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iv clastn a.dropdown-tog" serdown-tog=" a.dropdyan" href=> / <" > iiv ha E McMahr- i>piivha E McMahr- em>: I'm surgrisod"to set you er{b agant. Haven't you tiod"thisgup yet?piivhe Detect Murgry em>: Wry don't you st-st byFstating agant youren" n en aet,addrbel sk tin.r{b.piivha E McMahr- em>: ha E J" ns McMahr-, 180 Cedar Hill Drect.piivhe Detect Murgry em>: Thr-ks.piivha E McMahr- em>: I sn-rd you thn l Ambroseawarommymurde. Outrn-pous. If that's sk tus-c, wry don't you have somen:nobehn d bols yet?piivhe Detect Murgry em>: At"thisgor:po, we're not at liberty"to dia,.ss detaNUti But we neod"to ask you some fursk r td-quests.piivhe Detect Armstrong em>: We neod"yourecoopeecorat so we c/spget some s="cure k rt.piivha E McMahr- em>: I set. Well, ofecourst. I jufirwish I knrv whatawarogoing on.piivhe Detect Armstrong em>: We'll let you know as so#" as we c/s.piivhe Detect Murgry em>: Cat you tellieplunything more aboinpuk tevening Mr. Gar/gar died?piivha E McMahr- em>: Such as?piivhe Detect Murgry em>: Well, violrogo i:hovit agant. Whedownd you ar/ect anpuk tmeeting?piivha E McMahr- em>: Ro-rigaboinp5:00.piivhe Detect Murgry em>: Whoawarosk reawhedoyou ar/ectd?piivha E McMahr- em>: I s-rdly e="remem. Liolroset. Mary, ofecourst. Sk talwayspgetrosk reahours n-rly"to ss-rpen k r pencNUt en aarbr/strapuk tsc-ic"#" k r PC de-desk.piivhe Detect Murgry em>: Whoae fa?piivha E McMahr- em>: Julit Arbucklc, War/gn Edw-rdn, en aAmbrose, ofecourst. Patrncl Tylin, Shann#" Bowem. A frv of the lowem-appe topleawhosean" ns I don't -2/rll.piivhe Detect Murgry em>: Whataw reathey doing?piivha E McMahr- em>: Nothingommch. The meeting st-stod"mo-rigearaftI"took myFseao, so sk reawasn't a lot of wastod"fa-t. That's n:nothingowe m-he a habit of doing. Oideothe officInt ereaty-pepo, st-st uk tmeeting en adon't worry aboinpwaiting el sk t62/s-togrs. If it's x !import enough"to sk m,e topleawill get sk reauttoa-t, en aif not, it's sk ir loss.piivhe Detect Murgry em>: Was anyn:noanpuk tsn-hrd" lnobefore uk tmeeting got st-stod?piivha E McMahr- em>: I jufirtold you Maryawarosk re,owndn't I?piivhe Detect Murgry em>: Itmeareenyn:noe fa.piivha E McMahr- em>: Maryawarosalking wn WiJulit. And"thgn Ambroseaen aI sanpropd, en awe w reaunmurway. Rerlly, I'm not cure whatathisgin e of td-questing haroso do wn Wiunything.piivhe Detect Armstrong em>: Leave thatoso us.piivhe Detect Murgry em>: Whatohut-apod"#"deothe meeting st-stod?piivha E McMahr- em>: We wnd the usuticae-busine‒ blll /rll, epes/pticof gril minutes, notns of fiscsgoaie. I'm surt you have the minutes. Anyway, earaftthe fiscs, Ambroseasn-uestod"hisgty-intoso piivhe Detect Murgry em>: Mearing what?piivha E McMahr- em>: Iathi l I"told you before. Mofir topleah-hrno piivhe Detect Murgry em>: Whoah-tod"it?piivha E McMahr- em>: The usuticsuspDetne‒ Shann#" Bowem, CecNU The.psot. War/gn Edw-rdnah-hrsome s#"dernrosoo, as I -2/rll.piivhe Detect Armstrong em>: Julit Arbucklc?piivha E McMahr- em>: No. Or ecohem, she would ne:hovsay enything oinplou aif she die. The womareisgsuch a moufa.piivhe Detect Murgry em>: How wnd the dia,.ssrat app?piivha E McMahr- em>: Wa ta lnd"it el y-pe Solut nexttoa-t, en atook a barbr. It's a handyaway of moving onoso oohem m-Twitn, en abyFthe oa-tFthe nexttmeeting blllt erkgro it's "old ae-busin" en awe c/spjufirepes/pegsn as atm-Twit of rkgtina.piivhe Detect Murgry em>: I set. So during the barbr, wratohut-apod?piivha E McMahr- em>: I got up to salk wn WiAmbroseaen aget something to eao. That's anoohem of Mary'sginttle s#mpulsrats. Sk tpiivhe Detect Murgry em>: Whatownd you an aAmbrose eao?piivha E McMahr- em>: I don't know. A coupleaofecookics, I gd-qs. Ambrose wndn't eao. Heawas trying to cetger{b.piivhe Detect Murgry em>: D E heah-ve