Saturday, March 8, 2014 - 1:30 p.m.

Magnolia Harbison didn't like Jerry ShawMagnolia Harbison is Rose Jenkins's roommate at the Yoknapatawpha Acres nursing home where Jerry Shaw worked. Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed Mrs. Harbison at Yoknapatawpha Acres. Her son, Ed Harbison, arrived as the interview was wrapping up. The interview was recorded with the witness's knowledge and consent.

  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Magnolia Harbison
  • Ed Harbison

Detective Murphy: Good afternoon.

Magnolia Harbison: What's good about it? No such thing as a good anything in this prison.

Detective Murphy: Why don't you tell us your name, and we'll go from there?

Magnolia Harbison: Ha! So we start off with games? I'm sure you have the names of every poor soul in here by now, but I'll play your game. I'm Magnolia June Harbison.

Detective Murphy: Thank you. You don't sound too happy to be here.

Magnolia Harbison: You think you would? You can come and go whenever you please. You haven't been dumped in this disgusting place by a son who is supposed to love you. I wouldn't leave a dog here.

Detective Murphy: I'm sorry you feel that way, Mrs. Harbison. Do you know why we want to talk with you today?

Magnolia Harbison: So you're another one of those idiots who thinks that everyone in a nursing home is loony tunes? Just wait. You'll see one of these days what it's like to get old and be treated like a piece of dirt. Of course, I know why you're here. It's about Jerry. You think I crawled out of this bed and murdered him? I wish.

Detective Armstrong: Why would you want to murder Jerry Shaw? We've been hearing nothing but good words about him.

Magnolia Harbison: You liar! I never heard anyone say anything good about him. He was a scumbag. He wouldn't do anything he was supposed to.

Detective Armstrong: Like what?

Magnolia Harbison: Like hanging a clock on the wall or helping me into a chair or bringing me a measly piece of toast.

Detective Armstrong: Why didn't you complain about him?

Magnolia Harbison: I did complain. For all the good it did me. If I'd had a pocket full of cash to hand over to him every time I needed help, he probably would've camped by my bed. Where am I supposed to get any money? They took everything away from me before I got sentenced to spend my last days in here. I don't even have my home anymore.

Detective Armstrong: Do you know anyone who would want Mr. Shaw dead? I mean bad enough to kill him?

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Detective Armstrong: Like what?

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