Since the murder of Kimberly Pace, Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department investigators have conducted numerous interviews on the University of Mississippi campus. Many faculty members were interviewed, both inside and outside of the English Department in an effort to learn more about Dr. Pace and her interactions with her coworkers and with the students, especially Patrick Richards, Carter Nichols and any student who may have shown more than average interest in Dr. Pace. The interviews summarized are some of the most typical or relevant to the investigation and are representative of all interviews conducted.

Name: Dr. Abhishek Chandra
Address: 2907 Oxford Square Apartments, Oxford

Dr. Chandra said that he advised Dr. Pace to go to the Dean with her complaints about Laurence Bricker. "It was totally unacceptable, the way he treated her. I am not knowing how she tolerated him. He has always been an outcast in this department. Teachers do not abide him and students will not take his course. He presents himself as a paragon of scholarship and instruction, but what good is a class if no one will take it?" When asked if he believed Laurence Bricker was capable of violence, Dr. Chandra said, "Of that I do not know. He is so very cold and calm. On one hand, I would reject the notion outright due to his lack of passion. However, it is often the cold and calculating ones that are most dangerous, are they not?" Dr. Chandra ultimately said he could not answer the question with any confidence one way or the other. Dr. Chandra says he only teaches senior level classes and above, so he doesn't know Carter Nichols or Patrick Richards.

Name: Dr. Jake Hemphill
Address: 153 Avent Street, Oxford

Dr. Hemphill said he knew nothing about Dr. Pace's relationship with either Carter Nichols or Patrick Richards, but that he had heard her complain about a student following her around. "I never could get a clear idea of whether or not she was scared of him or just irritated. But I definitely remember hearing her talk about it."

Name: Dr. Yvonne Moore
Address: 690 Van Buren, Oxford

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