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Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy. Det. E. Parker
Incident No.: 002751-26H-2012
Case Description: Courtney Morris Death Investigation

The following preliminary inventory includes items were taken into evidence from the crime scene in Apartment 102 at the Maplewood Apartments, 53 Effie Circle. CSU is still processing the scene and may append this inventory. Additional evidence will be collected by the Coroner's Office at autopsy.

Recovered at the scene:

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002751-06: One (1) heart-shaped locket, silver

Living Room

  • 002751-01: One (1) floral delivery box containing three (3) long stemmed roses, red
  • 002751-02 through 002751-04: Three (3) long stemmed roses, red, recovered from floor
  • 002751-05: One (1) florist card reading, "You made the right decision," recovered from floor
  • 002751-06: One (1) heart-shaped locket, silver, engraved "You're mine"


  • 002751-07: One (1) cellular telephone
  • 002751-08: One (1) pair infant blue jeans
  • 002751-09: One (1) infant t-shirt, blue and white
  • 002751-10: One (1) laptop computer
  • 002751-11: One (1) tablet computer

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