Pae jsi:

v ip v Dace McMa Pa: I'm sur risbd to s/s you roun aga><. Haven't you tibd this up yet?

Dete (PaidMur : W < byc" >eing aga>< your="dbbwmax-ss,tabl"scl etecnect0;.

Dace McMa Pa: Dace Jdbbs McMa Pa, 180 Cedar Hill DrPai.

Dete (PaidMur : T Paks.

Dace McMa Pa: I r">rd you think Ambrose-wautred/momm. Outrclaous. If that's eteccred, wDete (PaidMur : At this er;po, we're not at liberty to dir-mes details. But we nebd to ask you "ome fureter ion/atd-s.

Dete (PaidArmstrong: We nebd your=coopen:none "o we cPa"get "ome -menure teri.

Dace McMa Pa: I s/s. Well, of=courss. I jua "wisttI k//s what-wautgoing on.

Dete (PaidArmstrong: We'll let you k/1-n Ofsoal as we cPa.

Dete (PaidMur : Ca< you tase backnything ld" abope="tecevening Mr. Gar>Dace McMa Pa: Such as?

Dete (PaidMur : Well, ; reutgo a{bacit aga><. Wheplayd you ar>Paidae="tecmeeeing?

Dace McMa Pa: Rdiv.jabope=5:00.

Dete (PaidMur : Who-wautetere-wheplyou ar>Paid?

Dace McMa Pa: I r>rdly ber" cla. L reuts/s. Mary, of=courss. Stecalways"getutetere-hours ">rly to sr>rpeplter pepcilswmax-><.

Dete (PaidMur : Who-else?

Dace McMa Pa: JuliidArt-sold, War>rd-, max-Ambrose, of=courss. Patriun Tylh3, Casnnal Bowla. A f/s of the lowla-nputelly-m-whose-"dbbs I don't " > ll.

Dete (PaidMur : What-were-they doing?

Dace McMa Pa: Nothingtrech. The meeeing " > epo, " > < "tecmeeeing max-don't wohaw abope=waieing scl etecger-> Dace McMa Pa: I jua "told you Mary-wautetere,laydn't I?

Dete (PaidMur : Icmea (mayimpoelse.

Dace McMa Pa: Mary-wautealking wwittJulii. And thDete (PaidArmstrong: Leave thatteo us.

Dete (PaidMur : Whatthd inpbd alspjthe meeeing " > Dace McMa Pa: We ayd the usuttomss jsn-c‒ lull > ll, mpder/ttoof ricl minute-, notbs of ase/s eaim. I'm surs you have the minute-. Anyway, jsn-sthe ase/s, Ambrose-mepotd-bd his -bewntteo ype="tecfn Dete (PaidMur : Mea ing what?

Dace McMa Pa: I-think I told you befd" . Moa "elly-m-h>Dete (PaidMur : Who-h>Dace McMa Pa: The usuttosuspe (-c‒ Casnnal Bowla, Cecil Thompso<. War>rd--h> ll.

Dete (PaidArmstrong: JuliidArt-sold?

Dace McMa Pa: No. Or n:nhla, she would ne{bacsay maything ope=loux-if she dim. The woma (is such a lduse.

Dete (PaidMur : H1-nayd the dir-mesone npu?

Dace McMa Pa: W" taxlpd ip scl > on ase/ of rcoeine.

Dete (PaidMur : I s/s. So during the b>Dace McMa Pa: I got up to ealk wwittAmbrose-max-get "omething to eao. That's anonhla of Mary's lettle -ampulsones. Stecypes al a nfre s" >>inging itteteir sn-mfood max-dropping lettla max-wrd ineswmll a{bacthe polde. Some elly-m-jua "have no -alsppp scl selfonsive jsbilety.

Dete (PaidMur : Whattayd you aax-Ambrose eao?

Dace McMa Pa: I don't k/1-. A couy-m-of=cooki/s, I gon/-. Ambrose aydn't eao. He-was trying to cstsroun.

Dete (PaidMur : De hm-h>vd a d>ink?

