Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy, Det. T. Armstrong
Incident No,: 002267-25I-2011
Case Description: Kimberly Pace Homicide

The following messages were transcribed from the victim's voice mail. Those marked with "[S]" were saved, and those with "[U]" were unheard at the time YCSD investigators recovered the messages.

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    Date Time S/U Message
    9/19/11  15:05  [S]  Hey, Kim. I'm thinkin' about goin' by to see Mom after work today. Wanna come? Give me a call if you do. Talk to ya!
    9/20/11  09:31  [S]  Kim, it's Jeremy. I left you a message at the university, but I wanted to leave you one at home too. Call me as soon as you can.
    9/20/11  11:20  [S]  Kimberly? Call me when you get home or, better yet, just come over to the diner. Don't rattle around in that house all by yourself. Come over here and be with people who love you. OK? I'll see you later. Bye.
    9/20/11  16:04  [S]  Hey, Kim. I just wanted to see how you're doing. Give me a call, if you want to. I'm still at Miguel's.
    9/21/11  10:43  [S]  Ms. Pace? This is Nancy in Dr. Elizabeth Gregory's office. The doctor said she can see you this afternoon at 4:30. If that is not convenient for you, please call the office at 234-XXXX to reschedule. Otherwise, we'll see you this afternoon at 4:30. Again, my name is Nancy and I'm calling from Dr. Gregory's office. Thank you and have a good day.
    9/21/11  15:57  [S]  H-h-hello?
    9/22/11  17:12  [S]  Hey, it's me. Call me when you get in. I'll be at the shop probably until nine or so. We have a class tonight. I'll be here 'til about nine, then I'll be home after that. Talk to you later. Bye.
    9/23/11  18:08  [S]  Hey, it's me. I'm on my way home from the diner now. You still want to do dinner at seven? Give me a call at home. I should be there by 6:30 at the very latest. Thanks. Bye.
    9/24/11  12:17  [S]  Hey, girl! What're you doing? I thought you'd be home, but I guess you're not. Where are you? Over at school, I bet. You're not turning into a workaholic on us, are you? Ha, ha. So listen, I heard about an estate sale in Aberdeen tomorrow. They're supposed to have some really great antiques, things that have been passed down through the family for generations. Of course, I heard it from someone who heard it from someone, so it could be a good lead or it could be crap. I know we'd talked about goingues,cagood seven? Giumaybalso d be thgoagooeen tomorin I a evidd, anod seveanti-tho by s. you get in. I'llater . Icalwe'd u want to. I'mhgoagooeen tomorin I a hould be thereafter homoon at 4k to ya!
    9/23/11  12:17<5:2>  [S]  Hey, Kim. me. I'mn to uust wanted to see how yu want ty 6:3ack juse me a call,

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