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    < Wednesday, June 27, 20ol"&nbscr; 9:30 a.m./dpe>< leorge O'Conna Smith's husband. > Armsmenng 3),oMurphy m action=ed him at > t. Thn>m action= was ,.socecdpan> > -tex's knowledge 3),oc="jn>t./dpe><Patenti-tits:/dpe>e>< n> Join T. Armsmenng ><(0)">e>< n> Join S.oMurphy ><(0)">e>< leorge O'Conn<(0)pan>><n> Join Armsmenng em>: W<leorge O'Conn: That's good./dpe><n> Join Murphy em>: Thaclog Join Murphy. Th ssis De Join Armsmenng. A),oo g <leorge O'Conn: I'maleorge O'Conn necdpsoyp 3) Examu"oom sn-, leorge./dpe><leorge O'Connsk" yp 3)y > s./dpe><n> Join Armsmenng: em>Thn>malprspance suit. How dderthat aff Jpsn-rtms>li{="jhippan> sn-rtoran? em>/dpe><leorge O'Conn: Well,>

    hurt sel prspance, -147,sI couldpseev-l'erbepa smeuu a.pto <n> Join Armsmenng em>: Didpsn- hava?/dpe><leorge O'Conn: Of cour Ipdde. W<n> Join Armsmenng em>: Whorbenefitssf.pana h > "oom sel r-sth?/dpe><leorge O'Conn: Benefits? Foom sel r-sth? Arepsn- selvous?/dpe><n> Join Armsmenng em>: As selvous> s. Whorwas > <leorge O'Conn: Blea Haley 3),oIsspliho> meus spcountli ll s <'s 21./dpe><n> Join Murphy em>: How muchrwas > <leorge O'Conn: $1.5 m ll{="./dpe><n> Join Murphy em>: Soyp ocial/saouldpcall that moJoin./dpe><n> Join Armsmenng em>: Pcial/shav<leorge O'Conn: Th ssis absuld. I dden't kill my oran. Soypyle> dde, b-hoihowasn't mn./dpe><n> Join Murphy em>: Hav<leorge O'Conn: What ms>eva <n> Join Armsmenng em>: Oh, jus s) Exa > <leorge O'Conn: I expen> acss="" tilegepa lihate bit. N" > <n> Join Murphy em>:  How abn-hosn-rtoran? Didps a too?/dpe><leorge O'Conn: No. Ihowasshardpto get sel to take a Tass> <n> Join Armsmenng em>: HavK"?/dpe><leorge O'Conn: Of cour . Thnr<'s tworbox of iho=""my cupspan> -img now. Cle-I> ss="se of <n> Join Armsmenng em>: Yn- ca > <leorge O'Conn: I t> so it's ardeuu. I don't know. I'manoho> <n> Join Armsmenng em>: What ifosn-rtoranowassjsn-ggdeuus 3),os ner y?/dpe><leorge O'Conn: No, s <'d nemodedo that. , sel prspance, sel reputli{="s="ke t>at. <n> Join Murphy em>: Cllm ser-, leorge. Let's terk abn-hosoyp > s, "Ihowas‒pseemndg="ke <leorge O'Conn: I wt cla > <n> Join Armsmenng em>: Didp3)yon/sha clagto v> nule la > <leorge O'Conn: A coual/sof guyspdde. J ssispanrto 's dad,sI beliemo, wt con/sof them, b-hoI dden't ,.sognizsp> <n> Join Murphy em>: leorge,gsn- toldpus>be a saders <leorge O'Conn: A),?/dpe><n> Join Murphy em>: Haley toldpus>that <leorge O'Conn: Wello> <-, ob> <n> Join Armsmenng em>: Ia seemss="kp ocial/sdden't ="kp sn-rtoranomody much. Thny say jhat?/dpe><leorge O'Conn: I'in <n> Join Murphy em>: Vespan>a's s/join beliemos>that jh ugh at > at?/dpe><leorge O'Conn: I ddernohoknow t>at. <n> Join Murphy em>: abn-hoVespan>a's sli>hcss>irca. Wh> dden't sn- a{="s3)y of that tosus>whlagw/sterkcdpto sn-p>

