Charles Lamar, Sheriff
Oxford, Mississippi 38655


TO: Kevin Gilmore Case File
FROM: Det. Terry Nelson, Det. David Anderson
DATE: October 1, 1988
RE: Kevin Gilmore Death Investigation

By order of Sheriff Charles Lamar, the Kevin Gilmore death investigation is being reclassified as Inactive as of this date due to resource demands and lack of evidence. All currently available leads and avenues of investigation have been exhausted.

The death of Kevin Gilmore is still considered suspicious, and the investigation may be reactivated at any time upon the discovery of new evidence or additional information pertaining to the death.


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  • I think they bungled this investigation pretty badly in 1987-88. They didn't look into the pot farm and Kevin's potential connection to it based on the 4:20 on the note, and I don't think they took what Buzz had to say seriously enough (I'd like to have gotten a far better description of these "aliens that looked like humans" he saw at the pot farm the date of the murder, in addition to what he heard on their radios. As I've said, I have suspicions of Physical Plant workers in this case, but I don't think it would make sense for Tomas to be personally involved, but they apparently didn't even look into the possibility that Kevin was one of the students she was with. Like I said, though, that wouldn't make a whole lot of sense based on the facts as presented. I guess we have to clean up the mess they made in '87. ;)

  • One other thing I forgot: I would have liked to see some financial information on Power Plant workers and other players to see if anyone was bringing in more money than they should have been (perhaps due to the pot farm connection.) Regarding the alibi chart (there are no comments available there), I'm not sure why any of those were really considered alibis. We know that the death occurred after 1 AM (probably significantly after) on the 11th, so I don't know why seeing a movie at 7 PM or seeing Kevin at 4 PM the day before are alibis to anything. In addition, I think the fact that two of those considered suspects are each other's alibi is a bit of a red flag that probably should have been looked into more. To be honest, though I haven't really seen a suspect yet that I really like for this based on the evidence. If it turns out to be one or more of these people, I'd be somewhat surprised.

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