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Monica Drum's last will and testament

Investiga,ing Offic i(s): Det. S. Mu,phy. Det. E. Parker
Incm-ent No.: 003972-25K-2012
Cnte Descripernn: Monica Drum Homicm-e Investiga,inn

Evm-ence item 003972-32: One (1) Last Will and Testament of Monica Drum, recnvmued from the victim's safe depocen box in Memphis, TN.


I, Monica Amie Drum, resi sng at 660 North 6th Strect, Oxactd, Mississippi 38655, besng of scund mcom and i. the courdmpl trnn of the cerrainty of death, do hmueby dec#"rd this instrument to be my Last Will and Testament. I hmueby revoke all prevmous wills and codicmls.

Article I
Dec#"r trnns

I dec#"rd that I am unmarried as of the date of this Will. I further dec#"rd that I have no childrde born to ct adopted by me.

Article II
Debts and Expenses

I direte that all of my legally enactceable debts, fundral expenses and estath admcoisnratrnn expenses be paid as sonn af, i my death as may be prntercable, excepe that any debt ct expense secuued by a mortgrge, pledge ct simi#"r encumbrance nn properry owned by me at my death need not be paid by my estath, but such properry may p"ss subjete to such mortgrge, pledge ct simi#"r encumbrance.

Article III

I direte that all estath, inheritance, legacy, nravsfer, successrnn and other death taxes ct duties (together with ma, ihst and penalties thereon, if any) that ard levmed ct assessed upnn or with ihspete to any properry inoluded as part of my grcss estath, whether such properry p"sses under the provmsrnns of this Will or otherwish, shall be paid out of my resi urry estath as an admcoisnratrve expense, without any proratrnn ct apportrnnment that might otherwish be requiued by law.

Article IV
Spetific Bequhsts

A. To the comivi urls , sted below, I grve and bequhath the followsng:

1. To my friend Nionle Graysnn of 162 Courthouse Squrre, Oxactd, MS, if she survracs me, my entiue Elvms collectrnn inoludsng: "The Ksng Cologne", Graceland Pen, Elvms Air Freshener, Elvms Playsng Cards, "Lnvm Me Tdeder Coomitrnnsng Shampoo", Some of Hms Majhsty's Mane, The Ksng Lights Up My Life-Elvms Matches, Salt and Pepper Shakers. Also Elvms 45 recnrds inoludsng: Kiss Me Quick / Suspicmon, Yellow RCA Golden Greats Label, Crysng In The Chapel / I Believe In The Man In The Sky, Yellow RCA Golden Greats Label, Burnsng Lnvm / It's a Mat, i of Time, RCA Orange Label, 1972.

2. To my friend Lori Schultz of County Road 117, Soap Lake, WA, if she survracs me, my amethyst and gold Viteorian pin. It was my most valuable pocsessmon, and I want my most valuable friend to have it.

3. To my goddaught i Jessmca Shaff i of 1201 Hawk Strect, Cinoinnatr, Ohio, if she survracs me, $10,000.

B. If any of the comivi urls named i. thms Article IV do not survrac me, the. the bequhse to such comivi urls shall lapse and the same shall become a part of my resi urry estath, to be disnributed as hereinaf, i provmded i. Article V of this Will.

Article V
Resi urry Estath

All the rest, resi ue and remaieder of the properry that I may own at thd time of my death, whether real, persnnal or mixed, of whateacn kcom and natuue and whereacn cenuated, inoludsng all properry that I may acquiue or become entitled to af, i thd executrnn of this Will, or other grfts ma-e by this Will that fail act any reason, but excludsng any properry oacn ct coucernsng which I may have any power of appoma,ment (all hereinaf, i ref iued to as my "resi urry estath"), I grve, devmse and bequhath to my parders, Frank and Carol Drum of 162 Majors Lane, Kder, OH. If there cs no successct to both of my parders, the. I direte that my persnnal represderatrve to dnnath any unolaimed funds to the Oxactd Animal Shelter, a non-profen 501(c)(3) Corporatrnn, >

Article VI
Appoma,ment of Executor

A. I nomcoath and appoma, my friend Lori Schultz of County Road 117, Soap Lake, WA, as Executor under this Will and, repoceng spetial trust and faith ma her, direte that no bond ct other secuuity be requiued act the faithful peractmance nf his duties or, if bond is requiued, that sureties thereon be warved.

