Matt Hooper was Jerry Shaw's friendMatt Lee Hooper was born February 14, 1989, to Monty and Laura Hooper at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Oxford, Mississippi. Matt was the Hoopers' Valentine's present, weighing in at a whopping 10 lbs., 2 oz.

Matt was a happy if sometimes mischievous child. His parents wanted to be sure he grew up with good morals, so the family attended church together regularly, and his parents enrolled him in wholesome activities like Boy Scouts and 4-H as soon as he was old enough.

Matt was a good student and made lots of friends, who teased him and called him "Doctor Doolittle" because he was always concerned about wounded animals. He had a dog and cat of his own, and he practiced putting bandages on them. His goal was to become a doctor.

Things changed during his high school years at Yoknapatawpha High School. During the beginning of his senior year his father, Monty died suddenly from an undiagnosed brain aneurysm. Matt and his mother were devastated. Monty left his family well taken care of, but both Matt's and Laura's lives changed that day. Things would never be the same.

Matt graduated from Yoknapatawpha High in 2008 and was accepted at the University of Mississippi. His mother encouraged Matt to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor by enrolling in premed classes, but his heart wasn't in it anymore. Instead, he opted for a career in nursing and started the prerequisite classes in the fall of 2008.

But he found the lure of parties and social activities was stronger than his desire to go to class, and his grades suffered. He started taking trips to the casinos in Biloxi and found he loved to play the slots.

In 2009, Matt decided he'd had enough of school, and he dropped out. After that, all he seemed to do was lie around the house, so his mother gave him an ultimatum: either go back to school or find a job.

Matt didn't want to go back to college, so he found at job at Lucky Jack's Medical Equipment Emporium delivering oxygen to nursing homes in the area.

At Yoknapatawpha Acres, one of the nursing homes he serviced, he met Jerry Shaw. The two became friends when they discovered a shared interest in gambling, and they sometimes got together after work for a beer and a friendly or not-so-friendly card game.

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  • I can't help but feel that Matt lied in his interview. When the 911 call was made, the caller indicated that the body was located outside the facility in the service and delivery area. Well that is where Matt would have parked to deliver the oxygen.
    And nurse Lynette Martinson made the 911 call at 4.11pm. Matt supposedly left at 3.30pm, and when asked by the Detectives how long did she think that Jerry could have been dead, she replied in her opinion a half hour or thereabouts. Maybe more.
    This time frame is around the time that Matt could have still been there. And the murder took place where Matt would have parked to make his delivery.
    As in Matt's bio:- The two became friends when they discovered a shared interest in gambling, and they sometimes got together after work for a beer and a friendly or not-so-friendly card game.
    That explains what was said by LaDonna Kitterman in her interview when she said that:- They were always talking about sports, and sometimes they would get mad when they thought that somebody was listening to them.
    The reason being, is because the games that they spoke about were the ones that they gambled on. And the only reason they got mad, is because if anybody heard enough, they could have worked out that they were games that they did gamble on.
    And what Matt did say in his interview was only a whole lot of hogwash trying to put the Detectives off his scent.
    Saying that Jerry was a jerk and slimeball when they were basically two of a kind with a lot in common.
    When he said that:- He was rude to the staff, and I can't prove it, but I am sure he was mean to the patients. In my opinion he was only saying that to put himself in a better light and to reflect any heat off himself.
    He looked at his watch at 3.13pm, so I finished changing the oxygen tanks, signed out and left.
    Whatever Jerry was hit with, could have been something that Matt carried with him on his delivery truck.
    It must have been a face to face encounter because Jerry had a large contusion on his right forehead and a 2nd apparent contusion at the nape of his neck. It seems that the 2nd contusion was to finish him off.
    Now it is possible that Matt was the killer.

    from Home Hill QLD 4806, Australia
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