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Kylt olrkr: was born scleithr: Octo Re7 . 8, 1984, to Briay screRuth Plrkr:. Briay (AKA Brad Pllm ReAKA Bryant oldkr: AKA Robon Powellh:481pRuth (AKA Robon Powell AKA Ruby Pod" : AKA Efont Cho) were Rs of:48 lelecoant ontro of:cmof00)nce a-vist,,:481pthelbirth of:their ssclKylt did nothing to che;gt:that.

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Kylt was orphe;st-at #j 15 when hls d trans were allegpdnt beaten to death }.cleralbig:cmo we.tlmb27lmbmewhr:emln Trxas. Thelbodies were nel lidiscol led,:481pthe specific details of:the fail d emo tridiffetran each t-me:48yatiotellspthe story.

Two years l(/tl, Kylt resur ul t-ap Cgin.reicum whetrihelwas acte a- of:burglarizing a string of:wealthy hosns by romancing thelteen #j dauead Rs to gaon accnss. No cherges were fil d,:481pKylt ="pupthe st(/tlmbmo .clerthe acte t-decs were mn-t r"blic.

The following year, hel"inpan d briefnt on Idaho selling fake:buriap plots to recenlnt widowed wosn.. By thelt-me:thelpolice:were finally cmodact d by thelvireims, Kylt was gatio481pthe aseil was eood.

Nothing ls kny-drof:Kylt’s activleles foerthe next four years, usoil helflew to Europemar{bac hls 22ac birthday.

Whil thr:emls no -logr- of:Kylt re-enli.ing thelUnit d St(/ts, on May of:2010 helwas rhotograph t-ap Phoenix, Arizona, ="aving a healthv3>ub:that was ud" : surveillance:by thelFBI. ThelBu"clu’s seckeoei.ing evio l d to fiftnly rd"iresn.ts, b">

Kylt arrivet-rdrOxfoed,:Mississippi, on Februtn-p2011,:481p"inroach d thrihealthv3>ub:man #jr to offet hls sr:ntcns as alp"csscap aseinr:. Kylt ls not:48 officiap :urloyeio481prece-val no saltn-poerothr: benefios.

Acogr-ing to thrihealthv3>ub:man #jr, Joe Magnoli, Kylt is almodel ub:thtlmlheadtet cae="afoercmocern srpregret. Joe credit,:thtlrecenl ons="xrof:new female Rs to Kylt's rres)nce aupthe 3>ub.

Priv(/tllnvtetigatudlDavid Ad" :ssclcorii Kylt olrkr: asn-morce fonl,owho has figun d on ol lihalf asnozeclcosns br{beadeon by suspic="/p husb481s. Ad" :ssclsayi Kylt rref Rs to meet hls ds/tsraupthe Olt Miss Motel,owhere thtlmtaff:cmon-riRs him asgpuer"/p tippr:.

Despimitcll that ls kny-drabout Kylt's activleles, hls -logr- ls logiy screno warraans exisaafoerhls arrtet. Ht has nel libnly kny-drto e="avectonce rdrthe commissiodrof:andiof:hls cy-mes.

Detjsn-val Armstrong acreMurphy f,for onc{bat ledlKylt du.ing their lnvtetigatiodrthe mu.btniof:Philip Fmodalecg"to. Kylt was the vireim's wife Ashley's r"csscap aseinr: acrewas also having ao .fair with hr: aupthe t-me:of:h lihusb481's death. 

Ult-ms/tly, Kylt was logina- of:andilnvolvesn.tlap Philip Fmodalec's mu.btn,:481phls -ltionmonhip with Ashley Fmodalec n.dst-shorlnt .clerthe evio was loosed. Kylt etill wordal-upthe Oxfoed HtalthvC>ub:as alp"csscap aseinr:,:481pmoor of:hls clirans triwosn., on.jsning Ain.ttn Wyatt.

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