Tuesday, November 1, 2011 - 10:00 a.m.

This witness, Arthur Beck, was identified as victim's next door neighbor. Detectives Sam Murphy and Ted Armstrong conducted this follow-up interview at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department. The interview was recorded with the witness's knowledge and consent.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Arthur Beck

Detective Murphy: Would you please state your name and address for the record?

Arthur Beck: Arthur Beck. 1590 Jackson Avenue.

Detective Armstrong: Mr. Beck, we're glad to see you come on back here. We're hoping maybe we can see you with a smile this time. What do you think?

Arthur Beck: Well, I don't see why you're wasting my time. I mean, I told you everything I knew last time you gave me the third degree.

Detective Murphy: Oh, now, Mr. Beck, you know we didn't give you the third degree. We're just trying to find Dr. Pace's killer. Some information has come up from other interviews that we just need to clarify. Aren't you interested in the cause of justice?

Arthur Beck: Well, as long as it isn't at my expense. All right. All right. Let's go. I mean, let's get with it. I've got other things that are important to do.

Detective Armstrong: When we talked to you last time, you thought that Dr. Pace had fallen down the stairs, and you expressed surprise that she'd been murdered.

Arthur Beck: Yeah, that's right.

Detective Armstrong: Can you tell us, sir, how you learned of her death and why you thought she'd fallen down the stairs?

Arthur Beck: How I learned of her death, you say? Let me think a minute. Oh, it was probably that nosy neighbor from across the street. You know, the one that's butting into everybody's business. I think I saw her out there Sunday morning spreading the news around.

Detective Murphy: Which neighbor would that be, Mr. Beck?

Arthur Beck: Oh, you know the one. The one that's always sticking her nose in where it doesn't belong. Yeah, she came over and told me.

Detective Armstrong: You don't remember her name?

Arthur Beck: It's Alden... yeah, Alden. She's a meddlesome woman, always butting in where she doesn't belong.

Detective Armstrong: Was she butting into your business?

Arthur Beck: Used to. Always coming over bothering my Frannie when she was sick and needed her rest.

Detective Armstrong: You mean Mrs. Alden came to visit your wife when she was sick and that was butting in?

Arthur Beck: She wasn't coming to see how Frannie was doing. She was coming to find out how bad off she was so she could run all over the city telling everyone. That's butting in.

Detective Armstrong: Kimberly Pace came to visit your wife when she was sick too, didn't she? Was she butting in too?

Arthur Beck: That woman as good as abandoned my Frannie after she got sick. She wasn't butting in. She wasn't doing a damn thing. And after my Frannie had been so good to her.

Detective Armstrong: So Kimberly didn't come to see your wife during her illness? Not ever?

Arthur Beck: She came a few times. Just enough to ease her guilty conscience, I guess.

Detective Armstrong: What did she have to feel guilty about?

Arthur Beck: About not spending enough time with my poor wife when she needed her.

Detective Armstrong: Do you know why Kimberly didn't visit your wife as often as you would have liked?

Arthur Beck: Too wrapped up in her own selfish life I would think.

Detective Armstrong: Were you aware that Kimberly's own mother was sick at the same time your wife was? Maybe that had something to do with why she couldn't visit your wife as much as you thought she should have.

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