Sunday, September 25, 2011 - 12:44 p.m.

This witness, who was one of three people who discovered the body, was interviewed at the crime scene by Detectives Armstrong and Murphy. This interview was recorded on a portable tape recorder with the witness's knowledge and consent.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Cheryl Weston

Detective Murphy: For the record, could you please state your name and address?

Cheryl Weston: My name is Cheryl Weston. I live at 712 Martin Luther King, in Oxford.

Detective Armstrong: Ms. Weston, what is your relationship with Kimberly Pace?

Cheryl Weston: We've been friends for many years... since she came to work for me in 1994.

Detective Murphy: Ms. Pace worked for you?

Cheryl Weston: Years ago. These days, just every now and again when I'm in a bind. I own The Lucky Café out on Highway 6. Kimberly was one of my waitresses back when she was working her way through college. Seems like just yesterday...

Detective Murphy: And you've been close friends ever since that time?

Cheryl Weston: I'd say so. She was there when my kids were born. She's Annie's ‒ that's my daughter ‒ she's her godmother... and she saw me through my divorce. I helped her when her mama went into the home a while back. I can't believe she's gone.

Detective Murphy: We are sorry for your loss. We know it's difficult to lose a loved one. We'll try to make this as quick as possible.

Cheryl Weston: Yes, thank you.

Detective Murphy: All right. Do you remember what time you arrived here at the house?

Cheryl Weston: I think it was just before 11:00. Becky picked me up about quarter of, maybe twenty to. We came over and got Jeremy and came here. Yes, I'd say we got here a few minutes before eleven.

Detective Murphy: That's Rebecca Pace and Jeremy Gladwell?

Cheryl Weston: Yes, that's right.

Detective Murphy: Was anyone else with you?

Cheryl Weston: No, just us three.

Detective Murphy: And Ms. Pace was expecting you to pick her up... for a brunch date? Is that correct?

Cheryl Weston: Yes, ma'am. We were going to Big Bad Breakfast. Kimberly loves the omelets they make.

Detective Murphy: How did y'all get into the house?

Cheryl Weston: Becky has a key. We honked and when Kim didn't come out, we got out and went to the door. Strange, the door was locked. Didn't make sense, she knew we were coming. Anyway, Becky used her key and we went inside.

Detective Armstrong: Did you notice anything else that seemed unusual?

Cheryl Weston: Not really. It was quiet, everybody sleeping in I guess. This has always been a quiet neighborhood. One of the reasons Kimberly liked it. I think Becky said something about a light being on, but I didn't notice.

Detective Armstrong: Anything else? See anyone out and about?

Cheryl Weston: There was a kid on a bike who zoomed by, but I don't think I noticed anyone else.

Detective Murphy: Did you wait long before you entered the house? Did you ring the bell or knock before you went in?

Cheryl Weston: Like I said, we honked and when she didn't come out, we went to the house. We just figured she was running behind like she does sometimes. So we went to the door, tried to open it and when we saw it was locked, Becky used the key and we went in.

Detective Murphy: All three of you went to the house?

Cheryl Weston: Yes.

Detective Murphy: What did you see when you first came into the house?

Cheryl Weston: Just the usual. Except it was really quiet, which bothered me. We called out to Kimberly, but she didn't answer. Her dog didn't come bounding out either. It gave me a weird feeling. It was too damn quiet. I went toward the bedroom to see if she was still asleep; Jeremy and Becky went to other parts of the house looking for her. Then I heard Becky scream.

Detective Armstrong: So, what did you do?

Cheryl Weston: I went running to her. I guess me and Jeremy got to the kitchen about the same time. Becky was on the basement steps, crying, trying to talk to the dog. The dog was growling and whining... Sorry, this is hard...

Detective Murphy: It's all right. Just take your time.

Cheryl Weston: There she was at the bottom of the stairs. I started down, but then I saw her face and knew...

Detective Armstrong: Knew what?

Cheryl Weston: That she was... gone. Her eyes were wide open and she had this look on her face. Thoreau wouldn't let us near her, kept licking her face like he was trying to wake her up. It was the saddest thing I've ever seen.

Detective Murphy: Thoreau?

Cheryl Weston: Kimberly's dog.

Detective Armstrong: What did Becky and Jeremy do?

Cheryl Weston: Jeremy moaned and turned away, started to cry. Becky kept insisting we had to pick Kim up and take her to the hospital. It was all so unreal... I was doing everything I could to coax Becky off the steps and close the door. I called 911 and y'all came.

Detective Armstrong: How long was it from the time you entered the house to the time you found Kimberly?

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