A selection of evidence remanded into the custody of Forensics officer T. R. Douglas for transport to the state crime lab for routine analysis.

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  • the shape of the blood stain suggests that there were no movement

  • I wonder if the footprint could be a plant, due to the fact that all the weight seems to be on the front part of the shoe/trainer which is how it would look if someone wore the shoe on their hand to make it look like the real thing. I am still really interested in finding out Grants shoe size in case I'm wrong. I mean Grant has no alibi to speak of, has a lot to gain from his fathers death, has no compassion for his brutally murdered father and deflected and dodged throughout the interview. Either way it does not look good for him at the moment. this would also compliment my theory that this was the killers first time, has careless habits, no taller than six foot and no heavier than 13 stone. Although I can't help thinking the wife in it up to her neck. if they were both in on it then it would suggest the planted footprint, as why would they call the cops before making sure there was no incriminating evidence left behind!!

  • Why no pictures of the people or of the crime scene, the actual body that is, as I got a lot of my ideas from the previous cases by the photos!! what's happened??

  • I wonder if the killer kicked the victim post mortem as I think this would suggest a crime of passion. I mean how angry do you need to be to kick the crap out of a dead guy. where else did the blood on the shoe come from, unless as I said earlier that the footprint was a plant.

  • Think he was bludgeoned around the head first (hence primortem injuries on head and defensive wounds on hands and arms) and then stabbed to finish him off. This could support a theory that it was two killers (wife and step-son in cahoots); rarely does one killer use two methods to kill. They also have buckets of motive, apart from the glaring fact that she has daddy issues...and indeed, so does he

  • Yes I agree that it is looking more and more like two people involved. I think the victim got into an argument with one individual and he grabs his gun, but before he fires it the second hits him above the wrist probably with the cane and the shot goes off but hits no-one. Then the person who he aimed the gun at moves in with the knife and finishes him off. However the bruises on his knuckles could mean he pounched something or someone in anger. I would love to know if there are any marks or injuries on either his wife or Grant, and on it goes!

  • The footprint looks as if it is staged to me, incriminating someone other than the actual perp,

  • I believe that the victims wife and son had something to do with his Death, this crime scene shows alot off hesitation, and at the same time a crime of passion, not hate, perhaps Mr Fontaine was changing his will, excluding wife and son, vausing arguament and they are now each others allibies.......

  • :D

  • Surely it can't be Ashley and grant, as this would be too obvious. The shoe that created the blood stain is off, I think it was a plant due to the fact that we all walk heel to toe, yet no real heel mark. Ashley and Grant came home around the same time...and so on. I really hope it wasn't them and there is much more to the case. Just some thoughts, what do you think?

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