parker: What was her mood, her state of mind?

Kyle Parker: Are you serious? She was satisfied. We had just–

Detective Murphy: Oh, all right. We know what you mean. Spare us the details. Other than that, what was her mood that day?

Kyle Parker: She was a bit distracted. Not during, of course, because I–

Detective Parker: You were saying Annette was distracted?

Kyle Parker: Yeah, like she had something on her mind. I asked her if she wanted to talk about it – because I’m a sensitive guy. I know that women like to talk about their problems. – but she said she’d tell me later.

Detective Parker: Did she say where she was going when she left?

Kyle Parker: The office.

Detective Parker: Did she say why?

Kyle Parker: I didn’t ask. She liked to work all the time. I would’ve been surprised if she wasn’t going there.

Detective Parker: Did you talk to her after that?

Kyle Parker: No.

Detective Parker: And what did you do after she left?

Kyle Parker: I went to the health club for a few hours, and then I went to go take care of a client, a poor football widow.

Detective Murphy: Meaning a rich lady whose husband was at the football game?

Kyle Parker: Something like that.

Detective Parker: And after you took care of her?

Kyle Parker: I went home.

Detective Parker: Alone?

Kyle Parker: I had to get my beauty rest.

Detective Parker: And Sunday morning?

Kyle Parker: I had a few clients at the health club.

Detective Murphy: Were you and Annette working on anything together?

Kyle Parker: What do you mean?

Detective Murphy: Well, Kyle, we all know that you’re very … enterprising. Annette was a successful businesswoman. Were the two of you working on something that would benefit both of you financially?

Kyle Parker: Our relationship was only about having fun. She already had money, and I … have other sources.

Detective Murphy: Do you now?

Kyle Parker: I make a good living as a trainer.

Detective Murphy: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Detective Parker: Did Annette ever tell you she was worried about or afraid of someone?

Kyle Parker: Annette wasn’t afraid of anything.

Detective Parker: Did she have any enemies then?

Kyle Parker: I’m sure she did. Women were jealous of her beauty. Men were jealous of her success. I have the same problem.

Detective Parker: Anyone specific that would be jealous of Annette?

Kyle Parker: Not that she told me.

Detective Murphy: Do you know who her friends were?

Kyle Parker: Other than me?

Detective Murphy: Yes, other than you.

Kyle Parker: She talked about Naomi sometimes, and recently she’d been talking about someone named Rita a few times.

Detective Parker: She said Rita was a friend?

Kyle Parker: No, she just mentioned her name. Actually, the way she talked about Rita, I don’t know if she liked her or not.

Detective Parker: What did she say about Rita?

Kyle Parker: I don’t know. It was just a feeling I got.

Detective Murphy: Did Annette ever talk to you about the other people she worked with, other than the boss that didn’t promote her?

Kyle Parker: She knew that most of those people didn’t like her. It’s not easy working with people who resent you, but what can you do?

Detective Parker: Did she mention any of them by name?

Kyle Parker: She didn’t like talking about those people. It didn’t fit in with our “have a little fun” philosophy.

Detective Parker: She must’ve said something.

Kyle Parker: She liked the new lady. That hippie chick and the guy got on her nerves, but she didn’t let it bother her too much. You know, sometimes she would say these things just to annoy them.

Detective Parker: It sounds like you and Annette were pretty close if she told you things like that.

Kyle Parker: I like a good payback story as much as the next guy.

Detective Murphy: When you found out Annette had been murdered, Kyle, why didn’t you come tell us what you knew?

Kyle Parker: If I knew that you wanted to talk to me, I would have.

Detective Murphy: So you don’t care who killed her?

Kyle Parker: I don’t know who killed her. If I did, I’d tell you. But since I don’t know anything, I didn’t want to waste your valuable time when you’re trying so hard to find her killer.

Detective Murphy: Aw, you were just thinking of us.

Kyle Parker: Always.

Detective Murphy: OK, Kyle. I think I’ve had enough fun for one day. We’ll be in touch if there’s any more questions. You can go.

Kyle Parker: You ladies have a good day now. You know where to find me, if you want me.

Interview ends - 2:24 p.m.


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