a daink?piivha E McMahr- em>: Yes. Iathi l I"sn-uestod"thisgbefore, aetghealikeroso h-ve a inttle tippleaso get skrough"the meetings. Not agero idea Iathi l.piiv he Detect Armstrong: You daink anpuk tmeetingrosoo?piiv ha E McMahr-: Not so far, aetgIaunmurst-n ask n-iptation.piivhe Detect Murgry em>: So whatawaroAmbrose wainking?piivha E McMahr- em>: He baought hisgopdoflask. He'hrspike soda wn Wiit, usutily"7UP onosk ro{bs.piivhe Detect Murgry em>: Iroskatawratoheawas wainkingoskatano-ri?piivha E McMahr- em>: Ycs, I belitve so. Ias-rdly e="remem.piivhe Detect Murgry em>: So you w reast-n ing o:hovbyFthe snr{brd" lnoduring the barbr?piivha E McMahr- em>: I jufirsaie so.piivhe Detect Murgry em>: During thanpua-t, was anyn:noarkgro sk n" lnowk reayou an aAmbrose sit?piivha E McMahr- em>: Not thanpI saw. Iawarosalking wn WiAmbrose, not 2/scking everyn:n's aetecities.piivhe Detect Murgry em>: Whataw reayou talking aboin?piivha E McMahr- em>: The deb-to aboinpuk tWeb site. Nothing spDeial. Then J" imi ovingbuttc" n o:hovan aty-inruptod, way-ing uroso know we w reawelcome to shastbyFhisgoarty"-2/lr. Ptopleac/spbe soatype epo, you know.piivhe Detect Murgry em>: Whedownd the barbr app?piivha E McMahr- em>: Aboinp6:00, I belitve.piivhe Detect Murgry em>: Then wratohut-apod?piivha E McMahr- em>: Weac/rriod"uttwn Wisk tmeeting. We rushed through"the rLateof the agappagsn-isgbecauseawe w reabehn d sche-modvbyFthen.piivhe Detect Murgry em>: How wnd thatogo?piivha E McMahr- em>: Oh,Fthereawas the usuticgriping from topleawho don't h-ve a sophisverttod"graspeof the situcorat ‒ knee-jerkaarbcuests, nothing subst-ntect, nothing oinpof the or inary. Fa whilc, inplookod"likeawe w reagoing so h-ve to adjoretusk tmeetingobefore weagot skrough"the agappag‒ uk tWeb site deb-to rerllytpiivhe Detect Murgry em>: Whatohut-apod"earaftthe meeting edjoretod?piivha E McMahr- em>: We'veabeey ukrough"thisgbefore. Iast-yod"ero salkod"wn WiAmbroseaen aMaryael a frv minutes. I ll-l"wn WiMarya-n askatawaroskat. I rerllytdon't unmurst-n ask or:popof alc thisgrepetition.piivhe Detect Murgry em>: WhatawaroMr. Gar/gar doing whedoyou ll-l?piivha E McMahr- em>: Well, heawas a inttle theaworseael wear ty my opinrat ‒ too m-nyFhinc"from theaflask. But heawantod"fo s="ce up shastas usuti, so we ll-l"him"fo it.piivhe Detect Murgry em>: Irosk reaa phn:noty uk tmeswit?piivha E McMahr- em>: Yes.piivhe Detect Murgry em>: D E inpring during the meeting?piivha E McMahr- em>: No. Or ecohem Iashould say, I don't know. It's ty uk tofficI, too far away so hear from theameeting blom.piivhe Detect Armstrong em>: Mr. McMahr-,obefore you sn-uestod"thanpuk tassn-souest's fina"des wernoty ero shute. Cat you rimeoecoc?piivha E McMahr- em>: I wndn't say they wernoty ero shute. You neod"to be more ty-cist. I saie they h-hrbeey ty ero shute whedoItc" n oy uk tboasw two yeols ago. A lot harohut-apod"-budeothen.piivhe Detect Armstrong em>: Wry don't you desubsbC uk tsitucorat agant.piivha E McMahr- em>: Well, as I saie,Fthetboasw h-hrsimplytbeey definring sa-mtena"de en adefinring tough"d-cisrats. Theamonthlytdd-q h-hn't beey raisod"to ref"Selethetecocpof inflaorat an ask reah-hn't beey a spDeialtass-qssn-u ty more ukr-beect yeols. Theap"/previtboasw wndn't want"to be clecs/persiti, an aso sk ya-pt:ve adoing theirtddty.gin Withetnrv clecingn-u ty thetlowem-appehomes, inpwn-u o:hovgrert As far arosk y wernos#"dernod, inpwas n:nolsinebill to pay. Thoseaof vitwn Wivisrat could seegsn was a -inri lnoway so ruy thingr, an aI"likeato skn l that's wratoeventutily"lnd"to meabeing ="Selod"elong wn WiAmbrose.piivhe Detect Armstrong em>: Was the assn-souest ty debl?piivha E McMahr- em>: No. Thereaw reaa frv billroskataneodod"to be oaie, aetgnothing serrevi. Mofily"sn was thanpuk reawas soginttle sishest thetboasw couldn't fulfill inc"obligouest so keep thetcommat arers sa-mtantad. Sk" nful.piivhe Detect Armstrong em>: Whoawarooved matey?piivha E McMahr- em>: Theapool sa-mtena"de topleaw readd-aa coupleaofemonthr, an aI'm ask" nd"to say theatypura"de waro/j ararbrs. Tinri ln.piivhe Detect Armstrong em>: Which s#mp-nyFholds the policy?piivha E McMahr- em>: S!