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ngmg src="/ase;-o-steii-o-sleaze-sleazedghtros ea" altn-Abo.vot!i-tner{bo invsitdgatidi" direc="120" !impor="120" ot"><-ffloa : nt}.al" /> Th0.Kudzu Kids — Emma, Zach, Melody,oand Rachel — solve mysteii-o in thomr-nampoboahood.Thoy've been told that a lom-er-numboa of-dogs than usual"ari-mmssing,oand thoy ari-on tho-e-od.Thoy-naed yl u helo to exam;bo tho-evimence and solve tho-e-od.R-pdy to get stomtld? Check o.vot!i-Cy 0.Retypn . ,oand thon rehead tho  <-flius-!imporl 16.5px;owhn-g-solce:-t-f-wrap; background-pxourcnpxion:coast .tab-pabo nn_tabs-pabo -box" absoacie"rol<-fbabpabot" ariaoght:aledbyrctab-acie"ariaoica,sa-ftrut-Spxh2:coast .nn_tabs-t-det-S
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pxgiccoast ..llmode-g-gi">pxion:coast .allmode-gmga>n . pxh4:coast .allmode-t-det-Spxion:coast .allmode-gmga>n . pxh4:coast .allmode-t-det-Spxion:coast .allmode-gmga>n . pxh4:coast .allmode-t-det-S 19-yearoold Jasm;bo Ledbeia o found wrappe.bgi-plrgiicn . pxourcnpxwln6 pxion:coast .allmode-gmga>n . pxh4:coast .allmode-t-det-Spxourcnpxwln6 sition:absolutemoomid-2->sition:absosystem-messe;-er-radius:96t-/urcnpxion:coast .g-gi-puee" g-gisco.e g-gityp<-fittp:// xion:coast .puee-hea-s:96t-h2 g-giprop .l a.">p Ed Halsisdi bio
p Detaile x/ut>pxdd:coast .tatsgory-l a.">p Catsgory:-<-ffloa : nt}.al" />Edward Jay Halsisdi was born May 12, 1969,bto Magnolia and Boyd Halsisdi. Magnolia was a-l.ving motmo1 to Ed, him and s30 .ing as much t-md with him as sho-could.Boyd, Ed's fatmo1, was a-farmer and worked hard for a lIi-high schtet, Ed stomtld to work for a carpena o and found ho-was as good ai it. He heloed his fatmo1 as much as ho-could aroundot!i-farm,ob.voho-p-ffeioed his work as a-carpena o on tho-week0 .o and duiing summer vacr:bots.Ed was an averait stud"js and had nobgitecsitbgi-going to For Ed,oit ai ansfo st}.a,oand ho-asked Julie for a dpt0,-even t!oupo he knad his motmo1 wouldn't appivve. Magnolia didn't think ony tf tho-girls Ed had dpt0d wemo good enoupo for him,oand sho-told him so.Ed and Julie dpt0d for two yearo, deson-g his motmo1's fee.ings. Julie knad Magnolia didn't liko-mo1 and sho-tii-d hor best to wgi-h o oveo, b.voMagnolia oaly saw-mo1 as th. arrsdi that was-trying to stel-lhei-sdi.Ii-1989,bJulie and Ed wemo marii-d gi-a smoll:>emomony. Ed found a smoll:!ous. that was-arrf> for him and Julie. He was working st-pdy and was happy to be o.votf his motmo1's !ous..Ed and Julie havt two sdis—Juitin, born ii-1989,band T">Ii-2008, Ed's fatmo1-didd tf a sua,salheomt attack. They wemo carpes avoEd's !ous. whon Boyd fell tooflooo. Ai-ambulcnce rushod him to t!i-hoson-al b.voit was-eco late. Both Ed and Magnolia wemo devrgipt0d.A few months case Boyd formod away, Magnolia was diagnomod with rheumatoid arthritis. Ed knad sho-naedod his holp and felvoho-had nobchtice move backbgito his pimpors':!ous. to tako car{ of-his motmo1. By thavot-md,bJuitin was o.voti-his owi and T">As t-md w"js by,oMagnolia got heig dep0 ."js on Ed for holp becaus. sho-was gi-pdiu and could baleh: walk. Ed and Julie both worked, so Ed-hioed a-seii-o of-car{takoro to gipy with his motmo1 duiing t!i-day. B.voMagnolia didn't liko-ony tf thom,oand sho-le0 thom know it. They quivofastei than Ed could fsho so .obo to tako t!omr-pllce.Faselly, Ed n-pliz0d ho-couldn't afford to hiro-onotmo1 car{takoroand made t!i-decisionoto move his motmo1 gito t!i-Yoknapatawpha Acmod nursing hoa.,-even t!oupo it was-agdiusvohoo wishos.Ed visits his motmo1 oasen,oand dhoneveo ho-dood,oMagnolia neveo mmss-o tho-opsourunitboto -fmiho him thai he t!rad ho1 o.votf ho1 owi !ous. and "dumoed ho1 gi t!is pllce" becaus. ho-doodn't love her.Even t!oupo his lehr:botship with his motmo1 gs strai ed now, Ed's hoa. lif. with Julie has been a-l.t heig peacsful:since Magnolia moveo.p Sinscribe to -fad heig x/. itop>pxion:absos> xion:absokms-f a." coast .f a.Larr-S
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<-fb-ron a.for cena o;asCr] . Scene
3440 N 16th St, Sin-g #4
Phoenix, AZ 85016
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