poolman.lgDavid Gregory was born to Marcy and Phil Gregory on March 12, 1982, the first of what would be four children.

Marcy quit work to stay home with David but returned to work soon after the birth of her second child when David was two and a half.

David did not adjust well to being placed in daycare and he didn't take much better to school.  His teachers describe him as a bright but unmotivated.  David claimed to be biding his time until he could get out on his own in the real world, and that school was nothing more than something that stood in the way of that.

In his last two years of high school, David held seven part-time jobs, "testing the waters" as he said.  Upon graduation, he started his own pool-cleaning service even though that was not one of the jobs he'd held.

While David had several girlfriends in high school, he wasn't serious about any of them.  Instead he seemed to pay more attention to various married women with whom he worked.  This is a pattern that is rumored to have continued although none of the relationships, if any actually existed, went public.{jcomments on}


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