Pain and questions linger after athlete’s death

One year later, local authorities have few answers

The Daily Mississippian
Tuesday, December 13, 1988


The student newspaper covers the anniversary of Kevin Gilmore's deathOne year after an Ole Miss athlete was found dead on campus, his death remains a mystery – leaving anguished friends and family desperate for closure.

The body of Kevin Gilmore, a sophomore, was found by a campus maintenance worker the morning of December 13, 1987, on Hathorn Road near the Waller Laboratory.

Campus police asked the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff’s Department to lead the investigation, and following an autopsy, Gilmore’s death was determined to be suspicious. In the ensuing months, investigators conducted an exhaustive, but ultimately fruitless, search for answers to the many questions that plague the case.

“It has been a long and frustrating road for everyone involved,” declared Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff Charles “Chuck” Lamar. “I feel personally responsible that we have added such uncertainty to the grief felt by friends and family of this talented young man.”

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