Taylor Sheldon, Sheriff
Oxford, MS 38655


TO: Detective T. Armstrong, Detective S. Murphy
YCSD Homicide Squad
FROM: Sergeant Hamilton Grant
YCSD Patrol Shift Supervisor
DATE: June 25, 2012
RE: Routine checks of 269 McElroy Drive

Per your request dated June 21, 2012, patrol officers have been conducting regular drive-by checks of the residence located at 269 McElroy Drive on all three shifts.

In summary, the subject appears to still be occupying the residence.

On June 22 at approximately 10:49 a.m., Unit 225 observed the subject depart the residence and travel to 345 County Road 101. As the subject was not under surveillance, it is unknown how long he stayed at that location or whether he traveled to any other locations. Unit 209 observed the subject at the residence at 4:02 p.m. that same day.

On subsequent days, the subject appeared to remain at the residence the majority of the time. On some occasions, the subject's vehicle was not at the residence and the subject's presence there could not be confirmed. Detailed patrol reports are on file.

Drive-by checks will continue until otherwise notified. Please advise when a termination date is identified.

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