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    llle="Thursday, AuguJenna MaycPa/spks ptercass=> Paer" ia t/laem>:

    -free" > -free" > Jenna MaycPref="coldiv> p>-free" > :ogind #" onnoon, Ms. MaycP. Thaate toathlk>toauscmois #" onnoon.

    Jenna MaycPreem>:oNo problem. Mynn xv class isn'anfor ae87uple hours.

    -free" > :oPerfee". Could you juJenna MaycPreem>:oYeah. I'm Jenna MaycP. I l > -free" > :oDo you ha>
    Jenna MaycPreem>:oCould you c:2pxn- Jenna? You'la ke=d of fdiv e=inn- ous.

    -free" > :oSurP. So do you ha>
    Jenna MaycPreem>:oYeah, I /spk-free" > :oWhat do you do aterP?

    Jenna MaycPreem>:oMostly del > ridzubecause I ha>

    -free" > :oDid you /spkJenna MaycPreem>:oNo, we dos'ando del > ridzuoneSunday.

    -free" > :oIscmoresrim openuoneSundays?

    Jenna MaycPreem>:oYeah, bu
    -free" > :oYou dids'ando any /spkJenna MaycPreem>:oOh, you'la thlke=inabo -free" > :oWhat guy?

    Jenna MaycPreem>:oTois dude camPas- Saturday #" onnoon, w tednrosdzudel > rednSunday morne=in > ly. B ridzuoneSunday. That's what T"/pretold him.

    -free" > :oB Jenna MaycPreem>:oB :oThat's a lot of moneynfor del > ry flowers.

    Jenna MaycPreem>:oI know, :oSo you know him?

    Jenna MaycPreem>:oI dos'anknow himnknow him. I ju-free" > :oWhrla did you del > rcmoreflowersuoneSunday?

    Jenna MaycPreem>:oMaplewind Apterm"jss, #102.

    -free" > :oHa> rednflowersuao ahat x),(minnbeforP?

    Jenna MaycPreem>:oOh, yeah. Loks of t-free" > :oWhelousu:2py?

    Jenna MaycPreem>:oI dos'anknow. Thursday, Friday, Saturday,dlike ihat.

    -free" > :oHre o" on ha> Jenna MaycPreem>:oI'> rcsoginhrl. ThPas-structh=5s cla always ao p -free" > :oIscmoaJenna MaycPreem>:oYeah, man. Excepanfor moreSunday tth=5,nisddas ju-free" > :oExcepanwhat?

    Jenna MaycPreem>:oExcepanI dos'anusu:2pycsogxmoreguy sitge=inaterPas- ois car.

    -free" > :oYou sawdmoreman you /rla del > ri=inflowersufor?

    Jenna MaycPreem>:oYeah, man. Hredas jutoasogxif Il:#:2pycdel > rednmoreflowersulike oreda ted.

    -free" > :oDid you socak>toahim?

    Jenna MaycPreem>:oNo, orelookednaway wheloIelookednatahim,esooI figurednoredids'anda tes=>toaknow hreda7 watcth=5.oWhate> r. I did what oreda ted. Hrecould sogxmoat. I dids'anneednmoathlk>toahim.

    -free" > :oWhat ke=d of careda7 it?

    Jenna MaycPreem>:oI dos'anknow muchnabo -free" > :oDo you know moremakreornnodel?

    Jenna MaycPreem>:oNoid=uP.

    -free" > :oDid you e> rcthlk>toamois man beforP Saturday?

    Jenna MaycPreem>:oNo/l:#:2py. Juh=, "Hi, oow ya doe=i?" Like ihat.

    -free" > :oDo you know ois gin-?

    Jenna MaycPreem>:oMr. Dousla7 is :2pxI know.

    -free" > :oAndnorene> rcapproached you abo ry?

    Jenna MaycPreem>:oWhat do you mean?

    -free" > :oDid oree> rchetuoneyou?

    Jenna MaycPreem>:oOh.oNo, goat's no/lmycv.g. Hresogmsulike ernice guy, bu-free" > :oSo you del > rednmoreflowers. Younknocked onemoredoor. Younw"jsnv.js to your car. You sawdmoreman. ThPnewhat?

    Jenna MaycPreem>:oThPnenPath=5. I camPav.js orla cndnw"jsnv.js to bed. Isddass'ane> n 9:00 yet.oWho gets up moa ly oneaeSunday?

    -free" > :oYou.

    Jenna MaycPreem>:oWell,eyeah,ubecause moredude paides=>to. B lly?oNoiway.

    -free" > :oOK. Thaate Jenna MaycPreem>:oYeah, man. I dids'an:#:2pycdo anytth=5,nbu r.

    -free" > :oJenna,ubeforP we go, do you know CourtneynMorris?

    Jenna MaycPreem>:oThPachi"/ewho got kelled?oNo. I mean, I know abo rcknewnhrl.

    -free" > :oA2pxJenna MaycPreem>:oYeah, whate> r you need.

    llle="ettercase "jrsl- 1:16 p.m.

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