In 1987, Rhonda was a waitress at the Juke Joint where Kevin worked

DOB: 2/12/52
Occupation: Owner, The Juke Joint 
Hometown: Oxford, MS
Relationship to case: Victim's 1987 co-worker
Excerpt: "Rhonda's friendship with one such student, Kevin Gilmore, came to an abrupt end when…"

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  • You know this car that Kevin was last seen in at the juke joint though I would not pass up the entertainment of Kevin calling Rhonda for a ride after he collected the prepared weed that he had stashed. Though again the events would have to involve the room such as Rhonda and her husband at the time picking up his things though leaving him leaving there to walk where he gets caught and locked up in the room. Has a temper tantrum kicking and fighting his way out. Finally escapes though his ride is long gone and his insulin is out leading to black out and passing

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