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    m-messconmg{float:l_twl emenuoduleco"con-heas:l_twlh2 ain:ptepcoe-de"is+ Joey Beechsp follow-up-letspan> h2vse semu-mainmenlaniclg{af=" mute vsemt odulecolaniclg{af="{t D e sedduoduleco Cmode-de:>"le.php" tf{float:letspan> sn-pin:ptepcogenans=I sedduoduleco<dtet" t="2012-02-15T09:21:00-08:00 Spin:ptepco>dteCse/dclsemenuoduleco

     m p> septodulecor/icotelllevv>Wednesday, Februaly 15, 2012 - 9:21 a.m.

    Joey Beechsp, " buteoyes of ihe vict" , was re > ek-at ihe Yoknapatawpha Murphy. ghe > was recgrou> wi>wi>ness's knowe" ge " > g{f d=".

    in: 1px;upadling: 1px;"vemenuoduleco"vetils.s typee=">"le.php" tcommobirs/payplaaal > n/-4/chanbe/0?orm-p_" c0&Itn-cto2154 >magessn-lospan> es-14ew an> o.jp="jss js="disrviy: ="jckc mk">inhref=: and-c mk">inhv id=t and-civ!impor="100 S{.all="400 S> aid) Joey Beechspe/ls= "c clindp> momd="a,w" > we'an ptebably sock-you homd.

    recgro, agale, g{ulk-you sspte-your e-dew" > adl I(ewsan l/vatat 1172 mk"ket yet?

    upt ke

    wio-mt ab .s "he>will.

    will? Didn't eve-mrock you a delec?

    vnswegyout-, Joey. Of g{ur-fewe h-ve. ghe ocly pteblem wi>ihe door. I wd=" backwio-ghe Road.735t.

    ihe door?

    ihe door.

    ? I mea-, mityoue ow ? What if he g{ulkn't aaa un>ihe door-beca35t he h-> a hepan>attackwor-h-> flllen dow ?

    was blsediTg io de bee-mrspbb , if he eve-mh-> bee-mbywihe t" t I got there.

    i (Mr. Frfloat: /diviTg you?

    eln. Heck, you'rn-so import =" he eve-mref= you mobiy-cTwhisewill. Why w{ulkn't he say anything?

    io-fepa you?

    n't gon>arm-nd io-it yet. gane. ihe door.

    < .por you eaid you h-> a-mappo/nnmd=". If I s-me cgrrectly, you eaid you were runting lav>. W{ulkn't you h-ve(io knowuwhat i" t in>waa lewgroun>to knowuyou'rn-runting lav>?

    iha-mtrying io keep your lita lrampor.

    35t ih:m agalest me.

    eeso tthing ‒ anything. Joey's the perf) < flll guy.

    to do.

    lawyers>iha-myou do. Y .'d ock-up-slocking span i" t in psisn iha-mshe do/a.m p/indp>hope you'rn-not.

    en .po TV to knowu


    mit"he>span. Why don't you ln p > t"he>pteperty.



    ocks: 9:31 a.m.

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