Dace McMa Pa: Ye-. I-think I mepotd-bd this befd" , mstshm-likeuteo h>vd a lettle tipy-m-eo get etrough the meeeing-. Not asroo idea I-think.


ax-ete -20p >eion.

Dete (PaidMur : So what-wautAmbrose a>inking?

Dace McMa Pa: He b>ought his sn-mflask. He'Dete (PaidMur : Iutetat-winkingtetat-ndiv.?

Dace McMa Pa: Y/s, I beliive "o. I-r>rdly ber" cla.

Dete (PaidMur : So you were-" >axing o{bacbycthe snounndexlpoduring the b>Dace McMa Pa: I jua "saim "o.

Dete (PaidMur : During thae=">Dace McMa Pa: Not thae=I saw. I-wautealking wwittAmbrose, not er-cking everyimp's a (Paieies.

Dete (PaidMur : What-were-you talking abope?

Dace McMa Pa: The deba.scubope="tecWeb sipe. Nothing spe ial. Then Jdbites vingype=cdbbwo{bacaax--bewsrupDete (PaidMur : Wheplayd the b>
Dace McMa Pa: Abope=6:00, I beliive.

Dete (PaidMur : Then wDace McMa Pa: Wm-cPrribd pe=wwittetecmeeeing. We r-shed through the rnfo of the agnpuasd-20s because-we were-behind scheontecbycthen.

Dete (PaidMur : H1-nayd thattgo?

Dace McMa Pa: Oh,cthere-was the usuttogriping from elly-m-who don't h>vd a sophis bota(Pai, nothing ope=of the orxinary. eteca whild, ie=lookbd like-we were-going eo h>vd to adjoalseetecmeeeingobefd" we-got etrough the agnpuas‒ "tecWeb sipe deba.scre llycypshed thingutope=of alig "> o, which is stupe ‒ mstswe m>nagnx--b "tecnpu.

Dete (PaidMur : Whatthd inpbd jsn-sthe meeeing mdjoalsbd?

Dace McMa Pa: Wm've-beeb "trough this befd" . I-" >ybd lo ealkbd wwittAmbrose-max-Mary-scl a f/s minute-. I > < wwittMary->ax-etat-wautetat. I re llycdon't un/mo" >ax-ete er;po=of all this repeeieion.

Dete (PaidMur : What-wautMr. Gar> Dace McMa Pa: Wmll, he-was a lettle the-worse-scl wubsc-b my opinone ‒ too m>nychies from the-flask. But he-wan < him "o ip.

Dete (PaidMur : Iutetere-a phimpo-b "teccomse/?

Dace McMa Pa: Ye-.

Dete (PaidMur : De ie=ring during the meeeing?

Dace McMa Pa: No. Or n:nhla I-"hould say, I don't k/1-. It's -b "tecer-fre, too far away eo hubscfrom the-meeeing luom.

Dete (PaidArmstrong: Mr. McMa Pa,obefd" you mepotd-bd thae="tecasl/comotd-'s finalsps werpo-b roo shd . Ca< you titon:nd?

Dace McMa Pa: I aydn't say they werpo-b roo shd . You nebd to be ld" " >ciss. I saim they h>Dete (PaidArmstrong: W<.

Dace McMa Pa: Wmll, as I saim,cthec cisones. The-monthlycdon/ h>er/ersitt, aax-"o etey->0)">ex-doing theircdoty. Twittthec//s ct">ingepoc-b theclowla-nputhomes, ie=wepoco{bacgre t As far autetey werpo-alsprnbd, ie=was impolsn-cbill to pay. Those-of secwwittvisone could seesd- was a ewsrixlpoway eo rub thingu, aax-I like-to etinkdthat's wDete (PaidArmstrong: Was the asl/comotd-c-b debDace McMa Pa: No. There-were-a f/s billutetat-nebdbd to be eaim, mstsnothing sercase. Moa ly d- was thae="tere-waOfso lettle -pshtd-cthec Dete (PaidArmstrong: Who-wautosed mneey?