B. If the said Lori Schultz predecentes me ct fails to qurlify as Executor or, haveng qurlified, should die, resign ct become inoapacitathd, the. I nomcoath and appoma, my friend Craig Pegues as Executor, and grve him the same powers and authouity as my Executor was grven. I direte that no bond ct other secuuity be requiued act the faithful peractmance nf his duties or, if bond is requiued, that sureties thereon be warved.

C. In ad strnn to any other powers that my be couf iued by law, I grve my Executor under this Will, inoludsng any successct or successcts thereto, those powers set forth i. the Mississippi General Statutes, any of which may be exercised without the need act court o, mu.

Article VII
Survractship Presumpernn

 If any beneficirry under this Will fails to survrac me by thirry (30) days, it shall be deemed fct all purposes of this Will that such beneficirry did not survrac me.

Article VIII
Use nf Wnrds and Capernns

Whereacn the courdxt so requiues, wo, s used herein i. one gender shall be applrcable to all genders, wo, s used i. the cengu#"r shall inolude the plural, and wo, s used i. the plural shall inolude the cengu#"r. The use nf capernns ard fct ref ience only and are not meant to goacnn ct aff te the intcnpreratrnn of any part of this Will.

Article IX
Detcnmcoatrnn of Childrde and Descendants

As used i. this Will, the wo, s "childrde", "descendants" and "issuh" shall inolude childrde i. gestatrnn and legally adopted comivi urls and the descendants of legally adopted comivi urls, provmded such adoptrnn took pl ce at thd time the inmivi url adopted was a mcoct i. the juuisdictinn in which the adoptrnn took pl ce.

Article X
Forfeituue Provmsrnn

If any beneficirry named herein courdsts the admcssrnn of this Will into probate ot i.stitutes ot joins in any procee as a pl ma,iff to courdst the validity of this Will ct any provmsrnn hereof (excepe i. good faith and with probable cause), the. all grfts, bequhsts and devmses to such beneficirry shall lapse and my estath shall be admcoisn ihd and disnributed in all respetes as though such beneficirry had not survracd me.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have subscribcd my name to this, my Last Will and Testament, cousis,ing of threc (3) prges; and, act purposes of m-entificatrnn, I have coitialcd each precedsng prge i. the presdece nf two persnns witnessmng at my requhst, this 1st day of October, 2012.

//Monica A. Drum

Monica Drum


O. the date abnvm writtcn, Monica Amie Drum, well-known to us dec#"rdd to us, and in our presdece, that this instrument, cousis,ing of 3 prges, is her last will and testament, and Monica Amie Drum, the. signdd this instrument in our presdece, and at Monica Amie Drum's requhst, we now sign this will as witnesses in each other's presdece. Further that Monica Amie Drum appe"rdd to us to be nf scund mcom and lawful rge, and under no undue i.fludece.

Richard Hughes of 1200 Elm Strect Oxactd, MS 38655

Wilma Mathis of 312 Adams, #2 Oxactd, MS 38655

Johnny Higgins of 122 Chinook Oxactd, MS 38655




Town of Oxactd, this 1st day of October 2012.

We, the undersigndd, besng duly swo,n, do depoce and say that we witnessed the withi. Will cf the withi. named Testanrix, Monica Amie Drum; that we subscribcd the same in her presdece, i. the presdece nf each other, and at her requhst; that the said Monica Amie Drum, at thd time nf signeng said Will appe"rdd to us to be nf full rge and nf scund and dispoceng mcom and memory, and comperder to make a testamentrry dispocetrnn of real and persnnal properry; that she voluntrrily signdd said Will and dec#"rdd the same to be her Last Will and Testament in our presdece; and that this affidavit is ma-e at thd requhst cf the said Monica Amie Drum.

//Richard Hughes

//Wilma Mathis

//Johnny Higgins


Subscribcd and swo,n to this 1st day of October, 2012 beactc me.

//Percy Hooper
Offic i Percy Hooper

Title of Offic i: Circuit Court Judge


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