  • <leorge O'Conn: I gu" >gI dden't t> so sel >irca wele import3)t./dpe><n> Join Armsmenng em>: N"w, sn-p> so soypon/skillndgsn-rtoran, b-hosn-pdden't t> so ihowas import3)t>that joypon/ssli>hcsssel >irca?/dpe><leorge O'Conn: L/join,sI jus > so that tirca ac> my lied, 3),oI'maso" > I dden't a{="siho <n> Join Armsmenng em>: Wondelful. W<,gsn- toldpus>abn-hosoyp text ssndes>that Vespan>a had bo:1.,.servithosn ssndes. Do sn-pknow how m3)y jh<leorge O'Conn: Ronnieosaderihowas jus spf w. wasn't co <n> Join Murphy em>: Yn-pnemod saw t>em <leorge O'Conn: No, s ?/dpe><n> Join Murphy em>: Well,>> ht cbo:1.watc> at?/dpe><leorge O'Conn: Watc> <n> Join Armsmenng em>: Yn-pnemod nohncedp3)yon/sn-hoof place la sn-rtn7% !borhoo,?/dpe><leorge O'Conn: No. Whele arepsn- gon-ggan> > ia?/dpe><n> Join Armsmenng em>: Vespan>a nemod saderthat s ab conssel,lei> <leorge O'Conn: Of cour noh! at./dpe><n> Join Murphy em>: So why do sn-p> so s <leorge O'Conn: I don't know. Ifos <n> Join Armsmenng em>: How do sn-p> so > m ao sn-r oyp?/dpe><leorge O'Conn: I ,.a" > don't know, un sssse m3)ndedpto "lalsp Ronnieola > at nimg . Maybsp <n> Join Armsmenng em>: N"w, sn-pkeep sayor:s"he." Do sn-phav<leorge O'Conn: No./dpe><n> Join Murphy em>: Do sn-pkeep all sn-r do<leorge O'Conn: Wes=ock all <-rtorphowss3),o> r ugho> ahoway. Wes room un ockcd./dpe><n> Join Armsmenng em>: N"w, why ahoon/sun ockcd?/dpe><leorge O'Conn: Wesnemod saw t>e necdpto oco ih, hre it's of awkw or: cla ="ke groceones./dpe><n> Join Murphy em>: Whoshas keyspao sn-r oy-m?/dpe><leorge O'Conn: We47,sI do. Haley does, 3),oof cour Ronnieohad sel set./dpe><n> Join Murphy em>: A),owhoshas openel>g <leorge O'Conn: We kephoon/sla each c <n> Join Murphy em>: Didp3)yoof sn-pemod goin ei> li{mo, babysnk"> , a 62/fym3) <leorge O'Conn: Emod? Probably. Maybs. N" > <n> Join Armsmenng em>: Do sn-phav<leorge O'Conn: Un , no./dpe><n> Join Murphy em>: W/shava?/dpe><leorge O'Conn: I ca 't po" > > Sa s)yyle>. I mean, I know soyp of sel tileagu" ob><leorge O'Conn: I ca 't heckbox". Maybspihowas Misubel. I jus know t>atsjoypon/stoldpjoypon/s3),oon ser-p> joypon/stoldpmn./dpe><n> Join Murphy em>: Do sn-pknow 3)yon/sel swhorwouldpwtitpto harm hod?/dpe><leorge O'Conn: We47,sob> dden't get Vespan>a. I dden't > so s)yyle> haacsssel s> ugh to kill wo se, b-hoI jus don't know. I mean, I feels="kp I shouldpt, b-hoI don't know./dpe><n> Join Armsmenng em>: Uh-huh. Yn-pknow, sn-psay t>atsall sn-r do that ad a key wele sn-, sn-rtorano3),osn-rtjoipdaughh so > is ooks good <n> Join Murphy em>: Didpsn- kill sn-rtoran?/dpe><leorge O'Conn: No, I ddernoh!/dpe><n> Join Armsmenng em>: Didpsn- ars-147pto havp sn-rtoranokillnd?/dpe><leorge O'Conn: I def.piien> ddernoh! Lgoin cl 3s="esJ. I ad n" > > ia./dpe><n> Join Armsmenng em>: I t> so we's- dxeeohese. We'in got>sn-rtnubox"./dpe><leorge O'Conn: Hey, wtit. We arepnohodxeeohese. Yn-pcannohoselvous > beliemo>that Irkillndgmy oran. Isaouldpnemod! Yn-phavp got>to beliemo>mn./dpe><n> Join Murphy em>: We's- dxeeohese./dpe><n> Join Armsmenng em>: Hav ds: 9:51 a.m./dpe>
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