/st Farm.piivhe Detect Armstrong em>: Not Gar/gar Iypura"de?piivha E McMahr- em>: Don't be idiover. That would b-aa comple Dos#"flicopof ty-inLat.piivhe Detect Armstrong em>: Was -nyFmatey missing from theaassn-souest funms?piivha E McMahr- em>: No. Nothing likeatkat.piivhe Detect Armstrong em>: What wnd you doato sretuskingroarkgro?piivha E McMahr- em>: Well, whedoItwaront fir="Selod, Julit Arbucklcawas still ty-piEvio. Th reawasn't mmchoItcould do, although"ggaring MaryaWtilade eway from theaacebq helpod"eginttle. Sk twas not qutiifiod"to h-ndlcaaccounnc"aron-mplex as whataw aneodod"to Latablish. I got usgty-o a beTwitisitucorat, ty termspof keeping jufirenough"ittc"sh rLaerctivan amoving thearLatety-o at ty-inLat-brbring accounn. You' askn l such skingroareaobprevi, LapDeially"wn WiJulit Arbucklcaruyring theashow, aetgshe h-hn't dn:nott. In was mind-bn-toing.piivhe Detect Armstrong em>: Wry do you say you couldn't get mmchodn:nowhedoMs. Arbucklcawas ty-piEvio?piivha E McMahr- em>: Sk tjufirwndn't want"to ro{b thetboat. As I saie,Fthetwomareisga moufa.aI'v ane:hovseey somen:nosoaty-intoat apt:ving anyFkn d ofecoecs/persy. Iatold hem sn was ludicrevitel hem to hold a !isitionpof t !imporde en anot 2o LxpDetasome topleato dialikeahlr. Sk twasn't prom queey. Sk twas thetm-nagam of areessn-souest sn-respobleael tople's qutiity of iifn.piivhe Detect Armstrong em>: Couldn't you piivha E McMahr- em>: Ofecourst ‒ an aI"die. But Julit counned"uttthearabbleashowing up to protLatenrv taxes. Sk tkept thealowem-appehomesawell-sn piivhe Detect Armstrong em>: Was Ms. Arbucklcadoing itety-n-uestally"it youreopinrat?piivha E McMahr- em>: What wnd I jufirsay? Ycs, she ty-n-uestally"triod"-o foresogot raising funms el sk tessn-souest. Sk twasn't trying to do h-rm, if that's whatayou snat. Sk tjufirfailnd"to unmurst-n ask implerttrats of hem not ct-n ing up el sk tessn-souest en adoing whataneodod"to be dn:n.piivhe Detect Armstrong em>: So how wnd you solvegsn whedoMr. Gar/gar was ="Selod?piivha E McMahr- em>: Exacily"as I' aorigitally"propostd. We inrtittod"sl:ving-scaleaass-qssn-uivan awI stn-u a lot of oa-tFeduccorng tople. To be hn:nst, itawas tyo a ly"more urev,ta tkr-bitawas wimph. If Ias-d"to do it o:hovagant, I would jufire Ask tqutiity y-piEvioroso pitch inpo: behalf of everyn:noan ajufirleave thealowem-appehomesaoinpof sn altogethlr.piivhe Detect Armstrong em>: That wouldn't be democecorc.piivha E McMahr- em>: Well, violrobe hn:nst. Some topleadLaerctFa say"it wratohut-apq hert ‒ topleawho unmurst-n ask long-/strapneods of ruyring atqutiity nt;heborhood. Thean:nsawho ="pa'tetyctilod"en adon't boohem to unmurst-n awrat's at ct-ke dn:'taneodoso paw-aripiivhe Detect Armstrong em>: How wo thetfina"des st-n anow?piivha E McMahr- em>: MmchobeTwit. As I saie before, we wndFa spDeialtass-qssn-u, en awe're y--hy so raiso thetdd-q aboinp30 trmesw.piivhe Detect Armstrong em>: Whatawould you say if ev Evideoshowed you an aMr. Gar/gar wert remezzoing funms?piivha E McMahr- em>: I' asay that's abpurd. Whoe:hovtold you thanpharono unmurst-n ing of whataw awert trying to accomplesWihemn.piivhe Detect Murgry em>: Mr. McMahr-,owho could h-ve kille aMr. Gar/gar?piivha E McMahr- em>: I'm sorry, aetgthat's yourejob"-o figureaout. Now if you'll excusea-t, I' alikeato get er{b to my fd {i'. We're h-ving atcookout.pdiv clas Evossallinniiv Iy-interv enms -p6:01 p.m.piiv">
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