Charley found the hidden room while on a break

DOB: 9/19/77
Occupation: Carpenter
Hometown: Oxford, MS
Relationship to case: Found hidden room
Excerpt: "Charley was a natural at construction work. He didn't have the…"

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  • Since Charley's father had worked so long with this company, do u suppose he knew anything? Although unless Charley remembers his

    father mentioning something, it may never be known. Maybe he mentioned something to his wife.

  • I don't know. It depends on where the original blueprints of the building were and the age of the materials used. And i dunno, if you're the boss of a big company, i doubt you would tell anyone like an employee what you've done.

    Then again, there must have been some rumours going around the area so there must have been something mentioned in that time.

  • He might of known something but im not sure either. What do you thhink?

  • Lots of potential clues in this bio.
    • First, you have dad showing Charley work he had done in the past... Possibility explaining why Charley had "a feeling" something had happened there. Maybe a repressed memory?
    • Second, you have dad's affiliation with a construction company that was known for their "quality work." To build a secret room that stays both hidden and standing for that many years... I'd call that "quality work."
    •Third, why does Grantham Construction give Charley a job? Did dad really put in a good word? Or are they concerned that Charley knows something and want to keep an eye on him?

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