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Clarence "Butch" Weaver is a 55-year-old white male. The interview was conducted at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department and was recorded on a portable tape recorder with the witness’s knowledge and consent.


  • Detective Ted Armstrong
  • Detective Samantha Murphy
  • Butch Weaver

Detective Murphy: Please state your name and address for the record.

Butch Weaver: I'm Butch Weaver, and my address is 248 Mississippi 334.

Detective Armstrong: I'm going to be honest with you, Butch. Rhonda says it was all your idea.

Butch Weaver: I don't know what you're talking about.

Detective Armstrong: Dealing drugs out of The Juke Joint. Ripping off the pot farm. Putting that scare into Kevin Gilmore. Rhonda says you're the mastermind.

Butch Weaver: I worked thirty years in the Physical Plant. Does that sound like a mastermind to you?

Detective Murphy: All we know is what Rhonda tells us. We're more than happy to listen to your side of the story. It just doesn't seem right that she's going to stick you in prison, and then walk away scot-free.

Butch Weaver: Whoa. Whoa, whoa. Stick me in prison?

Detective Armstrong: She says you're selling drugs out of The Juke Joint, and she's willing to testify.

Butch Weaver: [LAUGHS] The whole thing was her idea.

Detective Armstrong: So when you were distributing controlled substances, you were just a hired hand. Is that right?

Butch Weaver: I suppose.

Detective Armstrong: Then how do you explain the boat you bought? That boat cost you a pretty penny, more than a mere hired hand would have lying around. Or maybe she gave it to you as a gift. Sort of a gold star to keep you under her thumb.

Butch Weaver: I ain't under anybody's thumb. I'm not under her thumb. She'd have nothing if it weren't for me.

Detective Armstrong: How do you figure that?

Butch Weaver: Rhonda is nothing but a glorified waitress. Everything she has in life, I gave her.

Detective Murphy: That's nice of you, since she's doing so much better than you are. And now you're going to take the fall for her. She told us what you did to Kevin.

Butch Weaver: I didn't do anything to that kid. I didn't even know him.

Detective Armstrong: We know you dumped the body, Butch.

Butch Weaver: Dumped his body? I didn't do that.

Detective Murphy: Do you recognize this key?

Butch Weaver: Just a key from one of the storage sheds.

Detective Murphy: This one is yours. It was found with Kevin's body.

Butch Weaver: There're thousands of those around. How do you know that's mine?

Detective Murphy: Your fingerprints are on this one.

Butch Weaver: So what? I worked at Ole Miss for thirty plus years. I probably touched hundreds, if not thousands, of those. So what?

Detective Armstrong: Don't waste our time playing games. Like Detective Murphy said, Rhonda already told us what you did to Kevin, and that she had nothing to do with it.

Butch Weaver: Let's back it up here. The kid was her idea. Me, I wanted nothing to do with bringing him in, but she said he could be a help so she wanted to bring him in.

Detective Murphy: Why?

Butch Weaver: I don't know.

Detective Murphy: She told us that involving Kevin was all your idea. She said she was against it.

Butch Weaver: You don't believe that? That's complete bullshit. I didn't even know the kid.

Detective Armstrong: You and Kevin both worked at The Juke Joint, right?

Butch Weaver: I guess.

Detective Armstrong: But you didn't know him?

Butch Weaver: I knew who he was, but I didn't know him know him.

Detective Armstrong: So why did you plan the pot farm job with him?

Butch Weaver: That was all her idea. She set the whole thing up. Me, I told her it was dangerous, but she was just interested in the money.

Detective Armstrong: So you're saying you didn't want to do it, but somehow she convinced you?

Butch Weaver:: Yes!

Detective Murphy: How did she manage that?

Butch Weaver: Rhonda can be very convincing. I mean, she talked about it. She talked about it. She talked about it. Finally, I just said yes.

Detective Armstrong: And then you recruited Kevin.

Butch Weaver: No. I told you. I didn't want the kid involved, but she said he needed the money and we needed help and we could trust him.

Detective Armstrong: Is that what happened? You found out you couldn't trust him, and then you had to kill him.

Butch Weaver: No. That was all Rhonda and the kid. I mean, she set it up with this kid, and did – the two of them, they –

Detective Armstrong: They what?

Butch Weaver: I don't know.

Detective Murphy: Was it Rhonda who beat up Kevin?

Butch Weaver: I don't know.

Detective Armstrong: You do know, Clarence. Don't lie.

Butch Weaver: Don't call me that.

Detective Armstrong: What? Clarence? It's your name, isn't it?

Butch Weaver: Only my mama calls me that, and you ain't her.

Detective Murphy: Did Rhonda tell you to beat up Kevin? Is that what happened?

Butch Weaver: I don't know.

Detective Murphy: Was Kevin giving you a hard time? Did he want more money?

Butch Weaver: I don't know.

Detective Murphy: Was he having second thoughts about the whole thing? Is that why you had to, you know, smack him around? Because Rhonda wanted you to help him cooperate?

Butch Weaver: Maybe it could've happened that way.

Detective Murphy: Do you think she wanted him to die in that hidden room? Was there something between the two of them she never told you about?

Butch Weaver: Does it really matter?

Detective Armstrong: It does if it gives Rhonda motive. She can't really accuse you of killing Kevin if you don't have any motive and she does.

Butch Weaver: Maybe there was something – maybe there was something between them.

Detective Murphy: Did you know Kevin was a diabetic?

Butch Weaver: I didn't even know the kid. How would I know? She was – he was Rhonda's friend. She should've known stuff like that.

Detective Murphy: When did you wall up that room where Kevin died?

Butch Weaver: Who says I did that? I didn't do that.

Detective Murphy: It had to have been you, Butch. We all know that. When did you do it?

Butch Weaver: Fine. Soon after.

Detective Murphy: Why did you do it?

Butch Weaver: Ask Rhonda.

Detective Murphy: Why don't you just tell us?

Butch Weaver: No. You know what? She's so all-fired eager to talk to you and tell you everything? Ask her. And while you're at it, ask her – ask her – why she was relieved when this kid died.

Detective Armstrong: Why was she?

Butch Weaver: Ask her.

Detective Armstrong: How did you feel about it?

Butch Weaver: Rhonda always had something for – a mess for somebody to clean up.

Detective Armstrong: Okay, Butch, we've got to place you under arrest.

Butch Weaver: Figures. Wait. Did you arrest her?

Detective Armstrong: What do you think?

Interview ended: 1:36 PM

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