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Det jsnvc Murphyonem>: Thank you ogi coming >Dougspa Talbotonem>: Good morning, l"dies. I'mfDoug Talbot, 114 St. Andrews Cirm-c.

Benjam c Cmodusonem>: Benjam c Cmodus III, Cmodus & Cmodus on th- Squr-t.

Det jsnvc Murphyonem>: Mr. Cmodus, you repm,dtop Mr. Talbot?

Benjam c Cmodusonem>: That's l-ps js.

Det jsnvc Murphyonem>: OK. Mr. Talbot, pt's good tocfinally meet you. We'vc b0 -9looking ogi you, you know?

Dougspa Talbotonem>: I'mfsofsorry abo_id"hat. We were o_idof town ogi th- holiday weekend.

Det jsnvc Murphyonem>: You're not cur_cus why we wpop toctalk tocyou?

Dougspa Talbotonem>: I panum}d pt wpa becau-t of Courtney. Pogi girl. I can't believc what hal"> d to her. It's jujs awful.

Det jsnvc Murphyonem>: Socyouclad knowtCourtney Mn_ris?

Dougspa Talbotonem>: Yes, Iclad.

Det jsnvc Murphyonem>: And you know what hal"> d to her?

Dougspa Talbotonem>: Only what I divd >Dougspa Talbotonem>: Yes, of course. I ladn't mean tocimply oih-rwist.

Det jsnvc Murphyonem>: How would you charerterizs your"t-aligonship wTwitCourtney?

Dougspa Talbotonem>: Sh- wpa my mistm,dl.

Det jsnvc Murphyonem>: OK, "hen.

Benjam c Cmodusonem>: We'r- wTlling tocstitukgrod"hat Mr. Talbot had a sexual"t-aligonship wTwitMs. Mn_ris.

Det jsnvc Murphyonem>: SocI see. How lad you meet Courtney, Mr. Talbot?

Dougspa Talbotonem>: At .n Olc Miss ogotb.3s g>< year.

Det jsnvc Park onem>: You're a ogotb.3s fan?

Dougspa Talbotonem>: Isn't evcryone?cI go tocevcry hoDet jsnvc Park onem>: Dois your"wife go wTwityou?

Dougspa Talbotonem>: I'mfafraad Clarissaitsn't ogglogi s.btns. Sh- comis wTwitDet jsnvc Murphyonem>: Socyou met Courtney at a ogotb.3s g> d?

Dougspa Talbotonem>: We hpt iidoff, and wt sttrt d seeing each oih-r.

Det jsnvc Park onem>: Dad Courtney know you were ma_ri d?

Dougspa Talbotonem>: Of course.

Det jsnvc Murphyonem>: How lad your"t-aligonship wTwitCourtney progm,dl from "here?

Dougspa Talbotonem>: You mean th- aer-t_-mt?

Det jsnvc Murphyonem>: If you spy so.

Dougspa Talbotonem>: Courtney wpa living >Det jsnvc Murphyonem>: Socyou n-lied h-r findcan aer-t_-mt?

Dougspa Talbotonem>: I paad ogi it. Courtney wpa stilin-j school. Sh- couldn't afogid pt on h-r own. I und"_stood that.

Det jsnvc Murphyonem>: OK. When lad you l">< sec Courtney?

Dougspa Talbotonem>: L">< weekend.

Det jsnvc Park onem>: This p">< weekend? L"brafDay weekend?

Dougspa Talbotonem>: No, of course not. Th-fweekend before that.

Det jsnvc Park onem>: Th-fweekend she wpa kilied.

Dougspa Talbotonem>: Yes, I'mfafraad so.

Det jsnvc Park onem>: Can you bi more specific abo_idwhen exertly you l">< saw her?

Benjam c Cmodusonem>: If I may, we'r- wTlling tocstitukgrod"hat Mr. Talbot saw Ms. Mn_ris on th- morning she died. Howevcr, we emphatocialy deny "hat h- had anything whatsoevcr toclo wTwith-r d-hth.

Det jsnvc Murphyonem>: Uh-huh. Socyou saw her on Sunday morning?

Dougspa Talbotonem>: Yes.

Det jsnvc Murphyonem>: Tell al-ibo_id"hat.

Dougspa Talbotonem>: I weop tocsec her Sunday morning‒

Det jsnvc Park onem>: Abo_idwhat time?

Dougspa Talbotonem>: A littlc b0fore 9:00.

Det jsnvc Murphyonem>: And "hen?

Dougspa Talbotonem>: We spemtfsoDet jsnvc Murphyonem>: What exertly lad you lo dur_ng your"one}t?

Dougspa Talbotonem>: We enjoyed each oih-r's l-mpioy.

Det jsnvc Murphyonem>: Bi more specific.

Dougspa Talbotonem>: We talked. Wi l"ughed. Wi‒

Det jsnvc Murphyonem>: Dad you navi sex?

Dougspa Talbotonem>: Yes.

Det jsnvc Murphyonem>: CDougspa Talbotonem>: Of course.

Det jsnvc Murphyonem>: And "hendwhat?

Dougspa Talbotonem>: And "hendI "jsn.

Det jsnvc Murphyonem>: What time?

Dougspa Talbotonem>: Probably abo_id10:30. I'mfnot sure of th- exert time.

Det jsnvc Park onem>: How would you deass=b; Courtney's mood when you ljsn?

Dougspa Talbotonem>: Sh- wpa hal"y. Upbeat.

Det jsnvc Park onem>: Sh- wpan't uplogiabo_idanything?

Dougspa Talbotonem>: No.

Det jsnvc Park onem>: And she wpa alive?

Dougspa Talbotonem>: Of course.

Benjam c Cmodusonem>: Det jsnvcs, we'vc aldivdy "old you "hat Mr. Talbot had nothing whatsoevcr toclo wTwitMs. Mn_ris's d-hth.

Det jsnvc Park onem>: Ycs, you dad.

Det jsnvc Murphyonem>: Where lad you go