Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy. Det. E. Parker
Incident No.: 003069-16I-2012
Case Description: Annette Wyatt Homicide Investigation

The following items were taken into evidence from the workroom and Annette Wyatt's cubicle at the Harte Agency at 1923 University Avenue.

Note: Numerous fingerprints were collected at the scene and are still being cataloged.

Recovered from the workroom:

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003069-01: One (1) Hitachi NR 90GR cordless framing nailer

  • 003069-01: One (1) Hitachi NR 90GR cordless framing nailer

Recovered from Annette Wyatt's cubicle:

  • 003069-02: One (1) desktop computer
  • 003069-03: One (1) women's handbag, tan
    Contents of handbag:
    • 003069-03-001: One (1) women's wallet, red
    • 003069-03-002: One (1) cellular telephone
    • 003069-03-003: One (1) business card case, red
    • 003069-03-004: One (1) lipstick
    • 003069-03-005: One (1) hairbrush
    • 003069-03-006 through 003069-03-008: Three (3) latex condoms
  • 003069-04: One (1) cigarette hard pack
    Contents of cigarette box:
    • 003069-04-001 through 003069-04-011: Eleven (11) cigarettes
    • 003069-04-012 through 003069-04-015: Four (4) $20 bills
  • 003069-05: One (1) plain #10 envelope, white
    Contents of envelope:
    • 003069-05-001 through 003069-05-003: Three (3) $100 bills
    • 003069-05-004 through 003069-05-010: Seven (7) $20 bills


People in this conversation

  • The cash in the envelope is interesting. Accepting a bribe from someone? Buying information? As a smoker, I've carried money in a cigarette pack, but not when I also am carrying a wallet too. If it was her money from the bank, wouldn't it be in a bank envelope?

  • Not many people carry that much cash on them, could've been a bribe, or it could be some form of prostitution. Three condoms plus four hundred and twenty dollars does paint a strange picture.

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