Dace McMa Pa: The-pool atetenalsp elly-m-were-don-a couy-m-of=monthu, aax-I'm astdbbd to say the--b uralsp waut an r>Dete (PaidArmstrong: Which -amp>nycholds the policy?

Dace McMa Pa: Srime Farm.

Dete (PaidArmstrong: Not Gar>Dace McMa Pa: Don't be idio bo. That would bn-a completeo-alflico=of -bewsnfo.

Dete (PaidArmstrong: Was >nycmneey missing from the-asl/comotd-cfun/s?

Dace McMa Pa: No. Nothing like-ttat.

Dete (PaidArmstrong: What ayd you do-to ealseetingutarcolo?

Dace McMa Pa: Wmll, wheplI=waut">
nte/o. There-waOn't rechlI=could do, although g / helpbd lettle. StecwaOfnot quttifibd to h>ndld-accounes autctmplex as what-we-nebdbd to nfoablish. I got us -beo asr Case sipu:none,c-b terms=of keeping jua "enough ie=cdsh rnfernly aax-moving the-rnfo -beo a-c-bewsnfo-bDete (PaidArmstrong: W nte/o?

Dace McMa Pa: Stecjua "aydn't wan< to rouncthec ing anyckind of=co">er/ersy. I-told hla d- was ludicrasecscl hla to hold a ntsieion=of -ant}.scsp max-not eo nxpe (-"ome elly-m-to dirlike-hfr. StecwaOn't prom queeb. StecwaOfthecm>nagna of a (msl/comotd-cnsive jsble-scl elly-m's quttity of tifp.

Dete (PaidArmstrong: Couldn't you ype=proposals al the-agnpuasyoursslf?

Dace McMa Pa: Of=courss ‒ aax-I dim. But Juliidcouneed pe=the-rabble-"howing up to protnfo //s taxe-. Steckppp the-lowla-nputhomes-well->
ing-scale-seessystem, mstsJuliid-b isDete (PaidArmstrong: Was M-. Art-sold-doing io -beepotd-ally i< your=opinone?

Dace McMa Pa: What ayd I jua "say? Y/s, she -beepotd-ally tribd eo fd" space raising fun/s scl etecmsl/comotd-. StecwaOn't trying to do h>rm, if that's what-you mea-. Stecjua "failpd to un/mo" >ax-ete implbotaxing up scl etecmsl/comotd- max-doing what-nebdbd to be dimp.

Dete (PaidArmstrong: So ho-nayd you solvesd- wheplMr. Gar>Dace McMa Pa: Exac ly as I'x-origi-ally propos/d. We inotiting-scale-asln/-mepoy aax-we s"epoca lot of ">d to do ipwo{bacaga><, I would jua "me Detecquttity > nte/outeo pitch in=om behalf of everyimpoaax-jua "leave the-lowla-nputhomes-ope=of d- Dltogethfr.

Dete (PaidArmstrong: That wouldn't be democn:noc.

Dace McMa Pa: Well, ; reutbe himpst. Some elly-m-dnfernlca say i< wax-ete long-r-dan=nebds of rub ing acquttity neighborhood. The-imps-who ">ax-wke dim't-nebdteo pae jsiDete (PaidArmstrong: H1-nao thecfinalsps " >ax-now?

Dace McMa Pa: Mechlr Case. As I saim befd" , we aydca spe ialcasln/-mepo, max-we're >>Dete (PaidArmstrong: What-would you say if eve Dace McMa Pa: I'x-say that's ab urd. Whoe{bactold you thae=hautno un/mo" >axingcof what-we-wers trying to accomplbstthlap.

Dete (PaidMur : Mr. McMa Pa,owho could h>vd killex-Mr. Gar>Dace McMa Pa: I'm sorry, mststhat's your=job eo figurm-out. Now if you'll excuse-ving accookout.

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    3440 N 16th St,=rid-2 #4
    Phoenix, AZ 85016
    Vofre (623) 565-8573
    Fax (602)-274-7280
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