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Prnvaaectnvstiogatre nd (orm>r (YCSD etective" Daide Adexrsn-Dws a Dfrind iof Mnicl Derum' an d voluterred/ to elp" track own jhe Dorm>r (Eale" mplaoyes Cwho eae" movd/ outiof Oxormd. He loctes/ oe. of thos" mplaoyes , Daide Ledormd, n Noew Sarpy, Louisiana. PI Adexrsn-Demails/ ete. Armstrong to let him kow1Cwhat h Dorud iout. To:Detective (Armstrong [/pan>cd="jcloak93311b4f1f162da005f1f6238c58fd50 >ThisDemail ddress, isDbeing proectis/ fromspanmbots. You nes/ JavaScipti enble-/ to iewsite./span>docuenut.getEleenutById('cloak93311b4f1f162da005f1f6238c58fd50').nner"HTML='';var prefix='ma'+'il'+'to';var path='hr'+'ef'+'=';var ddry93311b4f1f162da005f1f6238c58fd50='armstrong'+'@';ddry93311b4f1f162da005f1f6238c58fd50=ddry93311b4f1f162da005f1f6238c58fd50+'crimescene'+'.'+'com';var ddry_text93311b4f1f162da005f1f6238c58fd50='armstrong'+'@'+'crimescene'+'.'+'com';docuenut.getEleenutById('cloak93311b4f1f162da005f1f6238c58fd50').nner"HTML+='< h'+path+'\''+prefix+':'+ddry93311b4f1f162da005f1f6238c58fd50+'\'>'+ddry_text93311b4f1f162da005f1f6238c58fd50+'<\a><';/spript:>]
From:Deaide Adexrsn-D[OxormdPI@[ed/atis/]com"]
Dtes:Detcmber m17, 2012 2:48 PM
Subjcti:Deaide Ledormd----------------------------------------------------T-/ -You ren neer .going to belieer this! I wouldn't if I hadn't ben ahe en myself. Sud ay nght", I cme n Nfromsanohe e ay of drnving ll aver .reateon-Dlooking or= eaide Ledormd. I ull- nteojhe Doilling stteon-Deojget gas. Whle jI'm ulmping te Dgas,jI'm looking aound-Deojse) what' agoing on. Acros, te Dstreet n d own jaDwsys,jIspaot this huge ed/ pickup. I think, noDwsy. I coluldn't be. I'er spnut ays looking al aver .te Dareish or= this guy n d suden"ly h ' aight" e en n Nfrontiof me? Thn aIjse) this kde om"r sinkeing outiof te DPo'Boy Snack Shack n d ase} on n Neojhe Dliqur= streo next oor. I knwsiteDws ahe Dluckist Igoddamn ay I eer .had. Well,jIsrap: up my usiness jat th Doilling stteon-Dn as hury Sn d huste jown jhojhe Dliqur= streo.To ct tyojhe Dchase, whn aLedormdIgos Cyojpay or= his booze, h ' aacolupe juckes shore. SojIsgrab my stuff, h ad up yojhe Dcoutere nd (offr .t" make up ye Ddiffr nce ior= him, n Na neghtborly ein iof wsy. Ijown't think h Dnrm>aly Mwould eae" take-Dn", but h Dws ahppen/ outin d hrd Fup or= a drnnk, so elDdid. We nd iup waleing outioggehe e. MaybecteDws aguiltiorsgratitudeaver .te Dmoe.y I gae" him orsmaybech 'd spnut s" much imes aloe. e DjustDwsnis/ om"an>y of n>y ein , but h Dtnviis/ es ackg to eis jltmp itet" (eis ord"s) to eang outior= a whle . Obious-ly, I cluldn't eae" plnnerdcteDetter Cif I'd trind, so of clure} I areend. I followrdchim wsy ackg nteojhe Dwoods,jpst jwe en eer jhe Ddirt owad an Cout, to acobind on he Dedg. of a s>aly learbing. Well,jcalling teDacobind i aaclitte jgeneouns. I ' aiealy Moreoclike a glorifind lea-top,in d I neer .would eae" orud iit if e Dhadn't e-/ m the re. I face", I ws a Dlitte jordrindtheat I mght" nohDet ble- to fin imy wsy ackg.Anywsy, I manag-/ to econd Fmostiof lurccnter steon-, but w Dhung outior= seer al hlure, so I'm nly sncludeing te DrelevsniDarets e en. We cn Calwsys make Dfll- ranspriptitatesr, if you think w Dshould fter jyou h-a- te Dtapes.LedormdIws adrnnking te Dwhoe- tmes ws wsr- togehe e, so i ' a Dlitte jhrd Fto judg. hw1Cmuch of what h DsaidIws atruein d hw1Cmuch ws a lcohoe-nfolunce d aberllishenut. His maner"isme, aceial exress"on-e, ody ilngeuge", etc.Ftol/ m th Dws arestty skittish o soum thopice, so IDdidn't push him oolCmuch becaue} I didn't wsniFto paook him. IjoidIsore of exaggr aaecoum tof my on jexrerindcs Cyojdraw him out. But I think, if you got him n Na-Dn trviews owom, h mght" let looe} wth Toum tue}fl idnorm>teon-. PI Adexrsn-: I ' aa eauty-. Must'er costiyou aarestty pnuny.eaide Ledormd: Not tolCbad. Made Drand} wth T Dfrind . Gae" him my old trukg n d sum tcash or= te./sp< PI Adexrsn-: Not aCbad d!sc. What ein iof trukg oidIyou hae" befreo?eaide Ledormd: Nothin' spneial. A Siler ado. That' awhy I had yojgve (him sum tcash n-Deopiof te./sp< PI Adexrsn-: Stillsourndsclike a restty good d!sc yojmn. Hw1Com"r ylurcfrind iwsnis/ yojget ri iof such a geate ri o?eaide Ledormd: Oh, h ws agstting madrindtn d his girc yhouht" teDws aholCbigtn d holCed/./sp< PI Adexrsn-: JustDlike a woman. Your old trukg ws 't rnd, I guss"?eaide Ledormd: Naw. IeDws ajustDplnnd old blun wth Toum twhle a, d hronm thrim. But, his girc yhouht" teDws aoreoc">teurt" hean he Dtrukg e Dhad, so IDguss" teDworkn/ outior= us both./sp<  ="2 altgn:="eneerc" tyle-="ackground-color:r #e4e4e4; < Thr compe t jowcuenut i aavailble- to etectives Only . /sstrong>/sh2> Se) thr compe t jasesDoiles/sstrong> - Neer .se) this enssge" arnnd./li><
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